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									                                                         How to Earn Money

     Many posts decide to pur-        Then, develop a specific            community or participating
chase equipment, take a trip, or      budget based on your needs          organization might need. Ask
plan a special project that           and goals.                          questions—you might be sur-
requires additional funds.                                                prised. Some organizations in
Explorers who pay their own         • Be realistic.                       your community may be
way will appreciate the equip-                                            delighted to pay your post to
                                          Consider carefully what
ment or trip more than those                                              do a special project or service
                                      your participants will actually
who don’t. The decision to plan                                           as long as the project doesn’t
                                      do. Explorers have not been
a money-earning project should                                            put someone out of work.
                                      very successful with selling
be made by the entire post.
                                      products door-to-door. Posts
Once a money-earning project                                            • Get parents involved.
                                      are more successful with one-
has been approved, all the par-
                                      time projects, such as a                Parents are excellent
ticipants should participate in
                                      dinner or car wash.                 resources for ideas. They
the project.
                                                                          might also be willing to
     Posts should not seek con-
                                    • Decide how funds will be            provide leadership or
tributions because this violates
                                      accounted for.                      assistance.
the policy of paying your own
way and is against Learning for            Decide in advance
                                                                        • Review your money-earning
Life policy.                          whether all funds raised will
                                                                          project with Learning for
                                      go into the post general funds,
                                                                          Life policy and your partici-
Planning a Money-Earning              into individual Explorer
                                                                          pating organization.
Project                               accounts (within the post
                                      account) based upon hours                Check the Learning for
In planning a money-earning           worked and profits made, or a       Life policy, and check with
project, your post should follow      percentage into the post gen-       your participating organization
these guidelines:                     eral funds and the balance          to be sure the money-earning
                                      into individual Explorer            project is appropriate. The
• Determine whether you               accounts. Explorer accounts         Learning for Life money-earn-
  really need the money.              belong to the post and can be       ing policy is:
       First, review your cur-        used by an Explorer only to
                                                                          — The plans and the dates
  rent budget to be sure that         defray his or her share of
                                                                            for your project will not
  participants’ dues will not be      costs of post activities.
                                                                            conflict with any programs
  sufficient for your needs. If                                             of your participating
  they aren’t, determine how        • Look for a need.
                                                                            organization, Learning for
  much money you need to                   Find out whether there           Life, or United Way.
  raise for which specific needs.     is a service or project your

   HOW TO EARN MONEY                                                                                        1
  — Your plan should be in           parents, your participating         sports events, including
    harmony with local ordi-         organization, and Learning          cleanup when activities are
    nances, free from any            for Life understand and             over.
    stigma of gambling, and          approve your project. This is
                                                                       • Stage a pancake breakfast,
    consistent with the ideals       for your protection.
                                                                         spaghetti dinner, or similar
    and purposes of Learning
                                                                         event. Aim for the unusual
    for Life.                      • Obtain all necessary
                                                                         such as wild game dinners,
                                     approvals before beginning
  — If a commercial product is                                           chili cook-offs, barbecues, and
                                     your project.
    to be sold, it should be                                             so on.
    sold on its own merits and           Be sure to obtain any
                                                                       • Offer a birthday party service.
    not merely on the basis of       necessary licenses,
                                                                         Plan games, dress as clowns,
    “helping Exploring.”             approvals, health regulations,
                                                                         provide refreshments, super-
                                     and other permissions in
  — Those selling need to act                                            vise activities, and so on.
    as individuals without
                                                                       • Organize a color guard, drill
    attempting to capitalize on
                                   • Complete a project                  team, band, dance group, or
    the goodwill of Exploring
                                     appropriately.                      other entertainment for con-
    to promote sales.
                                                                         ventions or community affairs.
                                          After the project is com-
  — The buyers, even if they                                             Be sure the chamber of com-
                                     pleted, thank those involved,
    are family and friends,                                              merce and convention bureau
                                     return any unsold products
    should be able to receive                                            know you are available.
                                     or borrowed equipment, and
    their money’s worth from
                                     provide for proper accounting     • Produce a play, carnival,
    the product, function, or
                                     of funds.                           fashion show, or booth show,
                                                                         selling tickets or space to
  — The project should be car-     Ideas for Money-Earning               other organizations.
    ried out in a manner that      Projects                            • Conduct or be part of a garage
    does not infringe on the
                                        The following ideas are post     sale, rummage sale, auction,
    rights of other Explorer
                                   projects, not individual employ-      flea market, swap meet, or
    posts in the same area or
                                   ment efforts. All funds for goods     other similar activity. Operate
    on the right to a livelihood
                                   and services should be paid to        garage sales for neighbor-
    of local business people
                                   the post to avoid conflict with       hoods or community organi-
    and their employees.
                                   tax and employment laws. The          zations on a commission
  — If any contracts should be     post is a nonprofit organization;     basis.
    signed, they should be         individual participants are not.    • Operate a Christmas tree lot,
    signed by an individual        Be sure the financial arrange-        including making and selling
    without binding or com-        ments of your project do not          wreaths, door decorations, or
    mitting Learning for Life in   violate child labor laws, income-     other holiday items. Wrapping
    any way.                       or sales-tax regulations, or          gifts at a booth, a retail store,
                                   employment regulations.               or a mall is another service
• Beware of promotional
                                   • Wash cars (perhaps at an            that a post can do to raise
  schemes or questionable
                                     employee parking lot), wash         funds.
  product sales gimmicks.
                                     private airplanes (at a small     • Check with owners of vacant
       Carefully check out the       airport), or wash boats (at a       property for cleanup or beau-
  product and the reputation of      marina). Employees could pay        tification projects.
  its supplier before you            as they come to work so that
  become involved.                   the post would have all day to    • Perform services for busi-
                                     wash and/or wax these vehi-         nesses or organizations, such
• Develop a plan for your            cles.                               as stuffing envelopes, assem-
  money-earning project.                                                 bling kits, and so on.
                                   • Control traffic; park cars;
      Once you decide on a           operate a checkroom, nurs-        • Collect aluminum, paper,
  project, write a specific plan     ery, or concession stand; sell      glass, or other recyclable
  of who does what and of how        programs, take tickets, serve       materials. Be sure you have a
  the money is handled. Be           as ushers, and perform other
  sure that post participants,       services at community or

