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  How To Make Quick Cash Even
         If You Are Dead Broke

              Ken Nwankwo
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Thank you for downloading this IDEA Report. It is totally

I wrote it to show you that it’s incredibly easy to make quick
cash even if you are dead broke using the power of

So, relax, read, think, meditate and ACT on the ideas you will find here.
They are goldmines.

I’m committed to your success,

Ken Nwankwo
(The Guru’s Guru)
(where Ideas Make MONEY)

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                        The ACT Of Making Money

In this write-up, I want to help you change the way you think about making
money especially online.

This piece is inspirational and motivational, and will activate your sleeping-
creative-genuis right inside of you so that by the time you finish reading it,
the scales on your very eyes will drop-off.

Now, Do You Want To Make Money Online?

I know the anwser inside your chest right now is “YES, Ken”.

Okay, how can you make money?

Let me answer that question for you. The anwser to the question above
have never changed ever since money was invented. The secret of making
money whether online or offline is revealed in this short sentence: “Find
out what people want and give it to them at a price” or “Look out for a
PROBLEM lots of people are facing, research out the SOLUTION,
package the solution and sell at a reasonable price to the same
people who need the solution”.

In fact, you will agree with me that the economy of the world revolves
around buying and selling. For money to exchange between two hands,
there must be a buying and a selling.
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If you doubt it, then ask yourself what the banks, oil companies, airlines,
manufacturing plants, online marketers like me, etc are doing to earn all the
money they are using to chop life. Is it not buying and selling?

For money to come to you, there must be an exchange of either goods
and/or services for money. Think about that! And the best part of it is that
making money online is the easiest form of money making empire I have
ever seen. With little or nothing but your ideas only, you can start today and
in the next 12 months or less, you are dealing in hundreds of thousand (if
not millions).

Do you doubt it? Ok, have you heard of,,,, before? If yes, then do you
know that these online firms are multi-billion dollar empires?

You and I are using FaceBook everyday to chat our loneliness away. But,
do you know that the 24 year old guy who founded the online firm is worth
more than $700million and that FaceBook is worth about $6 - $10billion.

Now, go to this site: Do you know that the two young
guys who developed that site sold it for $1.9billion to Google after nine
months it took-off? They are still in the employ to manage the site

What of It’s the most capitalised entertainment company in
the world – more capitalised than TimeWarner Company owner of CNN. is worth more than $100billion.
                                                                     P age |6

Now, can you see that there is something these online firms are selling to
the public? They are selling so many things like advertising to millions of
people around the globe.

I believe you are beginning to see the secrets to wealth – offer
something valuable to lots of people at affordable price and you will
never go broke. And because the internet is being used by hundreds of
millions of people around the world, you can get across to somebody in
India, China, US, UK, Germany, etc with your products and/or services and
make your dough right from your kitchen table wearing only underwears. I
mean it. It’s real!

Okay, if you think you can escape from using the internet, then it’s better
you stop living on planet earth. Do you know the brains behind the use of
internet? Do you understand that the internet had been in existence in the
US for a very long time – I mean in the 60s? American military and higher
educational institutions were using the internet long before it became a
global trend.

I want you to understand the psychology behind the internet. Ok, let’s roll!

Some years ago, because of the nuclear family system in the developed
world, they initiated the clubs. It’s an avenue to take away lonliness. With
clubs came street violence, drugs, etc. The same psychology invented the
VHS, VCD and DVD machines. What they wanted to do is to remove
violence from the street.
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Ken, how do mean? Okay, if you are watching one DVD plate, won’t it take
almost 1-2weeks to finish it. You are now being entertained to the fullest
right there in your living room.

With the internet, you can connect to your friends anywhere in the world,
work full time online like me and collect your pay without stepping out.

Can you see the psychology behind all these inventions? They don’t want
you to come out again and be a nuisance to the society.

So, you can see where the world is going to. Why not prepare yourself now
to cash into the craze? I don’t know about you, I’m already in.

However, for you to attract money, you must change the way you think
about money. In fact, you must change your mentality.

In Nigeria today or elsewhere, we were taught by parents, society,
churches, mosques to go to school, study hard to earn good grades and
come out to look for jobs. So, we are programmed right from our homes to
think about how to get a better job and not how to create better jobs.

You can see the difference – getting and creating. The two have different
psychological make-up.

Let me warn you, you can never be RICH by working for a company. Even
the CEO/MD of InterContinental Bank Plc, Mr. Erastus Akingbola said it.
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But you may say, what of all those moneybags in government offices? Let
me tell you, they are bunch of thieves and they are really poor. You don’t
use the material things to measure a man’s exploits. You quantify him/her
through his/her services to mankind.

