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					Research & Development Co-ordinating Centre Weekly E-
                                                                         7 April 2008

Career Development Opportunities
  1. University Of Technology, Sydney and the Northern Hospitals
     Network Professor of Nursing Research and Practice Development

     Salary: 130,299AUD p.a.

     Website: Ref: R370108

     Deadline for applications: 18 April 2008

  2. St. Georges, University of London Faculty of Health and Social
     Care Sciences Research Associate

     Fixed term: 3 years and 3 months. Salary up to 32kGBP p.a. including London

     An exciting opportunity is available for a research associate to join an NIHR-
     funded project investigating evidence based support and interventions for people
     with dementia living at home. The EVIDEM-C project is investigating
     interventions and support for people with dementia with incontinence problems
     living at home. The project is led by Professor Vari Drennan. Informal enquiries
     about this position may be made to Professor Vari Drennan, at or on 020 8725 2339.

     Contact: Recruitment Team
     Tel: 020 8725 5020 (24-hour answerphone)
     Email: Please quote reference 608-08

     Closing date: 21 April 2008 (Interviews: 1 May 2008)

  3. King's College London National Nursing Research Unit (Florence
     Nightingale School Of Nursing And Midwifery) Research Assistant
     / Associate

     Grades 5/6 23,692 - 33,779GBP plus 2,323GBP London Allowance

     The purpose of the posts is to deliver, develop and expand upon the unit's core
     programme of work. This will address policy relevant questions concerning the
     nursing workforce, its impact on patient outcomes and changes in the
     composition of the healthcare workforce in general.

     Contact: Human Resources
     Email: Please quote W1/GNI/102/08-HH on all

     Closing date: 22 April 2008

Research Funding
  4. The Smith & Nephew Foundation

     The Smith & Nephew Foundation Awards are focused on funding high calibre
     nurse researchers who will be role models and potential research leaders in the
     profession and who will contribute to the evidence base for the nursing care of
     patients with skin or tissue damage and vulnerability. We will be particularly
     interested to receive applications in the following areas:-
     * The role of infection in delayed healing
     * Factors which influence treatment decisions in skin/wound care
     * The hidden costs of tissue damage
     Applications which focus on research in other areas of skin, tissue damage or
     vulnerability will also be considered.

     i) Doctoral research studentship. This award will support a nurse researcher
     with outstanding potential who is at the beginning of his/her research career.
     Worth up to 90,000GBP over 3 years. Application forms can be downloaded for
     The Smith & Nephew Foundation website. Deadline for applications is 1 May

     ii) Post-doctoral nursing research fellowship. This award will support an
     outstanding career nurse researcher and seeks to enhance nursing post-doctoral
     research capacity. Worth up to 120,000GBP over 3 years. The 2008 Awards will
     be launched in March 2008. Application forms can be downloaded for The Smith
     & Nephew Foundation website. Deadline for applications is 1 May 2008.

     iii) A Joint Doctoral/Post-doctoral Nursing Research Award. In partnership
     with the MS Society, worth up to 90k/120kGBP over 3 years. Deadline for
     applications is 1 May 2008.

     Contact: Barbara Foster
     Tel: 01482 673250

Research Policy/Strategy
  5. Tierney, A. (2007), "Capacity and capability for nursing and
     midwifery research in Scotland - a scoping exercise"

     The following is a summary of a report commissioned by the Scottish Executive
     Health Department and NHS Education for Scotland to examine current capacity
       within nursing and midwifery research in Scotland. It appears in the Spring 2007
       (Issue 35) edition of Research Matters


 Research Governance/Ethics
    6. Integrated Research Application System (IRAS) - Webinar for
       R&D staff

       17 April 2008, 3 - 4.30 pm

       The Integrated Research Application System (IRAS) has been designed to capture
       the information needed to be submitted by researchers for regulatory and
       governance approvals, including R&D approval using the R&D form with the SSI
       Forms. It is currently available for use and consultation at As part of the consultation, this webinar is being
       held to provide an opportunity for discussion and feedback with staff in R&D
       offices in NHS organisations. This event is aimed at staff in NHS organisations
       across the UK who:
       * receive and review R&D applications made through IRAS
       * support or train researchers in the regulatory and governance application
       * need to understand how IRAS will link with developments in R&D processes

       The NHS R&D Forum is collaborating with the Association for Clinical Research
       Professionals (ACRP) to provide an event in a webinar format. A webinar allows
       delegates to take part by simply logging on to a website. All you need is a
       computer with sound and an internet connection. The webinar will be led by Janet
       Messer from the NHS R&D Forum, who is a member of the IRAS Project Team.
       Registration costs 125GBP per site, regardless of the number of delegates
       watching the webinar.

       Contact: Janet Messer
       Tel: 01570 421172


Consultations Documents
  7. Clinical Knowledge Summaries (CKS) Work programme Topic Reviews
    timetabled for development April - June 2008

    CKS provide a source of clinical knowledge for the NHS about the common conditions
    managed in primary and first contact care. The knowledge is practical and reliable and
    helps healthcare professionals confidently make evidence-based decisions about the
    healthcare of their patients and provides the know-how to safely put these decisions
    into action.

