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           Solar Home and Rv Kit
                  40 Watt Solar Panel Version
   Green Power Anytime, Anywhere                                                  Optional: Add
   Environmentally friendly, affordable power for RVs, Homes, Cottages,         additional 60Ah
   boats, emergency backup power, and more!                                  Auxiliary Battery boxes
   The first complete Solar Home and RV power kit on the market               for longer runtimes
   1800 watts of power available from four 120V AC outlets to operate
   microwave ovens, hair dryers, vacuum cleaners, TV’s, computers, lights,
   fans, coffee makers, and other home appliances all at the same time
                                                                               Auxiliary Battery
   Silent operation with no fuel or fumes
   60Ah battery included
   Do-it yourself compact solar system that doesn’t need professional
   Simple plug and play system – setup and use
   Worry free backup system, have the confidence of never running out of
   Modular design allows for easy solar and battery expansion                  40401                                40400
   Items included: 1800 Watt Inverter, 60Ah Battery, 40 Watt Solar Panel,
   8Amp Charge Controller, 5 Amp AC Charger
   and 50’ Extension Cable                             Specifications                                              Shipping Details
                                Inverter                               AC Charger                             Ships in 2 boxes

  How it works                  Maximum Power: 1800 Watts              Maximum Current:           5 Amps      Item Number 1:                      40400
                                Output Voltage:  120 Volts AC          Output Voltage:                        Item Number 2:                    40400-2
                                AC receptades:              4              Charge:               14.8 Vdc     UPC Code 1:                 793573918369
                                Output wavform:      Modified              Float:                13.5 Vdc     UPC Code 2:                 793573918376
                                                   Sine Wave               Recharge:             12.6 Vdc     Country of Origin:                   China
                                Peak Efficiency:         90%           Charging Type:         Four-Stage
                                                                                                              Shipping Dimensions 1: 19.75x16.25x18.75 “
                                                                       (bulk, absorption, float with timer)
                                                                                                              Shipping Dimensions 2:       33x19.5x4.0 ”
                                                                                                              Shipping Weight:                   83.8 lbs
                                Solar Panel                            Battery
                                                                                                              Master Dimensions 1:         20x16.75x19“
                                Type:             Monocrystalline      Type:                 Deep Cycle,
                                Maximum Power:          40 Watts                                              Master Dimensions 2:          33.5x20x4.5”
                                                                                        Sealed Lead Acid
                                Maximum Current:       2.8 Amps                                               Master Weight:                           85
                                                                       Battery Capacity:        12V, 60Ah     Master Pack (each):                       1
                                Open Circuit Voltage:    21.5 DC
                                                                                                              HS Code:                     8504.40.95.40
                                Regulatory approvals: CSA C22.2 no 107.3 – UL 1778                            NMFC:                              177010
                                                                                                              Fright Class:                            70                                                                                                    1-800-588-0590

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