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No Tax Hike Pledge (State List)


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									                                                                                                YOUR STATE
                                                                                            Taxpayer Protection Pledge
                                                                    I, ____________, pledge to the taxpayers of the _____ District of the
                                                                              State of _________ and to all the people of this state,
                                                                      that I will oppose and vote against any and all efforts to increase taxes.

                                                                                                 For more information contact Patrick Gleason,
                                                                                                 Director of State Affairs, at pgleason@atr.org

                   2012 STATE LEGISLATIVE SIGNERS OF THE
                        TAXPAYER PROTECTION PLEDGE
                                  1,244 Legislators as of Wednesday, June 13, 2012
                   13 Governors, 4 Lieutenant Governors, 4 Attorneys General, 3 Secretaries of State,
                           3 Treasurers, 1 Auditor, and 1 Board of Equalization Member

                                    (Signers are listed alphabetically within respective chamber)
                                           TU                                              UT

                                          **denotes Taxpayer Protection Caucus Chair

ALABAMA                                         Fred Dyson (S-I)                                        4 Senators of 35
Gov. Robert J. Bentley
U                                               Catherine Giessel (S-P)                                 Bruce Holland (S-6)
Atty. Gen. Luther Strange                                                                               Missy Thomas Irvin (S-10)
Treas. Young Boozer                             3 House members of 40                                   Jason Rapert (S-18)
Sec. of State Beth Chapman                      Bob Lynn (H-31)
                                                Cathy Munoz (H-4)                                       16 House members of 100
7 Senators of 35                                Mark Neuman (H-15)                                      Lori Benedict (H-82)
Paul Bussman (S-4)                                                                                      John Burris (H-85)
Jerry Fielding (S-11)                           ARIZONA                                                 Charlie Collins (H-89)
Rusty Glover (S-34)                             4 Senators of 30
                                                U                                                       Jane English (H-42)
Jimmy W. Holley (S-31)                          Scott Bundgaard (S-4)                                   Ed Garner (H-41)
Paul Sanford (S-7)                              Ron Gould (S-3)                                         Justin T. Harris (H-87)
Clay Scofield (S-9)                             Linda Gray (S-10)                                       Jon Hubbard (H-75)
Tom Whatley (S-27)                              Gail Griffin (S-25)                                     Lane Jean (H-4)
                                                                                                        Josh Johnston (H-59)
14 House members of 105                         15 House Members of 60
                                                U                                                       Allen Kerr (H-32)
Daniel Boman (H-16)                             Judy Burges (H-4)                                       Loy Mauch (H-26)
Duwayne Bridges (H-38)                          John Fillmore (H-23)                                    David Meeks (H-46)
Steve Clouse (H-93)                             David Gowan (H-30)                                      Reginald K. Murdock (H-52)
Craig Ford (H-28)                               Jack Harper (H-4)                                       David Sanders (H-31)
Steve Hurst (H-35)                              Peggy Judd (H-25)                                       Garry Smith (H-7)
Wes Long (H-27)                                 John Kavanagh (H-8)                                     Jon Woods (H-93)
Jay Love (H-74)                                 Debbie Lesko (H-9)
Mary Sue McClurkin (H-43)                       Steve Montenegro (H-12)

John H. Merrill (H-62)                          Justin Olson (H-19)                                     Michelle Steel (Board of Equalization)
Barry Moore (H-91)                              Terri Proud (H-26)
Bill Roberts (H-13)                             Carl Seel (H-6)                                         13 Senators of 40
Mark M. Tuggle (H-81)                           David Smith (H-7)                                       Joel Anderson (S-36)
Lesley Vance (H-80)                             David Stevens (H-25)                                    Tom Berryhill (S-14)
Kurt Wallace (H-42)                             Jerry Weiers (H-12)                                     Bob Dutton (S-31)
                                                Jim Weiers (H-10)                                       Bill Emmerson (S-37)
ALASKA                                                                                                  Jean Fuller (S-18)
Gov. Sean Parnell                               ARKANSAS                                                Ted Gaines (S-1)
Lt. Gov. Mead Treadwell                         Lt. Gov. Mark Darr                                      Tom Harman (S-35)
                                                Sec. of State Mark Martin                               Bob Huff (S-29)
2 Senators of 20