    CKS are keen to receive feedback on draft Topic Reviews. In addition to feedback from
    experts, professional organizations and patient groups, they are particularly interested
   to receive feedback from healthcare professionals who use the service.

   Topic Reviews sent out for consultation on with responses by 16 April 2008

   -   Dyspepsia - pregnancy-associated
   -   Dyspepsia - symptoms
   -   Febrile seizure
   -   Nausea/vomiting in pregnancy
   -   NSAIDs - prescribing issues

   Topic Reviews scheduled to be sent out for consultation 17 April 2008 with responses
   by 15 May 2008

   -   Ankylosing spondylitis
   -   Dyspepsia - GORD
   -   Dyspepsia - DU, GU
   -   Eczema - atopic
   -   Sprains and strains - ankle and knee

   Topic Reviews scheduled to be sent out for consultation 16 May 2008 with responses by
   13 June 2008

   -   Dyspepsia - proven non-ulcer
   -   Irritable bowel syndrome
   -   Osteoarthritis
   -   Pruritus ani
   -   Seborrhoeic dermatitis


8. National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE)

   NICE expects to consult on the following documents:

   i) Alcohol use disorders in adults and young people - scope consultation (4 April 2008 -
   2 May 2008)
   ii) Alcohol use disorders - scope consultation (4 April 2008 - 2 May 2008)
   iii) Transient loss of consciousness in adults (3 April - 1 May 2008)
   iv) Mental wellbeing of young people in secondary education - Consultation on the draft
   scope (3 April - 1 May 2008)
   v) Macular degeneration (age-related)- pegaptanib and ranibizumab: Final appraisal
   determination (2 - 16 April 2008)
   vi) The guidelines manual: consultation on the 2008 update (1 April - 1 July 2008)
   vii) Preventing the uptake of smoking by children: consultation on the draft guidance
   (19 March - 18 April 2008)
   viii) Chronic kidney disease: consultation (11 March - 6 May 2008)


Research Networks
  9. Northern Ireland Clinical Research Network (NICRN)

     NICRN aims to increase access to and participation in high quality clinical studies
     in health and social care in Northern Ireland. NICRN Themed Networks are
     networks of clinicians and other professionals with a critical mass of interest in
     research themed on a specific disease area and with access to a patient
     population of sufficient size to enable recruitment. They are multidisciplinary in
     nature, and each has a designated clinical lead:

     *   Cancer
     *   Cardiovascular
     *   Children
     *   Critical Care
     *   Dementia
     *   Diabetes
     *   Experimental Medicine
     *   Primary Care
     *   Respiratory
     *   Stroke
     *   Vision


Completed Research & Development - Open Access
  10. Clinical Knowledge Summaries (CKS) Work programme PRODIGY
     guidance latest changes to clinical topics

     CKS provide a source of clinical knowledge for the NHS about the common
     conditions managed in primary and first contact care. The knowledge is practical
     and reliable and helps healthcare professionals confidently make evidence-based
     decisions about the healthcare of their patients and provides the know-how to
     safely put these decisions into action.

     PRODIGY guidance on the following topics have been reviewed and converted into
     the CKS Topic Review structure.

     March 2008
     - Diverticular disease
     - Dry eye syndrome
     - Depression - antenatal and postnatal
     - Herpes simplex - ocular
     - Hyperthyroidism


  11.The National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE)
     latest published guidance - March 2008

     NICE is an independent organisation responsible for providing national guidance
     on promoting good health and preventing and treating ill health. The guidance is
     developed using the expertise of the NHS and the wider healthcare community
     including NHS staff, healthcare professionals, patients and carers, industry and
     the academic world. For more details on their guidance visit their website.

     NICE has issued the following guidance to the NHS in England and Wales:

     Clinical guidelines
     i) Antenatal care
     ii) Diabetes in pregnancy
     iii) Prophylaxis for Infective Endocarditis

     Patient Safety Guidance

     Technology appraisals
     i) Sleep apnoea hypopnea syndrome (obstructive) - continuous positive airway
     ii) Asthma (in adults) - corticosteroids

     Public health
     i) Mental wellbeing of children in primary education
     ii) Maternal and child nutrition

     Interventional procedures
     i) Intraoperative nerve monitoring during thyroid surgery
     ii) Suburethral sling insertion for stress urinary incontinence in men


Completed Research & Development - Subscription Based
  12. Journal of Research in Nursing

