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									Precious Metals — As the Smart Money Exits Too Soon

“Too little, too late” could well describe the current plight of the 'smart money' silver investor,
since many seem to be arriving late to the party when the market has not even yet entered the
final phase for investment demand in either silver or gold.

Of course, some investment money has trickled in to the precious metals, but to the average
investor, prices are still correcting and the market’s fundamentals remain very much

The Financial Media Circus Aids the Manipulators

The controlled financial media continues to recruit from within its ranks those market analysts
who have incorrectly predicted and portrayed precious metal fundamentals and market
conditions. This has further helped to inhibit more accurate price discovery in the metal

There also remains a suckling reflex among those investors that cling to the status quo,
apparently unconvinced by the reality they can actually see with their increasingly blind eyes.

Such people demand the circus presentation of information by the media with little regard to
its accuracy or to the long term performance of touted pundits that seem to gain instant
credibility by their simple presence in print or on television.

When Silver Breaks Beyond Manipulation

On its surface, the paper silver market appears to portray a starkly different picture compared
to the reality of what lies underneath or at the root of each futures contract.

When the door is officially shut on the sacrosanct social contract at the center of price
discovery, and the scales tip toward public understanding, the silver market could finally see its
long awaited price release.

The resulting sharp rally would probably overshoot substantially to the upside, as the silver
market suddenly finds itself in a vacuum when its price finally becomes dependent upon
physical supply and demand for the first time in decades.

When widespread understanding of the intrinsic value of silver instantly overwhelms available
supply, the misunderstandings of this decades-long market manipulation will end.

Fundamental Price Discovery May Finally Return

In many ways this dramatic event will be symbolic and could well herald the return to
fundamental price discovery in all other commodity markets. Unfortunately, most people
remain totally unaware that the sudden upside risk created by systematic and manipulative
under pricing has existed for many years.

Once the return to fair value occurs, the offers will finally recede, giving way to an
unprecedented influx of demand for silver.

While participation in the precious metals market is currently low relative to other asset
classes, a large amount of liquidity is lying in wait for the time when frustrated investors finally
discover that their apparently never ending search for a meaningful yield has become all but

At some point the realization of the importance of having a return of their money — rather
than just a return on their money — will dawn upon them, but for most it will be too late to
save their wealth from devastation.

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