Some of these money-bags cannot take risks with their money especially
when they are knocked out by government.

Have you read or heard the analysis done by Guardian newspaper on ex-
workers of Chevron? These guys live in Chevron houses, drive their cars,
enjoy so many things totally FREE of charge. But as soon as they are laid-
off, they will die shortly after. Remember, they are paid millions while being
laid-off. What are doing with the millions they got?

What made them to die shortly after being laid-off? Answer: they can’t cope
with the hustles and bustles of life. They can’t take risks like me and you
with the millions they have in their hands.

So, can you say that such a person is RICH? He is not in my own

As you can see, the first thing to do to make money is to change the way
you think about money.

Then, another important thing you should know is that being in business
whether online or offline is the same thing as Farming. A farmer is the
most patient and faithful person in the world. He will first sow a seed. The
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seed will go into the fertile ground and die. But the farmer will still have
faith that it will germinate. The dead seed will sprout out from the ground
and he will take care of it until it bears fruit.

Do you see everything you are doing in life like the farmer especially your
business? If not, you will not build a Money-Making Empire.

All the corporations you are seeing today started with an IDEA. Somebody
like me and you thought it out and started farming on the idea until it grew
up and bore him large fruits.

What idea can you explore on the internet? Can it solve people’s
problems? If yes, start farming on the idea. Who knows, you can be the
next NetBillionaire.

I keep saying that the best thing you can do for yourself right now is to
invest in your Spirit, Soul and Body. That makes you a Balanced person.
Stop trying to have; start being. Because when you must have become
something useful, you will start having.

Buy good books written by great people and read. Then, ACT on the ideas
or information you derived from them.

I recommend that you read Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, The
Law Of Recognition by Mike Murdock, Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert
Kiyosaki and great books written by men God of like Bishop David
                                                                      P a g e | 10

Oyedepo, Pastor E. A. Adeboye, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, Bishop T. D.
Jakes, Dr. Sunny Ojeagbase, etc.

Reading books written by great people makes you to think like them. If I
want to enter into the world of Bill Gates what I will do is to buy his book
and read. Before you know it, I will start thinking and acting like him.

Let me stop here in order to bring to you the money spinning business that
can quickly change your status very soon if you are a smart-hard-working

I just wrote this piece to inspire and motivate you.

I’m committed to your success,

Ken Nwankwo
(The Guru’s Guru) – where Ideas Make MONEY!
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         How To Make Quick Cash Even If You Are Dead Broke

        Discovering The Power Of Selling Packaged Information

As you can see above, you can only make money if you have something
you are selling. It can be a service or product.

However, from my experience and that of other successful online
marketers, I have discovered that it’s a lot easier to jump from being broke
to making quick lots of cash by selling packaged information. We call it
Infoprenuering or Information Marketing.

This type of money-making is very simple and easy. Okay, let me explain.
You see, there must be something you know that other people would like to
get from you. Maybe you are good in mathematics, physics, dancing,
singing, talking, helping, writing, counseling, etc. In fact, the list is endless.

Do you know that lots of parents would like their children to excel in those
courses? Do, you now that many people are dying to have such
information. Why not package an eBook on that particular problem and sell
to them for outrageous profit.

Take for instance, women love to look good. Do you know how to make
women look good? Do you know how a woman can lose weight? Do you
know how she can be in good shape and attractive?
                                                                       P a g e | 12

If you know that, why not write an eBook on that, package it and advertise it
on Hints or Heart magazine? I bet you, if you sell just 10 copies at N5,000
each, you have made N50,000. This could be from just 1week advert.
Repeat the advert for 1month (i.e. 4weeks) and you have made N200,000
from little investment.

Okay, you don’t have capital for advertising on newpapers and magazines.
Why not use the online forums. I started mine from
The first time I started this business, I made N6,500 the first day and
N39,000 profit that particular month. I couldn’t believe it. A fresh starter like

When I was hearing about information marketing, I thought it was hype until
I made some dough out of it. That inspired me to use every arsenal to
brand myself for more sales and I have not being disappointed.

In fact, I started using the newspaper this year (around April, 2009). All my
sales are done through online forums. I made sure I branded myself to the
extent that I don’t even need to post again on forums but I will be making
sales day-in, day-out without lifting a finger.

So, right now you can go to any of these forums below and join as a
                                                                   P a g e | 13

There are other forums. You can get them by typing “Nigeria Forums” on search bar and hit Enter button.

