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					Hiu T. Wong, Clare

Current Address: 33D     Email: Homepage: Permanent Address:
Blk. 2 Waterside Plaza        33D Blk. 2 Waterside
Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong     Printable Resume                    Plaza Tsuen Wan,
(+852) 61870277                                              Hong Kong (+852)

OBJECTIVE                To obtain a position that fully utilizes my
                         technology knowledge, problem-solving
                         and teamwork skills.

EDUCATION                Bachelor of Business Administration, Graduation Date:
                         Ohio University, USA                     November, 2001 Athens,
                         Majors: Management Information
                         Systems Business Economics
                         International Business Majors GPA:
                         3.794/4.000 Cumulative GPA:
                         Business 301i - Teamwork Based
                         Learning - Worked in teams to solve
                         complex problems that involved current
                         issues; Business simulation -Generated
                         deliverables for each project, including
                         thorough business plans, formal written
                         reports, and PowerPoint presentations

WORK EXPERIENCE          Web Developer/ Systems Engineer           September, 2001 -
                         Ohio University-Center for Innovation Present Athens, OH
                         in Technology for Learning - CITL -
                         Provide assistance to faculty in creating
                         web-based resources that will enhance
                         their online courses through the use of
                         interactive and dynamic technologies.
                         -Perform scheduled tasks, such as help in
                         conducting workshop/seminars,
                         maintaining of the CITL web sites, and
                         evaluating technologies. -Coordinate
                         with instructional designers, graphic
                         designers and multimedia producers for
                         specific programming functions used in
                         various projects. -Assist in web-related
                         research of information in technology
                         International Women's Program             September, 2000 - Spring
                         Coordinator Ohio                          2001 Athens, OH
                         University-International Student and
                         Faculty Services (ISFS) - Actively meet
                         with advisors to revise and update the
                         useful resources including organizing
                         activities and providing community
                       services information in Athens for
                       International Women - Acquired
                       experiences in program coordination,
                       especially for international students
                       Telecommunication Devices On-line June - September 1998
                       Promoter Tiny, Hong Kong -                 Hong Kong
                       Acquired knowledge in telecom services
                       and devices - Gained practical
                       experience in serving through the internet

                       Customer Service Enquiry Grand           June - September 1997
                       Hyatt Hotel, Hong Kong - Provided Hong Kong
                       daily responses to visitors' questions -
                       Enhanced interpersonal communication
                       skills - Promoted Multi-language
                       Piano Tutor Happy Sound Music            1993-1999 Hong Kong
                       Co., Hong Kong - Taught musicianship
                       and classical piano - Advised student
                       with musicianship skills and music
                       practical examination

PROFESSIONAL            Association of Information Technology 2000-Present
AFFILIATIONS &          Professionals (AITP) Member -
STUDENT ACTIVITIES      Provides interpersonal networking
                        opportunities to develop professional
                        relationships - Attends regular seminar
                        and conference particularly on IT current
                        issue - Promote IT awareness to
                        International Business Society (IBS) 2000-Present
                        Member - Participate in study trips that
                        facilitate the understanding of business
                        globalization - Exchange culture
                        differences with members from different
                        parts of the world
                          Ohio University Hong Kong Student's 2001
                        Association (HKSA) Secretary
HONORS           Deans List
SKILLS         Technology and Computer Literacy            Language Literacy Spoken:
                                                           Cantonese (Native) Mandarin
                                                           (Excellent) English (Native)
                                                           Japanese (Fair) Written:
                                                           Chinese (Excellent) English
                                                           (Excellent) Japanese (Fair)
               - Windows 98, Me,         - JavaScript -
               2000 - FrontPage          Java - ASP -
               2000 - MS Office          VBScript -
               2000 - MS Office          SQL plus -
               Professional -            Oracle 9/10i -
               Microsoft Interdev - HTML - Perl -
               Unix and Windows NT CGI(foundation)
               server - Client/Server - XML
               Applications -            (foundation) -
WS_FTP95 - Edge            Visual Basic -
Diagrammer -               Lotus Notes
"EViews" - SPSS for
Statistics - Edit Plus -
XML Writer 1.21 -
XML Spy 3.5 -
Arachnophilia 4.0 -
CoffeeCup HTML
Editor 9.0 -

                    References Upon Request

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