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At Envisage Dental in New Farm, Dr Deanne Carr, Dr Cam Christophers and our team ensure that patients enjoy a lifetime of beautiful, strong smiles. Our dental practice serves patients by offering all levels of dental care. With individualized attention, state-of-the-art technology and clinical excellence, we will work with you to protect your oral health and exceed your expectations.

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									              New Farm Dentist – Building Fabulous Smiles

At Envisage Dental in New Farm, Dr Deanne Carr, Dr Cam Christophers and our team ensure that
patients enjoy a lifetime of beautiful, strong smiles. Our dental practice serves patients by
offering all levels of dental care. With individualized attention, state-of-the-art technology and
clinical excellence, we will work with you to protect your oral health and exceed your

                           What makes us different?

Our New Farm dentists will focus on you. We’ll devote uninterrupted time with you at every
visit, from reviewing your treatment plan to answering all of your questions. Dr Carr and Dr
Christophers firmly believe in punctuality, but also investing time in each patient under their
care. The caring, compassionate dentists will never rush you. Instead, they will reserve ample
time to explain our findings and recommended treatment. Then the dentist will listen to your
concerns, your desires and your opinions. Ultimately, Dr Carr, Dr Christophers and our team will
equip you to make informed decisions about your oral health and your smile. Whether you want
to improve your smile for more self-confidence, or you need dental implants that look natural
and will last for years to come, we will expertly address your concerns.

                         More than general dentistry…

Comprehensive dentistry concentrates on more than just teeth. Our team will take into account
your medical history, long-term goals and desired lifestyle to produce a treatment plan that will
give you optimal esthetics and a comfortably functioning, healthy smile. At our New Farm
dentist practice, we prioritize preventive and general dental care because it is the foundation for
excellent, lifelong oral health. However, we also believe that all restorative dentistry is also
cosmetic dentistry, so we use high-quality dental materials that mimic natural tooth enamel.
                                                     responsible for cavities and gum problems.
Dentist in Brisbane -                                Moreover, mouthwashes that have fluoride and
Trusted By Your                                      antibacterial properties do not only inhibit
                                                     bacterial growth, but also gives us an extra
Teeth                                                clean feel in our mouth. Doing a regular visit in
                                                     the clinic of a dentist in Brisbane for
                                                     professional cleaning and oral dental exams is
Many of us take this for granted but the truth is,   the most important thing to do.
our oral hygiene has a significant role in
maintaining the health of our overall well-being.
There are a lot of microorganisms present in         Always remember that in order to avoid
our mouth and despite most of them being             discomforts that are caused by decaying teeth
harmless; there are still some that can do bad       and unhealthy gums, always make sure that you
to our health if we do not control them from         keep your oral health in top condition.
multiplying. Some people are not aware that          However, in case of dental crisis, one can
respiratory diseases and diabetes can be caused      always contact an emergency dentist in
by unattended cavities and gum problems.             Brisbane that would check on your teeth and
Excruciating pain and agony can be experienced       gums as soon as possible.
if cavities are left unaided, and may also lead to
serious infections. In addition to this, there are
studies and researches regarding the link
between poor oral hygiene, heart diseases and
women giving birth to pre-term, low birth rate
that are currently ongoing. Apart from your
physical appearance, your self-esteem is also
greatly affected by poor dental health. At the
same time, this problem can also give you a
hard time in chewing and digesting the foods
you eat. Certain behavioral and developmental
problems in young kids may also be effects of
poor oral hygiene. With all these mentioned, a
dentist in Brisbane has advised these short yet
very effective guidelines on how to keep your
oral cavity clean and healthy.