Please, when you become a member, create a signature file for yourself.
For example, if you go to most of my postings on forums in Nigeria, you will
see that my signature file looks like the one below:

Ken Nwankwo
(The Guru’s Guru)
Do You Want To Open and Verify A PayPal Account
As A Non-US Resident? If yes, then visit this blog:

Do You Want To Open A US Bank Account As A
Non-US Resident? If yes, then visit this blog:

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If yes, visit this blog:

Get The Latest Digital Products For Your Online
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Do you know what I did above? It’s a secret that I only know about very
well that most so-called Info Marketing Gurus doesn’t know. This particular
secret brought me N7,500 in less than 2 hours after commenting on
someone’s post on last month.

Okay, let me tell you the secret. You see, whenever someone view my
postings, he/she may click on any of the links above and read what I have
there. It didn’t stop there. If someone is searching for how to open a PayPal
account on, there is a great tendency that one of my postings
on the forums will appear because of the signature file. Can you see the

Some of my subscribers have asked me why is it that whenever they do a
search on the internet, my postings and name will come up. Boy, this is the
secret. It’s a well-thought-out strategy that I’m using very well. This idea
have earned me lots of cash without doing any expensive advert on
newspapers and magazines.

I do hope you are getting the gist. So, discover what people are dying to
learn or have, work out the solution, package it and sell it to them at an
affordable price. Please, don’t forget to pocket your profit.

What do you need to start-off? You just need your bank account (sms
alerts enabled), email address and GSM phone number.

When clients pay into your bank account, you will recieve the sms alerts
and you can forward the eBook to them through their email addresses. (If
                                                                          P a g e | 15

you   want    to   learn    how      this   is   done,    just   visit   my    blog: and read the salesletters. You will see
how I blend what I just told you).

Now, look Ken, I don’t know how to write. I can’t write anything.

Do you know the solution? You can buy a material with either Master
Resale        Right        (for        example           KENWAP          package: or Public Label Right that provides
solution and resell.

And this is where most of my subscribers are committing blunder. They are
sitting on GOLDMINES without knowing it.

Ken, how do you mean? Do you know that some smart Nigerians have
made hundreds of thousands of Naira by selling some of the eBooks I gave
out for FREE? If you don’t know, then read on.

Some smart folks were selling the Solibay settings, MTN Free Browsing on
PC and my other eBooks (both Free and paid) to people at N4,000 each. In
fact, a friend from Kaduna told me he was installing it for people at N12,500
in Abuja and N5,000 in Kaduna.

Assuming he sold the idea to 20 so far, now do the mathematics yourself
and see what he has made.
                                                                   P a g e | 16

You can see how smart they are. Bros, I hail your smartness! That is the
spirit of entrepreneurship – finding a solution to a problem many people are
having and selling it to them at a reasonable price.

Before I stop, let me give you some case studies that will squeeze out the
creative juice in you.

Case Study 1.

Before the last Valetine’s day, a smart Nigerian just went to
and did a post there.

He asked all interested ladies that want to go out on Valentine’s day with a
guy to send in their full names, email addresses, nice pictures, phone
numbers and a brief profile to his email address.

Before you know it, he got lots of response. What did he do next? He
rushed to a national newspaper and did a classified ad asking interested
guys who wish to go out with a girl on Valentine’s day to pay N2,000 for a
girl’s profile.

Do you know that within 4 days, 40 guys paid him N2,000 each? He made
N80,000 in just 4 days. Can you see that?
                                                                     P a g e | 17

Case Study 2.

Last year, I followed one advert on Success Digest Extra! newspaper. That
advert made N450,000 in less than 30 days. How did I know? Read below
to know what really happened.

The owner researched out 300 companies in China that wanted sales
representatives in Nigeria. He packaged it and was selling each contact
N1,500. Within two weeks, he sold 194 contacts and the rest in less than
14 days. That’s a whooping N450,000 in less than 30 days.

Case Study 3.

Last year Christmas, I travelled to the village to enjoy the Yuletide. I wanted
to use the opportunity to re-collect myself. So, I wasn’t doing anything on
the internet even though I have access right from my village.

I wanted to do a deep study and enjoy village fresh air (and perhaps some
fresh palm wine. Boy, it has been long I took palm wine – maybe 6years
ago). But, did you know that it didn’t happen as I planned? Between 29th
December, 2008 and 5th January, 2009, I made a profit (not revenue but
pure profit) of about N55,000 without lifting a finger.