                                                                                                        Doug LaMalfa (S-4)
Sharon Runner (S-17)                                       Marlene O’Toole (H-42)
Tony Strickland (S-19)      13 House members of 151        Kathleen C. Passidomo (H-76)
Mimi Walters (S-33)         Anthony J. D’Amelio (H-71)     Warren Keith Perry (H-22)
Mark Wyland (S-38)          Fred Camillo (H-151)           Ray Pilon (H-69)
                            Vincent Candelora (H-86)       Steve Precourt (H-41)
28 Assembly members of 80   Christopher Davis (H-57)       William L. Proctor (H-20)
K.H. Achadjian (A-33)       Marilyn Giuliano (H-23)        Ken Roberson (H-71)
Bill Berryhill (A-26)       DebraLee Hovey (H-112)         William Snyder (H-82)
Connie Conway (A-34)        Lawrence G. Miller (H-122)     Greg Steube (H-67)
Paul Cook (A-65)            Selim Noujaim (H-74)           Charles Van Zant (H-21)
Tim Donnelly (A-59)         T.R. Rowe (H-123)              Trudi K. Williams (H-75)
Nathan Fletcher (A-75)      Robert Sampson (H-80)          John Wood (H-65)
Beth Gaines (A-4)           Bill Simanski (H-62)
Martin W. Garrick (A-74)    Prasad Srinivasan (H-31)       GEORGIA
Jeff Gorrell (A-37)         Sean Williams (H-68)           Gov. Nathan Deal
Shannon Grove (A-32)
Curt Hagman (A-60)          DELAWARE                       13 Senators of 56
Linda Halderman (A-29)      2 Senators of 21
                            U                              John Albers (S-56)
Diane Harkey (A-73)         Robert Venables, Sr. (S-21)    Barry Loudermilk (S-52)
Kevin Jeffries (A-66)       Colin Bonini (S-16)            Ronnie Chance (S-16)
Brian Jones (A-77)                                         Greg Goggans (S-7)
Steven Knight (A-36)        2 House members of 41
                            U                              Johnny Grant (S-25)
Dan Logue (A-3)             Harvey Kenton (H-36)           Bill Heath (S-31)
Allan Mansoor (A-68)        Michael Ramone (H-21)          Judson Hill (S-32)
Jeff Miller (A-71)                                         Bill Jackson (S-24)
Mike Morrell (A-63)         FLORIDA                        Jack Murphy (S-27)
Brian Nestande (A-64)       Gov. Rick Scott                Chip Rogers (S-21)
Jim Nielsen (A-2)                                          Cecil Staton (S-18)
Chris Norby (A-72)          7 Senators of 40               Renee S. Unterman (S-45)
Kristen Olsen (A-25)        Greg Evers (S-2)               Tommie Williams (S-19)
Jim Silva (A-67)            Mike Fasano (S-11)
Cameron Smyth (A-38)        Mike Haridopolos (S-26)        37 House members of 180
David Valadao (A-30)        Joe Negron (S-28)              Amos Amerson (H-9)
Don Wagner (A-70)           Jim Norman (S-12)              Charlice Byrd (H-20)
                            John Thrasher (S-8)            David Casas (H-103)
COLORADO                    Stephen Wise (S-5)             Brooks Coleman (H-97)
4 Senators of 35                                           Kevin Cooke (H-18)
Greg Brophy (S-1)           34 House members of 120        Christian A. Coomer (H-14)
Kevin Grantham (S-2)        Janet Adkins (H-12)            Sharon Cooper (H-41)
Ted Harvey (S-30)           Larry Ahern (H-51)             Steve Davis (H-109)
Kent D. Lambert (S-9)       Frank Artiles (H-119)          Katie Dempsey (H-13)
                            Dennis Baxley (H-24)           Matt Dollar (H-45)
9 House members of 65       Michael Bileca (H-117)         Mark Hamilton (H-23)
David Balmer (H-39)         Jeffrey P. Brandes (H-52)      Ben Harbin (H-118)
Donald Beezley (H-33)       Jason Brodeur (H-33)           Michael Harden (H-28)
Laura Bradford (H-55)       Rachel Burgin (H-56)           John Mark Hatfield (H-177)
Larry Liston (H-16)         Matt Caldwell (H-73)           Bill Hembree (H-67)
Frank McNulty (H-43)        Dean Cannon (H-35)             Calvin Hill (H-21)
B.J. Nikkel (H-49)          Steve Crisafulli (H-32)        Billy Horne (H-71)
Robert Ramirez (H-29)       Clay Ford (H-3)                Penny Houston (H-170)
Spencer Swalm (H-37)        Luis R. Garcia Jr. (H-107)     Sheila Jones (H-44)
Libby Szabo (H-27)          Rich Glorioso (H-62)           Sean Jerguson (H-22)
                            Tom Goodson (H-29)             Eugene T. Maddox (H-172)
CONNECTICUT                 Doug Holder (H-70)             Judith Manning (H-32)
5 Senators of 36            Clay Ingram (H-2)              Billy Mitchell (H-88)
Joe Crisco (S-17)           John Patrick Julien (H-104)    Larry O’Neal (H-146)
John A. Kissel (S-7)        Paige Kreegel (H-72)           Allan Peake (H-137)
Joe Markley (S-16)          Carlos Lopez-Cantera (H-113)   Alan Powell (H-29)
Michael McLachlan (S-24)    Debbie Mayfield (H-80)         David Ralston (H-7)
Jason Welch (S-31)           Seth McKeel (H-63)            Tom Rice (H-51)
Carl Rogers (H-26)                 Jim Sacia (H-89)             Kim Pearson (H-42)
Ed Rynders (H-152)                 Timothy L. Schmitz (H-49)    Scott Raecker (H-63)
Donna Sheldon (H-105)              Darlene Senger (H-96)        Henry Rayhons (H-11)
Barbara Sims (H-119)               Ed Sullivan (H-51)           Walt Rogers (H-20)
Jason Spencer (H-180)              Patrick Verschoore (H-72)    Tom Sands (H-87)
Len Walker (H-107)                 David Winters (H-68)         Jason Schultz (H-55)
Mark Williams (H-178)                                           Chuck Soderberg (H-3)
Bruce Williamson (H-111)           INDIANA                      James Van Engelenhoven (H-71)
John P. Yates (H-73)               7 Senators of 50             Matt Windschitl (H-56)
                                   Jim Banks (S-17)
                                   James R. Buck (S-21)         KANSAS