One way of keeping all these microbes from
getting out of hand is to brush our teeth at least
two times a day. Despite of this being common
sense for everyone, there are still people who
disregard the importance of brushing. Bacteria
attacks our teeth best once we have eaten, this
dental health specialist greatly recommends
brushing after every meal. Another important
thing to do is to floss at least once a day. It is
said that one third of our surface area is not
normally reached by our tooth brushes, thus
the purpose of flossing. By doing this, you are
avoiding the accumulation of plaques that are
                                                     frames, the more you can be assured that they
Give a Big Smile to                                  have the experience and what it takes to cater
the New Farm                                         to their patients.
                                                     Medical Team – knowing their background will
Dentists                                             tell you how qualified they are for the job. Basic
                                                     information such as where the doctor
                                                     graduated and what special trainings they have
One of the most focused points of attractions in     undergone would tell you a lot about your
the face is the teeth. The teeth can tell a lot      doctor.
about that person’s personality, hygiene, and        Facility and Equipment –are they equipped with
routine. Since almost all the things that make us    state of the art facilities? Does the clinic
healthy or weak pass through the mouth, it is        practice proper hygiene? Do they dispose their
inevitable that somehow the teeth would be           used instruments correctly? These basic
affected. As they say the teeth is the most long     questions can help you decide if you are in the
lasting feature in animals and people alike, and     right place for dental care.
what more can we do to take care of it other
than finding great New Farm dentists?                The New Farm dental clinics are so caught up
                                                     with solutions that could make your smile
Other than ourselves, these dentists can also        infectious. Visit your local dentist and ensure
help us maintain the health of our pearly            the safety of the future of your smile.
whites. They know all the dos and don’ts for
oral care. They know their way around it that is
why we come to them for help and advice.
Dentists can tell you why your breath smells so
bad or why your teeth start to fall out one by
one. We believe their diagnosis and we seek for
a cure. That is how it works. We rely on them
for our teeth problems.

Dentists from New Farm are very eager to help
you with whatever dental problems you are
facing right now. They are very particular not
only with your oral information but they also
run the extra mile checking your medical
records so that they could diagnose your
problem correctly. Professionals in this field of
work concern themselves with the information
that they can get out of you, because it is
valuable to them.

What ways can you make sure that what you
get for your dental care in New Farm is worth
it? Of course, you need to visit the local dental
studio and look for the signs that make the
place legitimate.

Certificates – you can usually see this in a frame
hanging in the walls of the clinic. The more
                                                       They can also provide you with dental implants
See A Dentist in New                                   in order to hold your dentures to the gums.
Farm If You Want To                                    These are usually made of titanium and act as a
                                                       synthetic root for a tooth. You won't need to
Achieve the Best Smile                                 worry since the professional you have sought
                                                       the services of uses quality dental implants that
In life, your pleasant personality and smile will      are FDA (food and drug administration)
help you go a long way. It can help you make           approved. These are guaranteed to be safe, and
new friends, and even help you land that job           your body will not reject this.
position you have been targeting. However,
                                                       If you want to whiten your teeth, you can avail
good oral hygiene is sometimes not enough. If
                                                       of the dental bleaching system. Some people
you really want to get the best smile, you can
                                                       choose this if they are unable to achieve on
seek the services of a dentist in New Farm.
                                                       their own what they want for their pearly
These professionals will be able to determine if       whites. This procedure quickly removes any
you have some kind of oral problem. They can           stains from the teeth without causing harm to
diagnose and treat gum problems even if it is at       the enamel. The experts usually choose a shade
its earliest stages. In addition to the treatment,     that is two to three times lighter than the
they also educate their patients how to have           original with the help of a whitening agent.
proper hygiene in order to minimize any future         However, there are times when even the best
risks.                                                 whitening agent cannot whiten a badly
                                                       discolored tooth. If this is the case, the dentist
Hiring the best dentist will also guarantee you        will cover the tooth with porcelain veneers after
that he or she can specialize in root canal            bleaching it. Visit a dental centre in New Farm if
therapy. This procedure is done as a means to          you want to avail the appropriate treatment for
save a badly ruined tooth. Keep in mind that it        your pearly whites.
won't be accomplished in just a single visit.
Sometimes the whole procedure can be
finished after two or three visits, depending on
the degree of the infection. Even though it
sounds painful, this kind of therapy is actually
painless as it is done under local anaesthesia.
Dentists fill up the root canal with the proper
filling and seal it with a special material in order
to avoid any infections.

These professionals can also do a smile
makeover if you have dental imperfections.
They will modify the shape, position, and size of
the tooth depending on their client's needs.
They will also recommend you the appropriate
veneer if you have any abnormalities.

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