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									                        Antibiotics for acne

    Before going for any medications, we must first learn about the actual cause of
    acne so that we get the proper type of antibiotics for acne. Acne is the result of an
    overgrowth of a normal skin bacteria causing destruction in follicle. During this
    process, follicular materials enter the dermis resulting in inflammatory response.
    Now that you’re little familiar with how acne has been your problem, you can get
    better treatment. Since acne is caused by bacteria (Propionibacterium
    acnes (P.Acne), you can possibly think nothing but antibiotics for acne.

    Why antibiotics?

    Antibiotic helps to destroy or reduce the growth of bacteria and heal the
    infection. For acne, antibiotic works in several mechanisms. The first mechanism
    is to destroy the bacteria in and around follicle. Our white blood cells sometimes
    create irritating chemicals that helps to develop acne. Antibiotic reduces the
    production of such chemicals inside our body and also reduces the inflammatory
    Today you can find different types of acne antibiotics. Some of the most
    frequently used antibiotics for acne are listed below:

   Tetracycline:

    If you have acne, then you are most likely to be prescribed with Tetracycline
    antibiotic. General dose would be taking 500mg twice a day until you see the
    decrease in acne or scars. Depending upon the mark of acne, you can reduce the
    dose to 250mg twice a day and slowly can discontinue the dose. But antibiotics
    for a teenage boy who eats frequently might be harmful and those for pregnant
    women or children under the age of 9 years.
   Erythromycin:

    Another frequently used antibiotics for acne is Erythromycin. This antibiotic is
    friendly dose for those who like to eat frequently as it should be taken with food.
    This antibiotic works by reducing the inflammatory response. The normal dose
    would be taking 250mg to 500mg twice per day. This antibiotic can be used in
    pregnant women.

   Doxycycline:

     Doxycycline is mostly prescribed to those who cannot tolerate the dose of
    tetracycline and erythromycin. So, the nature of this antibiotic is less strong than
    that of above doses. The normal dose is to take 50 to 100mg twice a day.

   Minocycline:

    Minocycline can also be considered as the derivative of tetracycline which in
    general is used for Pustular type of acne. Pustule has many names for it like acne,
    chicken pox, folliculitis and many other terms.

   Clindamycin:

    Clindamycin is an effective topical treatment for acne. It is also referred to as oral
    treatment for acne. Clindamycin and the conjunction of benzoyl peroxide which is
    both available by prescription are more likely to treat acne effectively. The normal
    dose per day for this therapy is 75 to 150mg twice.

    All these antibiotics are or have been effectively used over by 100s of thousands
    to treat acne. However, intake of antibiotics is a sensitive topic as some might
    invite side-effects. It is the basics to know about how and when to take these
    antibiotics. Remember that antibiotics are used only to fight against diseases
    caused by bacteria not viruses. So make sure these antibiotics are being used for
    diagnosed bacterial disease. Diseases like common cold, flu are caused by a virus
    that means antibiotic won’t work against these diseases. Another important thing
    is that once you start antibiotic treatment, the dose must be complete.
    Otherwise, the bacteria that causes acne not be destroyed fully which in turn
    might create further long problem.
Antibiotics are a strong medical tool that kills the bacteria sometimes killing good
bacteria as well. So, unnecessary use of antibiotic means contributing to antibiotic
resistance after which your prescribed antibiotic might not completely destroy
the bacteria which in turn results in longer period of illness. Same goes for
treating acne. If you have bad acne then it is better to go for complete dose of
prescribed antibiotic.

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