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									• BluePlaylist is a free online music service
• Users can create a personalized online music
  playlist that can be accessed anywhere over
  the internet, as well as shared
• The goal is to make it easier to manage,
  share, and discover music
• Problems:
  – Mp3 players store music on one device
  – Pandora restricts song selection
  – Other music sites are overly complex and
    typically messy
• BluePlaylist stores your songs in the cloud,
  making them accessible from any computer
  or smartphone
• Users can freely play any song at any time
• A very simple but powerful interface
• Eventually, some thoughts for features include:
   – iPhone and Android apps (working on it)
   – “Following” another user's playlist
   – Another playlist that contains suggested songs
     based off music that you and your friends listen to
   – Real time “listening to...” updates
   – Sending song suggestions to friends
• In the big picture, I would like to change the way
  music is managed, shared, and discovered
• Free music?? How is it legal?
• BluePlaylist does not host any of the music
  files. Links to songs are simply indexed into a
• The songs are played from sources all over
  the internet
• The song database currently contains over
  420,000 songs and ~2,000 are added daily
• My experience with music projects started about 5
  years ago
• I have learned about 8 programming languages since
  then and have been involved in several different
  projects from social network aggregation to creating
  content management systems
• I am also a:
   – Junior
   – ISM major
   – Resident of College Eight
•   Marketing majors!!!
•   Business majors
•   Possibly art majors
•   Not in much need of programmers
•   A lawyer (maybe eventually)
• Website:
• About:
• Stalker page:
• Contact:

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