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            AUGUST 2012

  Summer is slipping away quickly. Before it disappears, spend some
time enjoying what's left. Go to Harry Wright Lake, take in a concert,
         take a walk/hike around the wooded area of the lake.
                Enjoy it before it gets away!!
         Phone numbers for help or service
                                                                         Clubhouse Activities
    Emergency-Police, Fire, First Aid - 911              Ticket Sales (Library)               9:00 -11:00 AM
    Non emergency Police & First Aid                     Exercise Class                       9:00AM
                   732-657-6111                          Bridge - "A" Room                    1:00PM
    Maintenance Dept-(732) 350-2202                      Women's Club - 3rd Monday            1:00PM
    Trustees Office (732) 350-1818                       Ladies Cards - "A" Room              6:00 - 8:00PM
                                                         Residents Club t" Monday             7:00PM
         Maintenance emergency -
                                                                 (No meeting in August)
      24 hour service (732) 350-2202
    Emergency services are those problems
    which cannot and should not be delayed               Travel Club ticket sales (Library)   8:30 - 10:30AM
    They are as follows:                                                                      8:30 -11 :OOAM
       • Broken water pipe                               Bingo (doors open 10:30)             12:00 noon
       • Loss of heat                                    **Bocce                              6:00PM
       • No electric power
       • Clogged toilets & drains                        Wednesday
       • Unable to enter the unit due to                 **Ladies Golf                        8:30-AM
           lost or misplaced key or for any              Mah-jonng                            12:00 noon
           valid reason that entrance should             Bridge "A" Room                      1:00PM
           be made for investigation                     **Bocce                              6:00PM
    Where appropriate, a $60.00 charge will be
    made for emergency services rendered,                Thursday
    including unlocking doors for entry.                 Golf Club - Cards - Texas Hold Em'   1:OOPM
          Information "HOTLINE"                          Open/Reps Meeting lh Thursday        10:00AM
               1-848-227-3082                            Chair Yoga                           1:00PM
           Yes, it's a local number!                     **Shuffleboard - Indoor/Outdoor      6:00PM
    Need to know what's going on in the village,
    garbage days on a holiday week, recycle              Friday
    dates, bus cancellations during snow etc. Call       Exercise                             9:00AM
    the hotline for "INFO".                              **Men's Golf                         9:00AM
              Board of Trustees                          Mah-jonng                            12:00noon
      Arnold (Arnie) Wentworth-President
                                                         Open Schedule
    Stanley    Iacono     -   Vice   President           Billiards
                                                         Exercise Room
    Thomas Fraser - Recording Secretary &                Library
            Real Estate Re-Sales                         Ping Pong/Table Tennis
                                                         **Seasonal Clubs that are NOT year round
         Mary Ann Eilert-Corresponding
                   Secretary                              TRUSTEES OFFICE HOURS: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
                                                         MAINTENANCE DEPT OFFICE HOURS: 8:00 AM-
               Carl Hart - Treasurer                                     4:00PM

     Kathy 0'Gorman-Real Estate Re-Sales                   The Clubhouse is open to all from 8:00am - 4:00pm
                                                            After 4:00pmyou may enter with your pass card
                Michael Rappert                                       (available at Trustees office)
      Liaison to Golf Club and Community                        No entry before 8:00am or after 10:00pm
                 Organizations                                    Alarm will trigger Police response!

,                                                    J
                      Mark Your Calendar
Garbage Collection:     Each Monday and Thursday -Do not place garbage
                        outside of container until the morning of collection.

Recyclables:            Friday August 1(/h and 24th
                        Do not put out recyclables before 5:00pm the night
                        before pick-up. Please put recyclables in containers,
                        not plastic bags as it cannot be readily identified as
                        garbage or recyclables

Village Light Bulk       Wednesday, August 2~h - Including all electronics
      Pick-up                 Last Wednesday !!levery month

Battery Disposal        Container by paper recycling container
                        FOR RECHARGEABLE AND BUTTON CELL
                        BATTERIES ONLY!! Regular batteries go in with
                        regular household garbage!

Paper Recycling         Get rid of your papers 24 hours a day at the paper
                        container in the parking lot across from the clubhouse.
                        REMEMBER!!! PAPER, MAGAZINES, JUNK MAIL
                        & PHONE BOOKS ONLY -NOTHINGELSE!!                  We
                        now have closed circuit camera at dumpster to stop any
                        dumping of other than allowed items!

Reps / Open Meeting     No meetings in July and August. Next meeting is
                        September 21h at 1 0:00am.

