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Mobile-Cloud Computing: Driving the Future
          of Enterprise Mobility

    Hybrid Mobile-Cloud Computing:
    Driving the Future of Enterprise
Hybrid Mobile Cloud (HMC) computing represents a systems in which a local, native mobile
application with a great user interface, is married with cloud computing to provide an intelligent
and scalable solution that is better than either native mobile app alone or an HTML5-only cloud
computing application.

Our research defines the roles of mobile and cloud computing in the enterprise today and
provides a vision for how HMC computing will develop into a new paradigm that will become
dominant within the next few years.

 This report provides visibility into how HMC computing enables enterprise IT management to
deploy customer-facing applications and become a more valued strategic asset for the
organization. The analysis focuses on the impact of mobile becoming the primary channel for
customers interaction most organizations. The report also provides recommendations for
enterprise IT leadership regarding best integration practices for HMC computing within a
corporate environment.

Target Audience:

•Cloud service providers
•Mobile network operators
•Mobile application developers
•   •Next generation computing companies
•   •Computer and semiconductor companies
•   6.1.3. Capabilities of HTML5 in mobile 7
•   6.1.4. Tradeoffs of using HTML5 (with browser) and native 7
•   6.1.5. Recommendations 8
•   7. Smartphone vs. Tablet Development 8
•   7.1.1. Smartphone development 8
•   7.1.2. Why it works OK on tablets 8
•   7.1.3. Requirements for tablet development 8
•   7.1.4. How smartphone and tablet apps are different 8
•   8. Hybrid Mobile Cloud Architecture 9
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