New and old clients were paying for my products when bank services are
skeletal. In fact, I transacted a business with someone in Lagos where he
paid me in Naira and I bought a product for him using my PayPal account
direct from my village.
                                                                        P a g e | 18

Internet! Internet!! Internet!!! I have never seen anything like it. Right in my
village, my products and services are viewed all over the world through the

It’s the same internet that made me got connected to a guy in Sweden
whom I helped to browse totally FREE over there.

What a technology!

I believe you got the clue.

Anyway, let’s rush to the next issue. It’s all about internet scam and how to
detect it before you lose your hard-earned cash.

PS: If you want to discover more strategies pertaining to this business, do
get         my    Cash        At       The       Speed         Of       Thought
( Or get my latest package: KENWAP
(           You will     get   access to     lots    of
information and pdf converter software that I personally use.

                   How To Detect A Fraudulent Website

I’m writting this piece because sooner or later, you will be doing one or two
things online.

So, being naive can cost you some cash here and there; and you may end
up believing that the internet is full of scams. No, it’s not true. There are lots
                                                                     P a g e | 19

of legitimate online businesses. It’s only that few ‘virus’ are giving it a bad
name just like in the offline world where you have 419ners or other
fraudulent activites.

Anyway, life is all about taking risks. What you have to do is to keep
updating yourself with information on how to manage risks better and

Without wasting much of your time, let’s get down to business.

                          The First Step To Take

Do you want to check on a website you saw online selling something that
you need before you part away your hard-earned cash? If yes, then read
the example below.

Assuming I went to and checked for HYIP investment (High
Yield Investment Program) and I saw so many online firms offering such
service. What will I do before I make the payment through Liberty Reserve?

I will first ascertain what other users are saying about them. If they have
scammed people before, those grieved clients will write about it online.

Now, I found and I’m going to check on

How, Ken?
                                                                 P a g e | 20

Please, read the steps below:

Go    to   and     type:   “    scam”      or
“ fraud” in the search bar and press Enter button.

The webpage above will appear. From here you can click any relevant link
(especially forums) to see what other people are saying about this website
and their offers.

Don’t just rely on one forum or link. Do your thorough research before you
jump in.
                                                                 P a g e | 21

If they have scammed people before, you will see it. That will make you to
be on guard.

                       The Second Step To Take

After checking on and you still want to go deep. Just go this
site: and you will see a webpage like the one below.

To get the info you need, click on Lookup and you will see another page
like the one below.
                                                                       P a g e | 22

What are the important information to check on?

  1. Check when the domain was registered and when it’ll expire. If it’s
     new and will expire in a year. Please, be cautious. A HYIP investment
     that is new will grab people’s money and run away later. If you are
     smart and lucky enough, you can invest when they came out newly
     and disappear when lots of people start flocking to their site.
  2. Check the phone numbers of the domain owner. Try to call that
     number. If you hear a fax tone, then run. It’s an indication that the
     owner started from day one to rob people of their money.
  3. Also, if the phone rings, then check the name of the domain owner.
     Place your call again and ask the person at the other end that you
     want to speak to the onwer of that domain (I mean call the name of
     person. Assuming you saw Charles Carlton, just say, “Can I speak to
     Charles Carlton?”). If he/she doesn’t have idea of the name, please
     start running.

There are other ways but I think with this basic knowledge, you will save
yourself from online scams.

Before I forget, I launched a product that deals on so many money making
ideas on the internet. I titled it KENWAP – Ken Nwankwo’s Wealth
Accelerator Program. (You can see more about this stuff by clicking:
                                                                   P a g e | 23

It’s loaded with time-tested info that can transform the financial life of a
Complete Idiot to the extent that your nosy neighbours will start calling you
a THIEF if you don’t take time.

KENWAP contains more than 50 eBooks, software and videos that I and
other Internet Marketers around the world wrote ourselves. It contains
GREAT Ideas that those who invested in the package are sending email
and text messages saying “Thank You” for opening their eyes to the world
of Internet Super Profit system.

Now, read some of them: (Please, these were unsolicited testimonies
from real KENWAP investors and they are verifiable).

                    KENWAP? It’s real eye-opener!
                    Thanx a great deal pal.

                    Frank Umeadi

                 Hello Mentor, u’re so good 2 patronize.
                 Ur service is unique. U’re honest & very
                 willing 2 make others gradually come
                 up in the eBiz world. Teaching &
                 helping people whole-heartedly the
                 same thing u’re doing & making it. U’re
                 a bus-stop 2 losers off & on the internet.
                 I, as a becoming expert wishes to see u
                 in person 4 more patronage & help as I
                 setup my office in Emene. God’s using
                 this biz 2 bless me & also as a financial
                 preparation 4 His work. Pls, keep it up.
                 God bless.