         No holidays this month - Enjoy the balance of the hot weather.
Robert & Sarah Amento        115B Fairway Lane                 VII£AfiE'L tiQJlB €EJJB:
Frances Becker               6D Valley Stream Dr.               The Village 1 Golf Club enjoyed another
 William & Marion Borges     612AWillow Lane            successful Golf Tournament on Friday evening July
Herman Fischer               5D Valley Stream Dr.       1fh. Three teams competed in the four person
Carole Kuiken                137D Azalea Drive          scramble. There was a first place tie between two
Gloria Luca                  135D Azalea Drive          teams. Closest to the pin was Rick Cavalier.
Geraldine McCormick &                                   Winners were given awards.
        Philip Cupo Jr       210B Laurel Place                  Immediately after the tournament, players
Joseph Montalbano            190B Laurel Place          and social club members enjoyed an outstanding
Bohdan Mykitshak             151B Azalea Drive           "19th hole" gathering in the clubhouse. Delicious
Patricia Roche               69B Hope Road             food, drinks and dessert were enjoyed by all who
Eugene Tietjen               5A Valley Stream Dr.       attended the 19'h hole activities. Many thanks were
Margaret Zawryt              156B Rosewood Drive        extended to those members who contributed food
        As new residents we welcome you to              and their time.
Crestwood Village 1 and wish you comfort and                    President   Linda Nora       conducted    an
happiness in your new home. As a new resident, we       abbreviated business meeting at the special event.
hope you will take note of the Residents Club           This meeting replaced the regular Golf Club
notices and plan to be present at the next meeting      meeting scheduled for Thursday, July 19th. The next
on September to" at 7:00pm in the clubhouse. You        Golf Tournament will be held on August 1ih at
will have an opportunity to meet your neighbors         5:30pm. Cake and coffee to follow the tournament.
and we get a chance to shake your hand and give                                     NF. Lapetina, Secretary
you a warm welcome.
        Buses are running for those who do not
drive or would rather not do so at night, starting                Annual Garage/Y,ard Sale
pick-ups at 6:00pm. Refreshments served!                Will be held on Saturday, September 15th and
                                                        Sunday,     September 16th. There    is a $5.00
              Tll1trEE CEUB                             registration fee to help pay for advertising, signs,
                                                        balloons etc. Hours of sale: 9:00am to 2:00pm.
Sept 5,2012 - Wednesday                  $49.00 PIP
              TRUMP TAJ MAHAL                           Attached to this newsletter is a registration form
Sit down lunch at Trattoria Il Mulino Restaurant at     which must be submitted to the Trustees office by
12:00pm ... Casino Bonus TBA.. Departs 9:15am -         Friday, September ih along with you registration
Returns 5:45pm All inclusive                           fee. Please submit your form early so we know how
                                                        many supplies to order!
Nov 1,2012 - Thursday            $114.00 PIP
          Sight and Sound "Jonah"
                    (Great Seats)                                       Practical Packing
Package includes: Show ticket, Family Style lunch,      When packing for a trip, throw a couple of large
& Deluxe Round Trip Motorcoach Transportation,         plastic garbage bags in your suitcase. You'll find
& all tips. $20.00 deposit & partial payments           many uses for them including a waterproof layer in
accepted Final payment due by 9/21for Jonah trip.      your suitcase, as a laundry bag for dirty clothes or
Look for Bermuda Cruise in 2013 (7day 6 nights)         as an impromptu rain coat.
and possible trip to Las Vegas. Call Gerry if you're    If there's room take a few different sized bags.
interested!                                             Chances are, you will use them in ways you may not
                                                        anticipate. They come in handy for carrying leftover
Ticket sales on Tuesday in the Library 8:30 -10:30     food from a restaurant, leaky bottles or for wet
       For details call Gerry 732-350-3128 or           shoes.
                Peggy 732-350-4028.
                                   RESIDENTS CL,UB

Our ANNUAL PICNIC,          which is usually held in June, is scheduled for Saturday, September
22 , 1   :00 - 4:00 pm.     Last year, we nearly had heat strokes because of the unusually hot
weather.     We have decided that it would be more reasonable to have the picnic later in the
summer. We had originally scheduled the date of August      zs"  but had to re-schedule due to the
construction/renovations that will be going on during the month of August. We are looking for
set-up and clean-up help and desserts. Tickets are $5.00 and available in the Library on
Monday mornings or by calling Carol Esposito (849-9751). Please contact Darlene Cavalier
(350-1135) if you are willing to help.