HOW TO EARN MONEY                                                                                   2
  source who will buy your col-       • Take photos at dances or           • Organize a high school fashion
  lections, and find out how the        conventions.                         show for a department store.
  recyclable must be prepared.
                                      • Organize ski swaps, part           • Plant a garden on vacant land
• Mow, rake, weed, trim, and            sales, or similar functions for      and sell produce at a roadside
  clean up yards of homeowners          a commission or booth rental.        stand (with permission).
  or businesses.
                                      • Recycle the parts from defec-      • Help people planning to move
• Operate a nursery or day care         tive products for a business or      with packing, loading, garage
  center during community               industry.                            sales, and cleanup.
                                      • Clean irrigation ditches, gates,   • Maintain yards of vacant
• Clean stadiums, fairgrounds,          or drains.                           homes that are for sale.
  or other facilities after public                                           (Check with real estate
                                      • Provide a crew for harvests or
  events.                                                                    agencies.)
                                        other events requiring tempo-
• Distribute newsletters or pro-        rary workers.                      • Check with political parties
  motional fliers (don’t neces-                                              about providing meals,
                                      • Sign up with temporary
  sarily endorse their product or                                            cleanup, or other services at
                                        service bureaus.
  cause).                                                                    rallies or picnics.
                                      • Check vacationers’ homes.
• Operate a weekend kennel,                                                • Clean private beaches for
                                        Take care of yards, pets, mail,
  walk dogs, or provide other                                                resorts or homeowners.
                                        and so on, while they are
  pet-related services.
                                        away.                              • Sell programs or souvenirs at
• Sell or collect plant specimens.                                           parades or celebrations.
                                      • Wash and maintain boats in
• Pick fruits or vegetables.            marinas while owners are           • Offer to decorate floats for
                                        away.                                parades.
• Catch or raise fish bait to sell.
                                      • In resort areas, check and         • Offer to run day care centers,
• Shovel snow and treat icy
                                        provide outside maintenance          staff day camps, help at sum-
  walkways or parking lots.
                                        of vacation homes.                   mer camps, or help with simi-
• Sell magazine subscriptions.                                               lar events for churches and
                                      • Construct and maintain fences
                                                                             community organizations.
• Design and sell T-shirts and          for farmers or ranchers.
  similar promotional items.                                               • Put on plays or run activities
                                      • Operate a coffee/food service
                                                                             for youth groups.
• Perform household repairs,            at construction sites, free-
  cleaning, painting, and similar       way rest areas, or harvest
  services.                             locations.

    HOW TO EARN MONEY                                                                                         3

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