     Journal of Research in Nursing publishes research on nursing topics and themes.
     Original research is published with the aim of encouraging evidence-based
     practice and improving the quality of patient care. It is a leading journal that
     underpins good research with current policy. Each issue contains papers on a
     variety of topics in relation to health care, as well as a Focus section that
     highlights key up to date issues through papers written by experts in that specific
     field. The contents of the most recent Journal of Research in Nursing, March
     2008, Volume 13, No. 2 includes:

     i) Editorial: Clinical governance and clinical supervision: protecting standards of
     care, Veronica Bishop
     ii) Cultural diversity and research: the use of realistic evaluation and the role of
     the nurse, Mercy Jeyasingham
     iii) Cultural diversity and nursing practice, Lorraine Culley
     iv) "I didn't tell them. Well, they never ask". Lay understandings of hypertension
     and their impact on chronic disease management: implications for nursing
     practice in primary care, Gina Higginbottom
     v) Minority ethnic users experiences and expectations of nursing care, Mary
     Hamilton and Zaheera Essat
     vi) Towards multi-sensory research: acoustic space, racialisation and whiteness,
     Yasmin Gunaratnam
     vii) Wellness for all: the possibilities of cultural safety and cultural competence in
     New Zealand, Ruth DeSouza
     viii) Culture, health, and inequalities: new paradigms, new practice imperatives,
     M Judith Lynam, Christine Loock, Lorine Scott, and Koushambhi Basu Khan
     ix) The recruitment of South Asian people into the nursing profession: a
     knowledge review, Aliya Darr, Karl Atkin, Mark Johnson, and Uduak Archibong
     x) An exploration of the experiences of South Asian students on Pre-registration
     nursing programmes in a UK university, Sue Dyson, Lorraine Culley, Peter Norrie,
     and Nicky Genders


Practice Development
  13. Foundation of Nursing Studies (FoNS) Small Projects Programme
     - Special Focus: Supporting Developments in Practice to Improve
     Fundamental Aspects of Care

     FoNS is delighted to be partnering with Martha Lane Fox's new trust, Antigone, on
     a new programme to offer support to two nurse-led teams over a twelve -
     eighteen month period to develop an initiative that will improve an essential
     aspect of care. Facilitation will be available for both teams from one of FoNS'
     practice development facilitators plus funding of up to 2,000GBP. Applications are
     welcomed from nurse-led teams working in any healthcare setting UK-wide.
     Closing date for applications is 23 May 2008.


Disseminating Your Research - Call for papers
  14.14th international Network for Psychiatric Nursing Research
     (NPNR) conference, "Connecting research…connecting people"

     1 - 3 October 2008, Oxford, England

     The NPNR selection panel will consider papers with themes in all areas of mental
     health research but particularly welcomes papers relating to the following
     themes: * Health technologies; * Physical health care; * Acute care; * Public
     mental heath; * International collaboration; * Doing research - opportunities and
     pathways. The NPNR is committed to encouraging first-time presenters, so even if
     you are inexperienced, a student nurse, a service user or a practicing nurse, we
     invite you to apply. For those who have not presented before or are feeling a little
     nervous, there is a workshop before the start of the conference.

     Contact: Laura Benfield, RCN Events
     Tel: 020 7647 3591

     Abstract deadline: 30 May 2008
  15. North Central London Research Consortium (NoCLoR) conference,
     "Innovation into practice"

     1 May 2008, London, England, UK

     The one day conference will provide the latest research in Sexual Health, Mental
     Health and Primary Care.

     Contact: Josephine Njoki, Research Administrator
     Tel: 020-7445 8502


  16. Workshop, "The mirror game: changing practice through

     3 June 2008, Warwick, England, UK

     An international one-day workshop on the methods and experience of articulating
     practices to produce transformation. The workshop will bring together a number
     of scholars, researcher and change practitioners who are interested in the use of
     practice articulation as a way of triggering individual, group, and organizational

     Contact: P Kent
     Tel: +44 (0)24 761 50618

  17. Health Services Research Network and NIHR SDO Programme
     joint 2008 annual conference, "Delivering better health services"

     4 - 5 June 2008, Manchester, England, UK

     The event will bring together those engaged in promoting high quality healthcare
     through research and the use of research, ranging from health technology
     assessment, through service delivery and organisation, to healthcare policy

     Contact: Stephan Groombridge


  18. Network on Public Research Programming (NPO) conference
     2008, "Evidence based policy making: international best practices
     in connecting science and policy"

     19 - 20 June 2008, De Bazel, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

     The increase in interest in Evidence Based Policy Making comes in response to the
   perception that Governments need to improve the quality of decision making. The
   key benefit of evidence based policymaking is better policy. But what constitutes
   an evidence-based approach, how can we bridge science and policy, what are
   present-day topics regarding evidence based policy making in an international
   perspective and within various policy areas? To address these topics in an
   international and transdisciplinary perspective and to present overall conclusions,
   this two day conference is organized by the Network on Public Research

   Contact: Ms. Annetta van Es, Project Manager, NPO
   Tel: +31 70 362 97 67


19. Joint conference, "Working overseas: humanitarian aid and
   development. Use your skills to change lives!"

   27 June 2008, RCN HQ, London, England

   This collaborative event (Royal College of Nursing, Royal College of Midwives,
   Medecins Sans Frontieres, VSO) aims to provide a platform for all stakeholders,
   planners, providers and users of healthcare to debate and discuss global trends
   on provision of healthcare. It is designed to give registered practitioners an
   opportunity to explore the options around gaining experience of health care
   provision in developing countries.



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