A TRIP TO MONMOUTH PARK                       Saturday, August 18th is the date. We will meet at
the clubhouse at 10:00 am.     We will be taking a CV Transport bus on this outing, so seats will
be limited to 40.     The cost will be $10 which will cover admission and the bus costs. Upon
arrival, each person will be on their own for food, gambling, etc. Racing starts around 12:45
and the last race is scheduled for 4:30. So we will be on our way home by approximately 5:00
pm. We can schedule a stop at a fast food restaurant on the way home if anyone is hungry or
needs to use the restrooms.     Tickets are available in the library on Monday mornings, or by
calling Dot Wentworth (350-3673) or Carol Esposito. If you need a ride to the clubhouse, call
Dot by Friday afternoon before the trip.

 NEW MEETING FORMAT                The Trustees have approved the ideafor a change informat
for the Residents Club for the coming year. We will attempt to have one social activity each
 month beginning with "Proud To Be An American" on Monday, September to". We have
 enjoyed this program each fall and it is a great way to start off the season and recognize our
 Veterans and commemorate 9/11.

 We are looking for individuals or teams that will be responsible for one month's activity.
Perhaps you would like to be responsible for securing entertainment for one evening, or running
a pancake breakfast, Bingo or other game night or other social event. By pursuing this idea, it is
my hope that the burden of responsibility can be shared and thus the Residents Club continue to
provide social gatherings.    We have two ladies who are considering planning a spaghetti
dinner in the fall.  Let me hear from you if you have any ideas. If we do not have an event
planned for anyone month, we will not meet that month. Already, I believe it is a good idea
to skip January and perhaps February as well because of winter weather.           So let us work
together this year and perhaps have some new ideas and activities. I am not going to haggle
anyone to step up and help. If the Residents Club is to continue - it is up to you.   Please call
me - 350-3673.

                                                             Dorothy (Dot) Wentworth, President

                             BOCCE PLAYERS NEEDED
                    We are looking for those interested in playing on Wednesday
                     nights in September & October at 6:00 pm. Sign up on the
                          bulletin board or by calling Jack Ford - 350-3128.
      Homesfor Sale in Village 1
 There are currently 39 homes listed for sale
                                                           WOMEN'S CLUB
 on the Multiple Listing Service Realty
                                                   IMPORTANT!!! SEPTEMBER
 website in this village. They range in price     MEETING DATE CHANGED TO
from $16,000 to $88,000. That number last          THE FOURTH MONDAY, THE
 month was 41.                                             24TH !I!
                                                  With the Certificate Holder's meeting
           Village 1Newsletter                   scheduled for Monday, September 11h we
 REMEMBER-this newsletter is available on        have changed the Women's Club meeting
 the internet. You will be able to access the    to Monday, September 24th at 1PM.
full copy of the newsletter on line at:                   With the arrival of fall and the              hopefully wonderful cooler days it's time to
                       II                        think of and participate in all the special
                                                 events that will be taking place at
        Sidewalks for all Quads                  Friendship Hall. One of those events is the
         Since this and other Crestwood         first meeting of Women's Club on Monday
                                                                 h                              '
 Villages were originally built with many        September 2l at 1PM We have planned an
Quads having sidewalks on only one side of       entertaining afternoon filled with friendship,
the building, many residents must walk          fun, food, all for your enjoyment, so WE DO
completely around the opposite side of the       HOPE you'lljoin us as we strive to keep our
building from which they live. As we have        Club alive and thriving. Our "Friendship
previously mentioned, Village One is in the      Meeting" will begin with crackers and
process of installing new sidewalks where        cheese, fruit and punch and then continue
none now exist and repairing those that are      with the special program. Our plans include
in need The work has already begun and           a presentation by the Sheriff's office on the
will be completed in the Fall prior to bad       Silver    Alert   Program     and     then     a
weather.                                         demonstration by Tracey of Whiting Flower
         In doing this we will have to change    Shoppe. If all our plans come to fruition it'll
some parking space markings so your              be a meeting YOU WON'T WANT TO MISS!
vehicle will be able to park close to the                If you're not planning to participate
entrance of your walkway. A diagram is           in the Village-wide yard sale, please save all
attached to this newsletter showing parking     your "goodies" to donate to our annual fun-
pattern for all Quads.                          filled Good Riddance Auction scheduled for
                                                 our October meeting.
                                                         See you at the Clubhouse!
     Annual Shareholders Meeting
                                                                   Barbara Burrerll, President
The annual Shareholders meeting will be
held on September 17'h at 10:00am in the
Auditorium of the Clubhouse. All residents                 Blue to You Van!!!
are encouraged to attend this yearly meeting    The Blue Cross Blue to You Van will not be
and all who are certificate holders are         here in September on the first Monday of the
welcome to address the audience and Board       month due to the Labor Day Holiday. Their
of Trustees. After stating your name and        regular schedule will resume in October.
address, you may address your concerns.
We lookforward to seeing you.
                               August 2012 Friendship Hall
Sun            Mon                 Tue                      Wed                     Thu                       Fri                 Sat
                                                                            1                     2                      3                4
                                                                                CHAIR YOGA 1 pm         EXERCISECLASS