2 Senators of 25                   Mike Delph (S-29)            5 Senators of 40
David Ige (S-16)                   Dennis K. Kruse (S-14)       Steve E. Abrams (S-32)
Sam Slom (S-8)                     Jim Tomes (S-49)             Mary Pilcher-Cook (S-10)
                                   Greg Walker (S-41)           Mike Petersen (S-28)
8 House members of 51              John Waterman (S-39)         Dennis Pyle (S-1)
Corinne Ching (H-27)                                            Susan Wagle (S-30)
George Fontaine (H-11)             22 House members of 100
Aaron Johanson (H-32)              James Baird (H-44)           19 House members of 125
Barbara Marumoto (H-19)            Jeb Bardon (H-25)            Steve Brunk (H-85)
Kymberly Pine (H-43)               Robert Behning (H-91)        Richard Carlson (H-61)
Gil Riviere (H-46)                 Timothy Brown (H-41)         Dan Collins (H-110)
Cynthia Thielen (H-50)             Woody Burton (H-58)          Peter DeGraaf (H-81)
Gene Ward (H-17)                   Robert Cherry (H-53)         Owen Donohoe (H-39)
                                   Wes Culver (H-49)            John C. Grange (H-75)
IDAHO                              Steven Davisson (H-73)       Phil Hermanson (H-96)
1 Senator of 35                    Jeff Espich (H-82)           Mitch Holmes (H-114)
Shirley McKague (S-20)             David Frizzell (H-93)        Jim Howell (H-82)
                                   Craig Fry (H-5)              Steve Huebert (H-90)
5 House members of 70              Bob Heaton (H-46)            S. Mike Kiegerl (H-43)
Lenore Hardy Barrett (H-35B)       Tom Knollman (H-55)          Forrest Knox (H-13)
Phil Hart (H-3B)                   Eric Allan Koch (H-65)       Brenda Landwehr (H-91)
Peter Nielsen (H-22B)              Don Lehe (H-15)              Peggy Mast (H-76)
Paul E. Shepherd (H-8B)            Jud McMillin (H-68)          Connie O’Brien (H-42)
JoAn E. Wood (H-35A)               Winfield Moses (H-81)        Rob Olson (H-26)
                                   Timothy Neese (H-48          Joe Patton (H-54)
ILLINOIS                           Rhonda Rhoads (H-70)         Jo Ann Pottorf (H-83)
7 Senators of 59
                                   Gerald P. Torr (H-39)        Joseph Scapa (H-87)
Tim Bivins (S-45)                  P. Eric Turner (H-32)
Maggie Crotty (S-19)               Timothy Wesco (H-21)         KENTUCKY
Kirk Dillard (S-24)            U
                                                                4 Senators of 38
Susan Garrett (S-29)               IOWA                         Tom Buford (S-22)
John Jones (S-54)                  Sec. of State Matt Schultz   Julie Rose Denton (S-36)
Chris Lauzen (S-25)                                             Ernie Harris (S-26)
Dave Syverson (S-34)               4 Senators of 50             Katie Kratz Stine (S-24)
                                   Rick Betrand (S-1)
19 House members of 118            Mark Chelgren (S-47)         23 House members of 100
Patricia Bellock (H-47)            James Hahn (S-40)            Julie Raque Adams (H-32)
Mike Bost (H-115)                  Roby Smith (S-41)            Kevin Bratcher (H-29)
John Bradley (H-117)                                            James Comer (H-53)
John CavaLetto (H-107)             18 House members of 100      Tim Couch (H-90)
Michael Connelly (H-48)            Dwayne Alons (H-4)           Ron Crimm (H-33)
Lisa Dugan (H-79)                  Clel Baudler (H-58)          Robert Damron (H-39)
Jack Franks (H-63)                 Betty De Boef (H-76)         Jim DeCesare (H-21)
Dwight Kay (H-112)                 Dave Deyoe (H-10)            Bob DeWeese (H-48)
Richard Morthland (H-71)           Cecil Dolecheck (H-96)       C.B. Embry, Jr. (H-17)
Michael P. McAuliffe (H-20)        Jack Drake (H-57)            Joseph Fischer (H-68)
Brandon Phelps (H-118)             Lance J. Horbach (H-40)      Danny Ford (H-80)
Robert W. Pritchard (H-70)         Dan Huseman (H-53)           Jim Gooch (H-12)
Sue Rezin (H-75)                   Kraig Paulsen (H-35)         W. Keith Hall (H-93)
Melvin B. Henley (H-5)         David Burns (H-32)             Tony McConkey (H-33A)
Jeff Hoover (H-83)             Richard M. Cebra (H-101)       Mike McDermott (H-38B)
Wade Hurt (H-37)               Mike Celli (H-21)              Pat McDonough (H-7)
Thomas Kerr (H-64)             Kathleen Chase (H-147)         Warren Millar (H-8A)
Kim King (H-55)                Dale Crafts (H-104)            Wayne Norman (H-35)
Stan Lee (H-45)                Dean A. Cray (H-28)            Anthony O’Donnell (H-29C)
Brad Montell (H-58)            Jarrod S. Crockett (H-91)      Charles Otto (H-38A)
Lonnie Napier (H-36)           Philip A. Curtis (H-86)        Neil Parrott (H-2B)
Marie Rader (H-89)             Andre Cushing (H-39)           Justin Ready (H-5A)
James Stewart III (H-86)       Dana L. Dow (H-50)             Steven Schuh (H-31)
                               Peter Edgecomb (H-4)           Andrew A. Serafini (H-2A)
LOUISIANA                      Stacey A. Fitts (H-29)         Michael Smigiel, Sr. (H-36)
Gov. Bobby Jindal              Leslie Fossel (H-53)           Kathy Szeliga (H-7)
                               Jeffery Gifford (H-12)         Cathy Vitale (H-33A)
10 Senators of 39              Peter Johnson (H-27)           John F. Wood, Jr. (H-29A)
John Alario (S-8)              Dennis Keschl (H-83)
A.G. Crowe (S-1)               L. Gary Knight (H-81)
