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                                The Paralegal Education Program at Auburn University
                                [By Devon Pryor]
                                In the heart of Alabama, the capitol city of Montgomery boasts a university with the largest and most affordable
                                paralegal studies program in the state. According to its website, Auburn University Montgomery has been offering an
                                American Bar Association-approved Paralegal Certificate program for nearly 20 years. Offered through the university’s
                                Department of Justice and Public Safety, three ABA-approved certification options are available to students interested
                                in legal careers.

The Bachelor of Science in Justice and              and well-rounded individuals” with advanced      consideration to the student. The MAT is
Public Safety-Legal Studies is the first of         preparation for careers as paralegals or         offered through the psychology department
these options. This track requires students         court or justice administrators, as well as      at Auburn University Montgomery. For those
to complete a four-year, 20-semester-hour          for admission to law school. It requires         who are unfamiliar with the MAT, this test
program, which awards each graduate with            students to take courses in legal research       is, according to the MAT homepage, a “high
both a bachelor’s degree and a Paralegal            and writing, human resource management,          level mental ability test requiring solutions
Certificate. Like most bachelor’s degree            computer applications in the law, and            of problems stated as analogies” designed
programs, the Bachelor of Science in                administrative instruction. Students who         to measure verbal comprehension and
Justice and Public Safety-Legal Studies             complete this track also earn ABA-approved       analytical thinking.
track at Auburn University Montgomery               Paralegal Certificates.
requires students to complete general                                                                A competency evaluation is also associated
education, or GE, classes in addition               The second track within the master’s degree      with the Master of Judicial Administration
to their legal studies coursework. The              program is the Justice and Public Safety         (M.J.L.) program at Auburn University
curriculum for the legal studies track              option (M.J.P.). This track offers coursework    Montgomery. In order to satisfy the
includes classes in business organization,          that provides students with the skills           competency evaluation requirement, each
legal research, legal writing, civil                necessary to succeed in several areas of the     student must choose one of the three
litigation, court and judicial administration,      criminal justice field, including planning,      evaluation options. The first of these is
alternative dispute resolution, legal ethics,       management, and ethical skills in specifically   the comprehensive examination, which
computer applications in law, and business          targeted areas such as law enforcement,          is taken by students during the final
and professional writing, as well as six            security, corrections, and juvenile justice.     semester of enrollment at Auburn University
relevant electives. Internships completed           This option does not offer a Paralegal           Montgomery. Instead of taking the exam,
by students enrolled in the program are             Certificate, but students who decide to          students can elect to fulfill the specialization
considered electives.                               pursue the M.J.P. do earn master’s degrees       option, which requires an additional six
                                                    in a field relevant to any legal career.         hours of coursework and is available only
Auburn University Montgomery also                                                                    by permission to students with GPAs of 3.5
offers a Master of Science in Justice and           Admissions requirements for both of the          or higher. The third option for students is
Public Safety. Graduate students can                master’s degree programs at Auburn               writing a thesis; thesis topics must be pre-
choose from two track options, both of              University Montgomery are possession             approved, and theses are subject to strict
which provide instruction in management             of a bachelor’s degree (or its credit            guidelines and evaluations.
and administration. Graduate courses                equivalent) from an accredited university
are offered during the day, at night, and           and satisfactory performance on either the       All faculty members of the Department
on weekends. The first of the graduate              Graduate Record Examination (GRE) or the         of Justice and Public Safety at Auburn
tracks is the Judicial Administration option        Miller Analogies Test (MAT). If an applicant’s   University Montgomery have experience
(M.J.L.). This track is ABA-approved and,           undergraduate grade point average is below       in their fields. They work or have worked
according to the program website, is                2.75, the GRE or MAT must be taken before        as prosecutors, defense attorneys, law
designed to “produce extremely competent            the screening committee will give any            enforcement administrators or officers,

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PARALEGAL SCHOOL FEATURE                                                                  1. 800.973.1177

security administrators, and corrections and      show, document-sharing, and other            Miller Analogies Test
juvenile administrators. They often have          capabilities. Whether enrolled in the
consulting experience in their fields, as well.   Paralegal Education Program or any of the    en-US/Harcourt/Community/PostSecondary/
                                                  university’s other programs, students at     Products/MAT/mathome.htm
Auburn University Montgomery takes full           Auburn University Montgomery have the full
advantage of technological tools to benefit       gamut of resources necessary to ensure a     Horizon Wimba at Auburn University
its students. The university uses WebCT,          quality education at their disposal.         Montgomery
the number-one integrated Internet                                                   
learning system for higher education.             ON THE NET                                   index.aspx?id=6228
This service provides email, online chat
                                                  Auburn University Montgomery’s Paralegal
and discussion board services, and other
                                                  Education Program
e-learning resources. The university has
also implemented a web-conferencing tool
called Horizon Wimba, which provides an
array of collaborative and communicative
possibilities, including video, audio, slide


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