                 Apt. Godwin
                                                                                        P a g e | 24

          A Shocking, Great Testimony From A 16yr Old Student Of Mine.

To: "Ken Nwankwo" <>

Not to bother, after all you are my boss.

In fact, am sorry for not to have said thank you to you for a long time now.

In fact boss, allow me to confess the truth to you now.

I am currently a 16 year old boy but trust me for sure i am now matured that i can handle what a 40
year old man can't.

Can i be excused to tell you my story. when i first knew you which was december 2008, i was 15 years
then and i just finished secondary school, when my mum bought us a desktop computer. then i decided
to connect it and i swear to God, the 3,000 naira i paid you then was my only cash and i paid you that
money with my last hope.

Thanks that later i got connected to the internet but after a week or two i became dead broke that i can't
even leave my house cos of cash and that was the time i called you and asked for help. that was the
day you introduced me to Nairaland and blogger and just like God opens the door of blessing to me,
you brought a light to my life.

Already, am used to finding out ways myself cos that’s what my mum taught us. aftermath i started
earning little from N1,500 a week to N4,500 a week. getting used to things, after subscribing to you
and kept on following your footsteps... i learnt a secret from you.

that was the fact that you use the strategy to excel and you always promote yourself from 1 grade to
the other, then i started learning how to apply strategies in my system of marketing then everything
came like a shocker bomb when my income exploded. Oh mY GoD! i can't believe it when i went into
reAL strategies, i started earning from N5,000 daily to over N7,000 daily. Currently, my boss my
average income daily is over N13,500 and i can't even still believe the fact that i earned N27,500 only
today. Every month i make sure i select out N100,000 from my account to my main bank account, i
started doing this last 3 months and sincerely that’s why most people do call me cashmoney now cos
my sudden rise to success still left a blazing scar in their memories,good that am an undergraduate
(level 100), getting things done on my own not to worry about my school fees nor handouts or any sort
of payment. Currently, am planning to save over 1.5 million Naira and venture into electronics
business by my level 200 in the university by Gods Grace. i knew am not supposed to be telling you all
these, but as yourself, what could have been of Precious Ngwu by now without you?

Boss, i leave that question to you and am expecting an answer from you my saviour.

Stay cool. God bless, a day will come when i will learn to appreciate you in a big way and say thank you
for cleaning away financial tears from my eyes. You are the best.

God bless you

Precious Ngwu
Precious CashMoney Group
                                                                          P a g e | 25

Have you read the above testimonies – especially that of the 16yr old lad -
which are little to compare to what I receive daily?

Please, note that I’m not showing you those testimonies to brag or deceive
you. I’m well-know that if you go to and type Ken
Nwankwo in the search bar and hit Enter button, you will be surprised to
see lots of my articles that made me thick.

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Enough talks, let’s look at what you will find in KENWAP package:

Beginner’s Guide To Online/Offline Riches: I enclosed in this package
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that you create wealth and be rich.

Cheap Browsing Package: This package will help you access the internet
very cheap through MTN and Zain sim cards using your phone as a
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modem. The best part of it is that I gave you ideas on how to sell those
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Online Payment Accounts Demystified: It’s all about opening and
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More so, you will be able to open a ClickBank account, secure a free (and
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accounts for hungry Nigerians? I leave you to answer that question.

I will also give you my new eBook on “How To Change Your IP Address”
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Speedy Cash: This package contains 6 eBook including Cash At The
Speed of Thought. This is all about generating ideas, packaging the ideas,
converting the ideas in pdf format, creating wonderful salesletter and selling
the ideas for super profit. The ideas in here have generated more than a
million Naira for me within few months.

To be precise, I used the ideas in this package around second week of
January and middle of March, 2009 to sell a physical product online worth
more than N750,000.

It’s not hard for me to make N100,000 in a day using the ideas in this
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Domain Gold: This is the package I’m currently using to invest my money.
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than $10,000 from this business since March, 2009.

Super Affiliate Secrets: 11 eBooks on Affiliate Marketing. This’s
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CPA Marketing/Hot Online Jobs: 6 well-written eBooks on CPA
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super ideas. I don’t know how to explain this package. You better get it for
yourself and read.

I just added some Data Entry job sites to this very package. In fact, you will
get a secret blog where the owner will link you up to genuine survey sites,
data entry sites and work at home sites. You can even ask him some
questions and he will answer you real time. The guy makes five-figure
income monthly through such sites.

Software/Videos: I included in the software package software like the pdf
converter that I’m using to write my eBook, online video software, article
submitter, etc.
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