Jack Donahue (S-11)            Ricky Long (H-9)               MASSACHUSETTS
Gerald Long (S-31)             Michael D. McClellan (H-103)   2 Senators of 40
Fred Mills Jr. (S-22)          Jonathan McKane (H-51)         Robert Hedlund (S-Plym. &
Barrow Peacock (S-37)          Susan Morissette (H-54)        Norf.)
Julie Quinn (S-6)              Robert Nutting (H-78)          Richard Ross (S-Norfolk, Bristol,
John Smith (S-30)              Beth A. O’Connor (H-145)       & Middlesex)
Ben Nevers (S-12)              James Parker (H-18)
Robert Kostelka (S-35)         Wayne Parry (H-140)            33 House members of 160
                               John Picchiotti (H-84)         Paul Adams (Essex-7)
                               Wesley E. Richardson (H-49)    Demetrius John Atsalis (Barnst.-2)
19 House members of 105        Deborah Sanderson (H-52)       Fred “Jay” Barrows (Brist.-1)
Henry Burns (H-9)              Ralph Sarty Jr. (H-99)         Richard Bastien (Worc.-2)
Richard Burford (H-7)          Heather Sirocki (H-128)        Matthew Beaton (Worc.-11)
Steve Carter (H-68)            G. Paul Waterhouse (H-98)      Nicholas Boldyga (Hampden-3)
Billy R. Chandler (H-22)                                      Angelo D’Emilia (Plymouth-8)
Greg Cromer (H-90)             MARYLAND                       Vinnie DeMacedo (Plym.-1)
Jean Doerge (H-10)             8 Senators                     Geoffrey Diehl (Plymouth-7)
Joseph A. Harrison (H-51)      Edward Reilly (S-33)           Peter Durant (Worcester-6)
J. Cameron Henry (H-82)        Richard F. Colburn (S-37)      Ryan Fattman (Worc.-18)
Dorothy Sue Hill (H-32)        Roy Dyson (S-29)               Kim Ferguson (Worc.-1)
Valarie Hodges (H-64)          Barry Glassman (S-35)          Paul K. Frost (Worc.-7)
Sam Jones (H-50)               Nancy Jacobs (S-34)            Susan Williams Gifford (Plym.-2)
Tony Ligi (H-79)               E.J. Pipkin (S-36)             Sheila Harrington (Middlesex-1)
Jerome Richard (H-55)          Bryan Simonaire (S-31)         Brad Hill (Essex-4)
Alan Seabaugh (H-5)            Norman R. Stone, Jr. (S-6)     Steve Howitt (Bristol-4)
Scott M. Simon (H-74)                                         Donald Humason (Hamp.-4)
John M. Schroder, Sr. (H-77)   31 House members               Randy Hunt (Barnstable-5)
Kirk Talbot (H-78)             Kathy Afzali (H-4A)            Kevin Kuros (Worc.-8)
Jeff Thompson (H-8)            Susan Aumann (H-42)            Steven Levy (Middlesex-4)
Lenar Whitney (H-53)           Gail H. Bates (H-9A)           Marc Lombardo (Middlesex-22)
                               Joseph C Boteler, III (H-8)    Jim Lyons (Essex-18)
MAINE                          Bob Costa (H-33B)              James R. Miceli (Middlesex-19)
Gov. Paul R. LePage            Don Dwyer Jr. (H-31)           David Nangle (Middl.-17)
                               Addie Eckardt (H-37B)          Shaunna O’Connell (Bristol-3)
4 Senators of 35               Ron George (H-30)              Keiko Orrall (Lakeville-12)
Nichi Farnham (S-32)           Stephen Hersey Jr. (H-36)      Elizabeth A. Poirier (Brist.-14)
Deborah Plowman (S-33)         Michael Hough (H-3B)           John H. Rogers (Norfolk-12)
Lois Snowe-Mello (S-15)        Rick Impallaria (H-7)          George Ross (Bristol-2)
Doug Thomas (S-27)             Jay Jacobs (H-36)              Todd Smola (Hamp.-1)
                               Wade Kach (H-5B)               David Vieira (Barnstable-1)
32 House members of 151        Nicholaus R. Kipke (H-31)      Daniel Winslow (Norfolk-9)
Bruce Bickford (H-70)          Susan Krebs (H-9B)
                               Susan McComas (H-35B)          MICHIGAN
Atty. Gen. Bill Schuette      Paul Marquart (H-9B)        Chuck Gatschenberger (H-13)
                              Bud Nornes (H-10A)          Dave Hinson (H-98)
4 Senators of 38              Gene Pelowski (H-31A)       Steve Hodges (H-161)
Jack Brandenburg (S-11)       Joyce Peppin (H-32A)        Jay D. Houghton (H-10)
Patrick Colbeck (S-7)         Linda Runbeck (H-53A)       Penny V. Hubbard (H-58)
Jim Marleau (S-12)            Steven Smith (H-33A)        Timothy W. Jones (H-89)
David B. Robertson (S-26)     Chris Swedzinksi (H-21A)    Shelley Keeney (H-156)
                              Bruce Vogel (H-13B)         Andrew Koenig (H-88)
18 House members of 110       Torrey Westrom (H-11A)      Mike Lair (H-7)
David J. Agema (H-74)         Kurt Zellers (H-32B)        Brent Lasater (H-53)
Jon Bumstead (H-100)                                      Mike Leara (H-95)
Hugh Crawford (H-38)          MISSISSIPPI                 John McCaherty (H-90)
Frank Foster (H-107)          Gov. Phil Bryant            Mike McGhee (H-122)
Bob Genetski (H-88)                                       Cole McNary (H-86)
Ken Goike (H-33)              6 Senators of 52            Bob Nance (H-36)
Gail Haines (H-43)            Nancy Adams Collins (S-6)   Jeanie Riddle (H-20)
Thomas B. Hooker (H-77)       Josh Harkins (S-20)         Shane Schoeller (H-139)
Matt Huuki (H-110)            Angela Burks Hill (S-40)    Lindell F. Shumake (H-6)
Marty Knollenberg (H-41)      Billy Hudson (S-45)         Jason T. Smith (H-150)
Eileen Kowall (H-44)          Dean Kirby (S-30)           Noel Torpey (H-52)
Pete Lund (H-36)              Tony Smith (S-47)           Zachary Wyatt (H-2)
Mark Meadows (H-69)                                       Anne Zerr (H-18)
Tom McMillin (H-45)           19 House members of 122
Aric Nesbitt (H-80)           Richard Bennett (H-120)

