Chinese and Western Ghost Culture by chenboying

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									Chinese and Western Ghost Culture

There is a myriad of household legendary tales about ghosts. Tales of ghosts seem to permanently live together with the mankind.

These legendary tales are a reflection of social ideology existing
throughout the human history, primarily because the traditional morals find it hard to be realized in the current world, and people place their hope on another world through imagination and fantasy.

And there are many differences and similarities between Chinese and Western Ghost Culture.

Ghost stories and their history
. Chinese ghost history
. Western ghost history

Chinese ghost history
There are many ghosts in Chinese culture; they have been worshipped by the Chinese for a few thousand years. Even Confucius said, "Respect ghosts and gods, but keep away from them." While many people believe in ghosts, there are others who don't. The Chinese people often say, "If you believe it, there will be, but if you don't, there will not." First of all , we know the ghost come from our real word . People in traditional societies are rarely endowed with much power, and malignant powers are only summoned with keen hatred and a desire for revenge. The more badly one is wronged, the more powerful he or she becomes after death. Such beliefs lead to the emergence of ghost.

Western ghost history
While western ghost stories have been around as long as western civilization, there is no one simple explanation or source of them, sacred or secular. Perhaps they really flourished with the onset of the Age of Reason and industrialism. Some one think that most of the classic Western ghost stories we discuss seem to spring from a Christian perspective, the ghosts subject to rules imposed by Christianity. And most Western ghost stories stem from a Christian perspective because they are Western ghost stories. The Japanese ghost stories (at least those filtered through Lafcadio Hearn) and Chinese tales do not have ghosts that act much differently. Western ghost stories must be Judeo-Christian of necessity. Atheistic ghost stories would be scarce .

The appearance of ghost
. The appearance of Chinese ghost
. The appearance of Western ghost

The appearance of Chinese ghost
The ghost is a classical image in Chinese culture, i.e., the young woman whose face is covered by long black hair, who dies due to misfortune, then comes back for revenge. The word "ghost" for many Chinese conjures up similar images. Often the ghost is a beautiful young woman. For example:

But then sudden switch from a beautiful girl to a frightening ghost strikingly. The seemingly fragile, helpless and beautiful women turning into fearless killers is a favorite theme among Asian movie directors and storywriters. You will understand my meanings when you see next page !

Of course , there are many other ghost in China. Most of them are very ugly and cruel , they often appear in the night , and afraid of light . Ha Ha , you can open the light when you meet a ghost , Don’t forget ! In the usual ,the Hades is the boss of all the ghost.

Now you will see the picture of the Hades in luck!

Welcome to my home !!! This way please ……

The appearance of Western ghost
In the western , people used ghost to mean the soul or spirit, the part of a person that is believed to live on after the body dies. But nowadays, it means the soul or spirit of a dead person who returns to visit the living for purposes of both good and evil, but, most of the time, evil .

There are often six kinds of ghosts in western : Replay Ghosts, Revenge ghosts, crisis ghosts, poltergeists, animal ghosts, and Phantom traffic . You may see many kinds of ghost from movies and books in the western . But many of them belong to one of the six kinds.

The most famous ghost in western is vampire vampire in everywhere relate to ghost .


you can find

The appearance of vampire is very like the man , but most of them have a pair of long teeth . Of course , they food on blood of animals and often kill the people . They are very horror in the impression of people.

The ghosts are almost very ugly and horror in China , they always kill people gratuitous . But there are some ghosts are prettiness or interesting in Western . They never injury people ,some of them are beautiful and accommodating.

The ghost of love
. The love story with ghost in china
. The love story with ghost in western

The love story with ghost in china
There most famous story about love with ghost is Sinnui yauwan Directed by Siu- Tung Ching in 1987 . The story is pretty basic: a young man, in love with a woman, finds himself caught up in a world of reincarnation, martial arts, ghosts, ghostbusting monks, and strange contraptions and machines. The characters are animated like the cheap Japanese Saturday morning cartoons - all ovals for the eyes and mouth. The backgrounds, however, are lushly drawn, and the almost experimental feel of the landscapes, with their changes of perspective and movement, comes across very well on the big screen. The film is a hybrid of computer and traditional animation, and the conflict and contrast of styles is particularly effective .