      5                  6                         7                        8                     9                      10              11
           BLUE-TO-YOU VAN   TRA VEL CLUB TICKET                                                        EXERCISECLASS
                9am           SALES 8:30 - 10:30                                CHAIR YOGA 1 pm               9am

                                BINGO 12pm

      12                13                     14                       15                    16                         17              18
                             TRA VEL CLUB TICKET                                                        EXERCISECLASS          Residents
                              SALES 8:30 - 10:30                                CHAIR YOGA 1 pm               9 am                Club
                                                                                                      Golf Club Meeting and   Park Bus Trip
                                 BINGO 12pm                                                                Tournament
                                                                                                              5:30 pm            10 AM

      19                20                     21                       22                    23                         24              25
                             TRAVEL CLUB TICKET
                              SALES 8:30 - 10:30                                CHAIR YOGA 1 pm          EXERCISECLASS

                                 BINGO 12pm

      26                27                     28                       29                    30                         31
                             TRA VEL CLUB TICKET
                              SALES 8:30 - 10:30       LIGHT BULK PICK-UP       CHAIR YOGA 1 pm          EXERCISECLASS
                                 BINGO 12pm
                                                                             Two Reps Needed!
                 FOR                                             We are in need of a Rep for the Crestwood Pkwy
                                                                district 3 homes # 32, 33, 34, 38, 39, 40 and 42

                SALE                                            to replace Barbara Noll who now is covering
                                                                two districts. We thank her for doing this but she
                                                                could use some help. We also are in need of
This column is for residents of village 1 to advertise          another Rep to replace Barbara Goodwin who
merchandise for sale. No charge for ads, but each ad is         has had to resign. Barbara served Valley
published for one month only.. If you want an ad run for        Stream Drive district 1 homes 7, 9, 10, 11, 12,
additional months, you must re-submit to Trustees office each
month                                                           13, 14 and 15. Currently, Carol Ledger is filling
                                                                in for these homes for Barbara until we can get
Cut Crystal & Soapstone - reasonable (Old)                      someone to take this area permanently. Won't
              Call 732-350-4753                                 you consider helping? Please call the Trustees
                  1111111111111111                              office and let them know you can!

2 Metalframed Rocking Chairs      $70.00 pr
  Charcoal Grey w/cushions Indoor porch by                               Maintenance Department
             Martha Stewart ....                                         July has been a busy month for the
             Call 732-716-1924                                  maintenance department and August will prove
                11111111111111111                               to be even busier. The village roofing project is
                                                                now 100% complete. This means that every roof
Credenza - Oak Finish                             $25.00        in this village is less than 10 years old Roof
2 doors for storage-22"H x 29"W              Nearly New         cleaning will be continuing for those buildings
                Call 732-350-9634                               that have algae staining. Concrete sidewalk
                    1111111111111111                            installations and repairs are beginning. You will
                                                                be contacted by the maintenance department if
TV Cabinet holds - 27" TV                           $75.00      your unit is scheduled for any masonry work.
             2 doors - 2 shelves                                         There have been approximately         70
             Call 732-350-0907                                  buildings that have had their vinyl siding
                  11111111111111                                powerwashed this summer. If your siding is
                                                                dirty, give the maintenance department office a
1- Guardian Trek 3 Scooter                        $600.00       call and we'll schedule a powerwashing for you.
              Never used outside                                 We can also powerwash awnings, sun porches
2- Jointer - never out of box                     $135.00       and patios for a $15.00 charge.
3- 12 % "Planer -used once                        $135.00                The Clubhouse will be closed downstairs
              Call 732-350-6559                                 starting Monday, August 6th The start date will
                   11111111111111                               be posted in the vestibule window for all to see.
                                                                Please do your business with the Trustees office,
43" Round Table wl4 chairs/Z leaves                $45.00       either by phone or in the case where letters or
Pine Hutch 2 pieces                                $65.00       paperwork is needed, through the payment box
Area Rug-grey leaf pattern                         $30.00       outside the building. Work should be completed
         Great condition - 5 '3 " x 7'6"                        in approximately 4 weeks.
              Call 732-350-3823                                  NO ONE IS PERMITTED IN THE LOWER
                  11111111111111                                FLOOR OF THE CLUBHOUSE DURING
                                                                                     Marcus LeRiche, Maint Mgr
            CERAMIC'S CLUB
       Sorry, no meetings in August due to
Clubhouse renovations downstairs.
                       Stella Kontos, Secretary

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