Rick Olson (H-55)             Gary A. Chism (H-37)        6 Senators of 50
Lisa Posthumus Lyons (H-86)   Bill Denny, Jr. (H-64)      Joe Balyeat (S-34)
Al Pscholka (H-79)            George Flaggs, Jr. (H-55)   Greg Hinkle (S-7)
                              Mark Formby (H-108)         Verdell Jackson (S-5)
                              Bobby B. Howell (H-46)

MINNESOTA                                                 Dave Lewis (S-42)
12 Senators of 67             Stephen Horne (H-81)        Terry Murphy (S-39)
Dave Brown (S-16)             Bennett Malone (H-45)       Bruce Tutveat (S-3)
Roger C. Chamberlain (S-53)   Rita Martinson (H-58)
Paul Gazelka (S-12)           Bobby Moak (H-53)           28 House members of 100
Chris Gerlach (S-37)          Alex Monsour (H-54)         Elsie Arntzen (H-53)
Dan D. Hall (S-40)            John Moore (H-60)           Bill Beck (H-6)
David Hann (S-42)             Billy Pigott (H-99)         Gerald Bennett (H-1)
Mike Jungbauer (S-48)         Ray Rogers (H-61)           Mark Blasdel (H-10)
Warren Limmer (S-32)          Jeff Smith (H-39)           Tom Burnett (H-63)
Geoff Michel (S-41)           Johnny Stringer (H-87)      Kelly Flynn (H-68)
Julianne Ortman (S-34)        Jessica Upshaw (H-95)       Steve Gibson (H-78)
Claire Robling (S-35)         Joseph L. Warren (H-90)     Alan Hale (H-77)
Charles Wiger (S-55)          Stephen Horne (H-81)        Brian Hoven (H-24)
                                                          Douglas Kary (H-48)
25 House members of 134       MISSOURI                    Krayton Kerns (H-58)
Jim Abeler (H-48B)            1 Senator of 34             James Knox (H-47)
Bruce Anderson (H-19A)        Dan W. Brown (S-16)         Steve Lavin (H-8)
King Banaian (H-15B)                                      Cleve Loney (H-25)
Mark Buesgens (H-35B)         34 House members of 163     Gary MacLaren (H-89)
Matt Dean (H-52B)             Sue Allen (H-92)            Mike Miller (H-84)
Bob Dettmer (H-52A)           Randy Asbury (H-22)         Michael More (H-70)
Sondra Erickson (H-16A)       Jay Barnes (H-114)          Jerry O’Neil (H-3)
Bob Gunther (H-24A)           Cloria Brown (H-85)         Ryan Osmundson (H-29)
Tom Hackbarth (H-48A)         Michael R. Brown (H-50)     Lee Randall (H-39)
Mary Liz Holberg (H-36A)      Eric Burlison (H-136)       Donald Roberts (H-56)
Larry Howes (H-4B)            Kathie Conway (H-14)        Dan Skattum (H-62)
Mary Kiffmeyer (H-16B)        Tony Dugger (H-144)         Cary Smith (H-55)
Ann Lenczewski (H-40B)        Kevin Elmer (H-141)         Gordon Vance (H-67)
Carolyn McElfatrick (H-3B)    Barney Fisher (H-125)       Bob Wagner (H-71)
Mary Murphy (H-6B)            Gary Fuhr (H-97)            Wendy Warburton (H-34)
                              Doug Funderburk (H-12)
Ted Washburn (H-69)                        Cam DeJong (H-9 Hillsborough)          Mark Warden (H-7 Hillsborough)
Max Yates (H-74)                           Susan DeLemus (H-1 Strafford)          Gary Wheaton (H-14 Rockingham)
                                           J.B. Duarte (H-1 Rockingham)           Randall Whitehead (H-26Hillsborough)
NEBRASKA                                   Beverly Ferrante (Rock-5)              Steve Winter (H-3 Merrimack)
Atty Gen. Jon Bruning                      Robert Fesh (Rock-5)                   Colette Worsman (H-3 Belknap)
Treas. Don Stenberg                        Dennis H. Fields (Belk-2)
                                           Edmund Gionet (Graft-3)

                                                                                  NEW JERSEY
2 Senators of 49
                                           Brandon Giuda (H-7 Merrimack)          9 Senators of 40

Tony Fulton (S-29)                         Robert Greemore (Belknap-3)            Diane Allen (S-7)
Scott Price (S-3)                          Mary E. Griffin (Rock-4)               Anthony Bucco (S-25)
                                           Warren Groen (H-Stafford 1)            Gerald Cardinale (S-39)
NEVADA                                     Bob Haefner (Hills-27)                 Michael Doherty (S-23)
4 Senators of 21                           Joseph Hagan (H-7 Rockingham)          Sean Kean (S-11)
Barbara Cegavske (S-Clark 8)               Harry Hardwick (H-2 Hillsborough)      Tom Kean, Jr. (S-21)
Don Gustavson (S-Washoe 2)                 Ken Hawkins (Hills-18)                 Samuel D. Thompson (S-13)
Elizabeth Halseth (S-Clark 9)              James F. Headd (Rock-3)                Shirley Turner (S-15)
Michael Roberson (S-Clark 5)               John Hikel (Hills-7)                   Joe Pennachio (S-26)
                                           Gregory Hill (H-6 Merrimack)
4 Assembly members of 42                   Edith Hogan (Hills-25)                 15 Assembly members of 80

Ed Goedhart (A-36)                         Karen K. Hutchinson (Rock-3)           John Amodeo (A-2)
Richard McArthur (A-4)                     Will Infantine (Hills-13)              Mary Pat Angelini (A-11)
John Hambrick (H-2)                        Robert Introne (Rock-3)                Peter J. Biondi (A-16)
Peter Livermore (H-40)                     Kyle Jones (H-1 Strafford)             Anthony Bucco (A-25)
                                           Laura Jones (H-1 Strafford)            Jon Bramnick (A-21)
                                           Phyllis M. Katsakiores (Rock-5)        Michael Patrick Carroll (A-25)

8 Senators of 24                           Walter Kolodziej (H-4 Rockingham)      Caroline Casagrande (A-12)
Jack Barnes (S-17 Rockingham)              Joseph F. Krasucki (H-26               John DiMaio (A-23)
Jeb Bradely (S-3 Carroll)                  Hillsborough)                          Louis Greenwald (A-6)
Tom DeBlois (S-18 Hillsborough)            Don LeBrun (Hillsborough-26)           Amy Handlin (A-13)
Jeanie Forrester (S-2 Belknap and Grafton) Robert Luther (H-4 Belknap)            Eric Munoz (A-21)
Jim Forsythe (S-4 Strafford)               Andrew J. Manuse (H-5 Rockingham)      Declan O’Scanlon (A-13)
Nancy E. Stiles (S-24 Rockingham)          Michael McCarthy (H-21 Hillsborough)   David Rible (A-30)
Russell Prescott (S-23 Rockingham)         Jeanine Notter (H-19 Hillsborough)     Scott Rudder (A-8)
Ray White (S-9 Hillsborough)               Lynne Ober (Hills-27)                  Jay Webber (A-26)**
                                           Russell T. Ober (Hills-27)
86 House members of 400                    William O’Brien (Hills-4)              NEW MEXICO
Donald Andolina (H-6 Strafford)            Bill O’Connor (H-3 Strafford)          6 Senators of 42
Jason P. Antosz (H-9 Rockingham)           Bill Ohm (H-26 Hillsborough)           Rod Adair (S-33)
Kevin A. Avard (H-20 Hillsborough)         Barry Palmer (H-26 Hillsborough)       Sue Wilson Beffort (S-19)
Gary Azarian (H-4 Rockingham)              Stephen Palmer (H-6 Hillsborough)      Kent L. Cravens (S-21)
Al Baldasaro (Rock-3)                      Leo P. Pepino (Hills-11)               Stuart Ingle (S-27)
J. Michael Ball (H-9 Hillsborough)         Matt Quandt (Rock-13)                  Gay G. Kernan (S-42)
David Bates (Rock-4)                       John Reagan (Rock-1)**                 William Sharer (S-1)
Ronald Belanger (Rock-4)                   Dennis Reed (Merr-2)
Jerry Bergevin (H-17 Hillsborough)         Andrew Renzullo (Hills-27)             13 House members of 70
D.J. Bettencourt (Rock-4)                  Beverly T. Rodeschin (H-2              Thomas Anderson (H-29)
Spec Bowers (H-3 Sullivan)                 Sullivan)                              Cathrynn Brown (H-55)
Lester W. Bradley (H-4 Grafton)            John B. Sedensky, PhD (Rock-8)         Dave Doyle (H-23)
John A. Burt (H-7 Hillsborough)            Carl Seidel (H-20 Hillsborough)        Nora Espinoza (H-59)
John Cebrowski (Hills-18)                  Tyler W. Simpson (H-1 Belknap)         Candy Spence Ezzell (H-58)
Gene Chandler (Carroll-1)                  Steven Smith (H-5 Sullivan)            Keith Gardner (H-66)
Lars T. Christiansen (Hills-27)            William Smith (Rock-18)                William J. Gray (H-54)
Jenn Coffey (H-6 Merrimack)                Tony Soltani (H-8 Merrimack)           Dianne Miller Hamilton (H-38)
Tim Comerford (Rock-9)                     Connie Soucy (Hills-17)                Dennis Kintigh (H-57)
Gary Daniels (Hills-6)                     Kathleen Souza (H-11 Hillsborough)     Rick Little (H-53)
Russell Day (Hills-7)                      Kathleen Stroud (H-19 Hillsborough)    Terry McMillan (H-37)
Robert Elliott (Rock-4)                    Steve Vaillancourt (Hills-15)          Jane E. Powdrell-Culbert (H-44)
Susan Emerson (Ches-7)                     Moe Villeneuve (Hills-18)              Shirley A. Tyler (H-61)
Lawrence Emerton, Sr. (Hills-7)            Carol M. Vita (H-3 Strafford)
                                           Lucien A. Vita (H-3 Stafford)
NEW YORK                           Harry Warren (H-77)            Kim David (S-18)
1 Senator of 62                                                   David Holt (S-30)
Mark Grisanti (S-60)                                              Jonathan Nichols (S-15)

