"Best Tablet PC’s Available Online Vying to Replace Your Old Laptops " by Indiaplaza


									Best Tablet PC’s Available Online Vying to Replace Your Old Laptops

With the launch of the various Smartphone’s and ebook readers, consumers wondered if there
would be gadget which could have both the features of the Smartphone interface as well as the
ability to read ebooks on them. With the development of operating systems like the IOS and
Android, this had become a reality. Most tablets now use the Android platform and are available
in many different designs and ranges.

Tablet pc price varies on the brand, model, features and specifications. The best tablet pc is
made by Samsung and Apple. With the Galaxy Tab series by Samsung and the iPad by Apple, the
consumer’s wishes have finally been fulfilled. They now have the extraordinary ability to browse
the internet, use apps of their choice, as well as read ebooks on the go. The major reason for the
success of tablet pc’s is their portability. They are so easy to carry and lightweight, that one does
not feel the need to carry their laptops which are comparatively heavier.

In time, tablets will surely take over the need for using laptops. In fact, most people don’t use
their laptops anymore. Due to the internet functionality of tablets, some people have replaced
their heavy and bulky laptops for these tablets. A recent advancement in India has been the
introduction the cheapest tablet pc in the world, the Aakash 2 tablet. It is a mere Rs. 1000
and is well below the price of all the competitors. It is a government initiative by means of which
they plan to provide all children in the country with the tablet by the end of next year.

Bearing this in mind, the next cheap tablet pc is priced at somewhere near Rs. 5000 but the
Aakash 2 tablet has been subsidized by the government substantially. With so many companies
vying for the top spot in the tablet market, the choices for the consumers are getting much
tougher. When you visit an online shopping website, you are given so many options on the
type of tablet pc you want, you really don’t know which one to pick. It’s one of those hard
decisions and a quite a lot of research goes into it. The great free gifts which websites provide
these days add to the benefit of buying products online. Thus, making your choice is a lot
simpler, when it comes to similar products from different brands.

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