Directed by Siu-Tung Ching Writing credits Songling Pu (novel) Kai-Chi Yun Genre: Action / Comedy / Fantasy/ Horror / Romance(more) Plot Summary: Ning Tsai-Shen, a humble tax collector, arrives in a small town to carry out his work. Unsurprisingly Runtime: 98 min / USA:92 min This movie is one of my favourites . It is a genre-mixture with ingredients of the Action-/Horror-/Romantic-/Comedygenre. Some of the special effects may seem outdated compared to modern standards. This minor flaw is easily ignored. There is so much to discover in this story. The romantic relation between the two main characters is so beautiful that it hurts. The visuals are beautiful too. The action is great which is no surprise, it is originating from Honkong, birthplace of the world's best action movies. The humour sometimes seems a little bit silly but in a good way. Somehow this movie is being able to balance the different moods and keeps being good. Absolutely recommended.

The love story with ghost in western
There most famous story about love with ghost is Ghost Directed by Jerry Zucker in 1990 . The story is about Sam Wheat who had a great new apartment reclaimed from a really ugly building. He had a live-in roommate who would have looked like Demi Moore if she would only have let her hair grow a little. His only problem was that he had a stupid name like "Sam Wheat." Then it all sours when he is killed by a hood on the street and has to get used to being dead. You know, it is not all pranks and chains being a ghost. First of all, there are very few people who can hear ghosts and who want to admit they can hear ghosts. Anyway, there is more to Wheat's killing than meets the eye and his ghost wants to find out what it is. His first big break is finding a kooky spiritualist medium who thinks she is a fake until she starts hearing the voice of one real ghost ……

Directed by Jerry Zucker. Writing credits Peter BarsocchiniGenre: Producer: Howard W. Koch, Jr., Lisa Weinstein Genre: Romantic Fantasy Duration: 2 hrs. 7 min. Release Date: July 13, 1990 Starring: Patrick Swayze Demi Moore , Whoopi Goldberg, Tony Goldwyn , Stanley Lawrence,

I think it’s the most touching love story I have ever saw .The story is the brightest comedy, the most astonishing supernatural tale and a sleek mysterythriller I have seen.

The Ghost Festival
. The Chinese ghost festival
. The Western ghost festival

The Chinese ghost festival
The Chinese have a holiday to honor the departed spirits of the underworld -- the Chinese Ghost Festival. It is said that ghosts roam the world every year for one lunar month. In some areas of China, visitors can see small roadside fires, where believers burn paper money and other offerings to appease the restless spirits that have temporarily been released from Hades.

The Chinese Ghost Festival is also called "Half July" (Lunar). It is a popular occasion celebrated throughout China on the 15th day of the seventh lunar month.

The Western ghost festival
The Ghost festival in western is Hallowmas . Hallowmas means the end of summer and the harvest and the beginning of the cold winter. It can date back to the ancient Celtic festival 2000 years ago. The Celtic believed that there is a boundary between living and ghost world. On the night of Hallowmas, the boundary will become blurred. The ghost can go back to the living world. In addition to causing trouble and damaging crops, the Celtic used them to predict the future. These predictions are important for the Celtic during the long, dark winter. In order to celebrate Hallowmas, the Celtic will wear customs. And they will set up huge sacred bonfires to burn crops and animals as offering for God. They consider that god will protect them during the winter

There is a difference between the Chinese ghost festival and the Western ghost festival .
In the Chinese ghost festival ,people often think it’s a bad day and often not talk about it. But in the Western ghost festival ,the people are very happy, they celebrate in the street .

So I think the Western ghost festival ,i.e. Hallowmas , is a real festival day !

City of Ghost
. The Chinese City of Ghost . The Western City of Ghost

The Chinese City of Ghost
Fengdu has been considered China's "City of Ghost". There is a myriad of household legendary tales about ghosts and demons, as well as the City of Ghosts in China. Located on the north bank of the Yangtze River, Fengdu is an ancient city with a long history, known as the "Ghost City" to most Chinese people ,it got its reputation as the "Ghost City" in the Eastern Han Dynasty(A.D.25-A.D.220). Two offical from the imperial court :Wang Fangping and Yin Changsheng, got bored with the political life in the court and came to Mt .Minshan outside Fengdu city to practice Taoist teachings. Both of them later became immortals by carrying out self-cultivation. This story widely spread and makes Mt .Minshan become famous. When combined together, their surnames Yin and Wang, soud very much like "King of shell" in Chinese, hence the people began to call Fendu the "Ghost City"

The landscape of "City of Ghost" --- Fengdu .

The Western City of Ghost
There is not a famous city of ghost like Fengdu in Western .but there are many GhostTown in Western. These GhostTown are similar, not a soul in sight , looks like very horror on moonless summer night. Sometimes there is a church or temple in that GhostTown ,and the nun and the priest often are ghosts.

The landscape of "GhostTown“ in Western .

We have compared the ghost culture between China and Western from five point of view . From that we have understood something of the ghost culture , but there are many other differences and similarities .you can study it from books or web if you are interested in it.

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