                                   NORTH DAKOTA
                                   1 Senator of 48
6 Assembly members of 150          Joe Miller (S-16)              26 House members of 101
Daniel J. Burling (A-147)                                         Gus Blackwell (H-61)
Robert J. Castelli (A-89)          9 House members of 94          Mike Christian (H-93)
James D. Conte (A-10)              Wesley R. Belter (H-22)         Josh Cockroft (H-27)
Brian Kolb (A-129)                 Bette Grande (H-41)            David Dank (H-85)
William Reilich (H-134)            Craig Headland (H-29)          Lee R. Denny (H-33)
Fred W. Thiele, Jr. (A-2)          Jim Kasper (H-46)              David Derby (H-74)
                                   Scott Louser (H-5)             George Faught (H-14)
NORTH CAROLINA                     Karen M. Rohr (H-31)           Corey Holland (H-51)
18 Senators of 50                  Roscoe Streyle (H-3)           Charlie Joyner (H-95)
Philip Berger (S-26)               Blair B. Thoreson (H-44)       Sally Kern (H-84)
Harris Blake (S-22)                Dave Weiler (H-30)             Charles Key (H-90)
Andrew Brock (S-34)                Dwight Wrangham (H-8)          Randy McDaniel (H-83)
Peter S. Brunstetter (S-31)                                       Jason W. Murphey (H-31)
Debbie Ann Clary (S-46)            OHIO                           Charles Ortega (H-52)
Warren Daniel (S-44)               Gov. John Kasich               Leslie Osborn (H-47)
Don East (S-30)                    Aud. Dave Yost                 Mike Reynolds (H-91)
Kathy Harrington (S-43)                                           Mike Ritze (H-80)
Fletcher L. Hartsell, Jr. (S-36)   1 Senators of 33               Dustin Roberts (H-21)
Neal Hunt (S-15)                   Shannon Jones (S-7)            Sean Roberts (H-36)
Wesley A. Meredith (S-19)                                         Mike Sanders (H-59)
Louis M. Pate Jr. (S-5)            22 House members of 99         Earl Sears (H-11)
Jean Preston (S-2)                 John Adams (H-78)              Colby Schwartz (H-43)
David Rouzer (S-12)                William G. Batchelder (H-69)   Randy Terrill (H-53)
Robert A. Rucho (S-39)             Peter A. Beck (H-67)           Sue Tibbs (H-23)
Daniel F. Soucek (S-45)            Terry Blair (H-38)             John Trebilcock (H-98)
Jerry W. Tillman (S-29)            Andrew Brenner (H-2)           Paul Wesselhoft (H-54)
W. Tommy Tucker (S-35)             Mike Dovilla (H-18)
                                   Anne Gonzales (H-19)           OREGON
27 House members of 150            Bruce Goodwin (H-74)           4 Senators of 30
John Marshall Blust (H-62)         Cheryl Grossman (H-23)         Jason Atkinson (S-2)
Larry R. Brown (H-73)              Bill Hayes (H-91)              Brian Boquist (S-12)
Rayne Brown (H-81)                 Matt Huffman (H-4)             Larry George (S-13)
Justin P. Burr (H-67)              Casey Kozlowski (H-99)         Jeff Kruse (S-1)
George Cleveland (H-14)            Jarrod Martin (H-70)
Jeffrey L. Collins (H-25)          Ron Maag (H-35)                5 House members of 60
Bill M. Cook, Jr. (H-6)            Jeff McClain (H-82)            Kevin Cameron (H-19)
James Crawford, Jr. (H-32)         Craig Newbold (H-1)            Tim Freeman (H-2)
William Current (H-109)            Bob Peterson (H-85)            Mark Johnson (H-52)
Jerry C. Dockham (H-80)            Kristina D. Roegner (H-42)     Shawn Lindsay (H-30)
Nelson Dollar (H-36)               Clifford Rosenberger (H-86)    Matt Wingard (H-26)
Dale Folwell (H-74)                Lynn Slaby (H-41)
Phillip Frye (H-84)

                                   Andy Thompson (H-93)           PENNSYLVANIA
Mitch Gillespie (H-85)             Ron Young (H-63)               Gov. Tom Corbett
Kelly E. Hastings (H-110)
Mark Hilton (H-96)                 OKLAHOMA                       4 Senators of 50
Julia Craven Howard (H-79)         Gov. Mary Fallin               Lisa Boscola (S-18)
Dan W. Ingle (H-64)                Lt. Gov. Todd Lamb             John H. Eichelberger (S-30)
Linda P. Johnson (H-83)                                           Mike Folmer (S-48)
Grey Mills (H-95)                  8 Senators of 48               Jane Orie (S-40)
Tim Moore (H-111)                  Cliff Aldridge (S-42)
Shirley B. Randleman (H-94)        Josh Brecheen (S-6)            30 House members of 203
Efton Sager (H-11)                 Bill Brown (S-36)              Stephen Barrar (H-160)
Edgar V. Starnes (H-87)            Sean Burrage (S-2)             Kerry Benninghoff (H-171)
Fred F. Steen II (H-76)            Greg Childers (S-43)           Stephen Bloom (H-199)
Sarah Stevens (H-90)
Scott W. Boyd (H-43)                                              Dale Ford (H-6)
Jim Cox (H-129)                  29 House members of 124          Steve Hall (H-18)
Thomas C. Creighton (H-37)       Rita Allison (H-36)              Beth Harwell (H-56)
George Dunbar (H-56)             Jimmy Bales (H-80)               Ryan Haynes (H-14)
Brian Ellis (H-11)               Bruce Bannister (H-24)           Joey Hensley (H-70)
Joe Emrick (H-137)               Eric M. Bedingfield (H-28)       Matthew Hill (H-7)
Camille George (H-74)            Eric Bikas (H-26)                Julia C. Hurley (H-32)
Mark M. Gillen (H-128)           Kenneth A. Bingham (H-89)        Curtis Johnson (H-68)
Ted Harhai (H-58)                Don C. Bowen (H-8)               Phillip Johnson (H-78)
Susan C. Helm (H-104)            Bill Bowers (H-120)              Kelly T. Keisling (H-38)
Rob Kauffman (H-89)              Joan Brady (H-78)                Jon Lundberg (H-1)
Fred Keller (H-85)               Dan Cooper (H-10)                Debra Young Maggart (H-45)
Tim Krieger (H-57)               Tracy Edge (H-104)               Steve K. McDaniel (H-72)
David M. Maloney (H-130)         Marion Frye (H-39)               Steve McManus (H-96)
Jim Marshall (H-14)              Chip Huggins (H-85)              Frank S. Niceley (H-17)
Daryl Metcalfe (H-12)            Dwight Loftis (H-19)             Dennis Powers (H-36)
Gerald J. Mullery (H-119)        Jay Lucas (H-65)                 Barrett Rich (H-94)
Scott Perry (H-92)               Peter McCoy (H-115)              Charles Sargent, Jr. (H-61)
Joseph A. Petrarca (H-55)        James H. Merrill (H-99)          Tony Shipley (H-2)
Jeff Pyle (H-60)                 Chris Murphy (H-98)              Michael Turner (H-51)
Dave Reed (H-62)                 Steve Parker (H-37)              Eric Watson (H-22)
Brad Roae (H-6)                  Andrew Patrick (H-123)           Terry Weaver (H-40)
Todd A. Rock (H-90)              Rick Quinn (H-69)                Kent Williams (H-4)
Mario M. Scavello (H-176)        Kevin Ryan (H-108)               Rick Womick (H-34)
Justin Simmons (H-131)           William E. Sandifer, III (H-2)
RoseMarie Swanger (H-102)        Gary Simrill (H-46)              TEXAS
Katherine McDowell Watson (H-    Garry R. Smith (H-27)            Gov. Rick Perry
144)                             J. Roland Smith (H-84)
                                 Murrell Smith (H-67)             6 Senators of 31
RHODE ISLAND                     William Taylor (H-86)            Brian Birdwell (S-22)
6 Senators of 38                 Brian White (H-6)                Chris Harris (S-9)
Francis Maher, Jr. (S-34)                                         Joan Huffman (S-17)
Michael Pinga (S-9)              SOUTH DAKOTA                     Robert Nichols (S-3)
Beatrice A. Lanzi (S-26)                                          Dan Patrick (S-7)
Beth Moura (S-19)                2 Senators of 35                 Tommy Williams (S-4)
Dr. Christopher Ottiano (S-11)   Deb Peters (S-9)
Glen Shibley (S-33)              Dan Lederman (S-16)              66 House members of 150
                                                                  Jose Aliseda (H-35)
2 House members of 75            5 House members of 70            Alma Allen (H-131)
Michael Chippendale (H-40)       Steve Hickey (H-9)               Doc Anderson (H-56)
Joseph Trillo (H-24)             Patty Miller (H-16)              Rodney Anderson (H-106)
                                 Stacey Nelson (H-25)             Marva Beck (H-57)
SOUTH CAROLINA                   Betty Olson (H-28B)              Leo Berman (H-6)
Gov. Nikki Haley                 Dean Schremp (H-28A)             Dwayne Bohac (H-138)
                                                                  Linda Harper Brown (H-105)
14 Senators of 46                TENNESSEE                        Angie Chen Button (H-112)
Kevin L. Bryant (S-3)            5 Senators of 33                 Cindy Burkett (H-101)
John Courson (S-20)              Mae Beavers (S-17)               Erwin Cain (H-3)
Dick Elliott (S-28)              Jack Johnson (S-23)              Bill Callegari (H-132)
Michael Fair (S-6)               Bill Ketron (S-13)               Stefani Carter (H-102)
Larry Grooms (S-37)              Randy McNally (S-5)              Wayne Christian (H-9)
Jake Knotts (S-23)               Steve Southerland (S-1)          Tom Craddick (H-82)
Shane Martin (S-13)                                               Brandon Creighton (H-16)
John Yancey McGill (S-32)        30 House members of 99           Myra Crownover (H-64)
Harvey Peeler (S-14)             Harry Brooks (H-19)              Sarah Davis (H-134)
Greg Ryberg (S-24)               Kevin Brooks (H-24)              Joe Driver (H-113)
Nikki G. Setzler (S-26)          Glen Casada (H-63)               Gary Elkins (H-135)
Phil Shoopman (S-5)              Bill Dunn (H-16)                 Allen Fletcher (H-130)
David Thomas (S-8)               Joshua Evans (H-66)              Dan Flynn (H-2)
Daniel B. Verdin (S-9)           Jeremy Faison (H-11)             John Frullo (H-84)
John Garza (H-117)             Patrick Painter (H-67)                  Mike Armstrong (H-12, P-2)
Larry Gonzales (H-52)          Stephen Eric Sandstrom (H-58)           Cary Condotta (H-12, P-1)
Lance Gooden (H-4)                                                     Larry Crouse (H-4, P-1)
Kelly Hancock (H-91)           VERMONT                                 Mark Hargrove (H-47, P-1)
Patricia Harless (H-126)       9 House members of 150                  Bill Hinkle (H-13, P-2)
Harvey Hilderbran (H-53)       Carolyn Whitney Branagan (Franklin-1)   Brad Klippert (H-8, P-1)
Charlie Howard (H-26)          Robert Helm (Rutl.-2)                   Joel Kretz (H-7, P-2)
Dan Huberty (H-127)            Duncan F. Kilmartin (Orl.-2)            Jim McCune (H-2, P-1)
Bryan Hughes (H-5)             Leigh Larocque (Caled.-1)               Ed Orcutt (H-18, P-2)
Todd Hunter (H-32)             Mary Morrissey (Benn. 2-2)              Jason Overstreet (H-42, P-1)
Jason Isaac (H-45)             Andy Donaghy (Rutland 1-1)              Charles Ross (H-14, P-2)
Jim Keffer (H-60)              Mike Hebert (Windham 1)                 Matthew Shea (H-4, P-2)
Phil King (H-61)               Gary Reis (Caledonia 3)

Tim Kleinschmidt (H-17)        Vicki Strong (H-1)                      WEST VIRGINIA
John Kuempel (H-44)                                                    1 Senators of 34
Jim Landtroop (H-85)           VIRGINIA                                Clark Barnes (S-15)
Lyle Larson (H-122)            Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling
Jodie Laubenberg (H-89)        Atty. Gen. Ken Cuccinelli               15 House members of 100
George Lavender (H-1)                                                  Tim Armstead (H-32)
Ken Legler (H-144)             9 Senators of 40                        Mitch B. Carmichael (H-12)
Jerry Madden (H-67)            Richard Black (S-13)                    Marty Gearheart (H-24)
Dee Margo (H-78)               Tom Garrett Jr (S-22)                   Daniel Hall (H-22)
Geanie Morrison (H-30)         Stephen H. Martin (S-11)                Eric Householder (H-56)
Jim Murphy (H-133)             Steve Newman (S-23)                     Gary Howell (H-49)
Barbara Nash (H-93)            Mark Obenshain (S-26)                   Larry D. Kump (H-52)
Ken Paxton (H-70)              Frank M. Ruff (S-15)                    Jonathan Miller (H-53)
Tan Parker (H-63)              Ralph K. Smith (S-19)                   John Overington (H-55)
Charles Perry (H-83)           Bill Stanley (S-20)                     Rupert Phillips (H-19)
Four Price (H-87)              Jill Holtzman Vogel (S-27)              Ruth Rowan (H-50)
Debbie Riddle (H-150)                                                  Doug Skaff (H-30)
Connie Scott (H-34)            21 House members of 100                 Kelli Sobonya (H-16)
Charles J. Schwertner (H-20)   David Albo (H-42)                       Linda Sumner (H-27)
Kenneth Sheets (H-107)         Robert Bell (H-58)                      Ronald N. Walters (H-32)
Mark Shelton (H-97)            Kathy Byron (H-22)
John Smithee (H-86)            Ben Cline (H-24)

Larry Taylor (H-24)            Mark Cole (H-88)                        WISCONSIN
Van Taylor (H-66)              Barbara Comstock (H-34)                 Gov. Scott Walker
Raul Torres (H-33)             Kirk Cox (H-66)
Randy Weber (H-29)             C. Todd Gilbert (H-15)                  6 Senators of 33
James White (H-12)             Greg Habeeb (H-8)                       Pamela Galloway (S-29)
Paul Workman (H-47)            Tim Hugo (H-40)                         Frank Lasee (S-1)
John Zerwas (H-28)             Steve Landes (H-25)                     Joe Leibham (S-9)
Bill Zedler (H-96)             Scott Lingamfelter (H-31)               Mary Lazich (S-28)
                               Robert G. Marshall (H-13)               Leah Vukmir (S-5)
UTAH                           Randy Minchew (H-10)                    Rich Zipperer (S-33)
5 Senators of 29
                               Israel O’Quinn (H-5)
Curtis S. Bramble (S-16)       Chris Peace (H-97)                      17 House members of 99
David Hinkins (S-27)           David Ramadan (H-87)                    Tyler August (H-32)
Mark Madsen (S-13)             R. Lee Ware, Jr. (H-65)                 Garey Bies (H-1)
Wayne Niederhauser (S-9)       Michael J. Webert (H-18)                Mark Honadel (H-21)
Howard Stephenson (S-11)       Tony Wilt (H-26)                        Andrew Jacque (H-2)
                               Tommy Wright (H-61)                     Joel Kleefisch (H-38)
9 House members of 75                                                  Dale P. Kooyenga (H-14)
John Dougall (H-27)            WASHINGTON
                                                                       Bill Kramer (H-97)
Gage Froerer (H-8)             2 Senators of 49                        Scott Krug (H-72)
Gregory Hughes (H-51)          Val Stevens (S-39)                      Jim Ott (H-23)
Mike Morley (H-66)             Joe Zarelli (S-18)                      Don Pridemore (H-99)
Mike Noel (H-73)                                                       Roger L. Rivard (H-75)
Curtis Oda (H-14)              13 House members of 98                  Scott Suder (H-69)
Aaron Osmond (H-10)            John E. Ahern (H-6, P-2)
Jeremy Thiesfeldt (H-52)
Tom Tiffany (H-35)
Robin J. Vos (H-63)
Evan B Wynn (H-43)
Robert Ziegelbauer (H-25)
Glenn Grothman (S-20)

Treas. Joe Meyer

2 Senators of 30
John Hastert (S-13)
Curt Meier (S-3)

4 House members of 60
Robert Brechtel (H-38)
Pete Illoway (H-42)
Kendell Kroeker (H-35)
Bryan Pedersen (H-7)



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