Hannah Cates Resume 2012 Administration by rhaecates


									                                            Hannah M. Cates
Home Address
10283 Still Meadow Drive
Wheatfield, IN 46392
219.816.1440 (cell)

OBJECTIVE                  Obtain an Elementary, Middle or High School administrative position with the
                           opportunity to lead instruction and make a positive educational difference in the
                           community in which I serve.

EDUCATION                  MAE, Ball State University                                  May 2013
                           Major: Educational Administration and Supervision
                           GPA: 3.8
                           B.S., University of Southern Indiana                        May 2006
                            Major: Elementary Education
                           Endorsement: Language Arts                                  June 2008
                           GPA: 4.0 (major) 3.7 (overall)

                           AA LBA English, Taylor University                           May 1999
                           Northwest Indiana Writing Project                           June 2010
CERTIFICATIONS       Indiana: Elementary Education, Grades 1-6                         May 2006
                                  (7/8 non-departmentalized)
                               Language Arts Elem./Middle/Jr. High                     June 2008
                               Language Arts 5-12                                      July 2011
                               School Administration K-12                              May 2013
                                         SLLA Taken July 12, 2012 PASSED
EXPERIENCE                 Middle School Teacher
                           (Rensselaer Central Middle School, Rensselaer, Indiana)     2008-present
                           - teaching all levels of 8th grade Language Arts from
                               remediation to advanced levels
                               teaching full inclusion classes

                           Middle School Teacher                                       2007-2008
                           (Helfrich Park Middle School, Evansville, Indiana)
                           - teaching one section of 8th grade Adv. English
                           - teaching one section of 8th grade English
                           - teaching one block of 8th grade Language Arts
                           - teaching two sections of 7th grade Social Studies
Cooperating Teacher                                       Sept-Dec 2007
(University of Southern Indiana, Evansville, Indiana)
- opened my classroom to intern observation and instruction from University
    of Southern Indiana
- communicated with acting professor of teacher education on a regular basis
    in regards to design and purpose of University of Southern Indiana
- facilitated teaching experiences for student intern from University of
    Southern Indiana as completion of degree requirements on part of the intern
- performed evaluations which included conferences and written feedback for
    both the University of Southern Indiana and teaching candidate intern

Summer School Teacher                                    June 2007
(Evans Middle School, Evansville, Indiana)
- taught two sections of 6th grade Language Arts over a four week period
- tailored instruction to focus on the Indiana power indicators for 6th grade
    Language Arts
- maintained portfolios to submit to school principals as a reference for the
    regular school year
- taught to groups of students with very different needs, including a deaf child
    with an interpreter

 Middle School Teacher                                          2006-2007
(Helfrich Park Middle School, Evansville, Indiana)
- taught 7th graders a Math/Science/Health block for a full school year
- taught 8th graders Language Arts for a full school year
- performed all the regular duties of a full time teacher by creating lesson
    plans, assessing students, implementing differentiation techniques in
    lessons, providing I.E.P accommodations, meeting educational standards for
    the state of Indiana and compiling and recording grades in a web based
    grade book
- participated in staff meetings
- made frequent parent contact and kept phone call logs
- collaborated with other teachers on a regular basis
- administered assessments for state and corporation purposes
- used an effective discipline plan in all classes to instill respect among
    students for teachers and peers

Writing Club Instructor                                         2006-2007
(Helfrich Park Middle School, Evansville, Indiana)
- coordinated an after school club once a week to encourage small groups of
    students ranging from sixth to eighth grade to pursue writing as a hobby
- facilitated writing lessons for students
- aided in publishing tactics for the advanced writers
- presented various contests to students
- taught various writing elements to students as an extra curricular activity

Home School Teacher                             February 1996-July 1996
(Ethiopia, Africa)
- provided interim home school instruction for missionary children (grade 2
and 4) living in a remote area of Ethiopia who were waiting for a permanent
home based instructor
- used an adapted American home school curriculum from the Colorado
Department of Education
             Teacher’s Assistant                                             1995-1996
             (Rift Valley Academy, Kijabe, Kenya)
              - worked as a teacher’s assistant in multi-grade classrooms located in Kijabe,
              - aided several elementary, middle and high school teachers with classroom
              - shadowed a 2nd grade student with ADHD whose second language was
                   English for three concurrent months until proper medicinal routine was
              - attended faculty meetings during the school year

LEADERSHIP   School Improvement Steering Team                            2009-present
              - Worked as the faculty point person on the INSAI school improvement
                 process for Rensselaer Central Middle School.
              - Attended multiple training meetings for INSAI school improvement
                 process development.
              - Lead faculty meetings to inform and educate staff on the school
                 improvement process that INSAI offers.
              - Helped to glean information from staff on the basis of school initiative
                 concerns and interests.
              - With the information gathered through faculty, student and community
                 surveys wrote the mission statement for the INSAI school improvement
              - Contributed thoughts and endeavor initiative ideas in the areas of Language
              - Volunteered time to serve as a point person for Language Arts Initiatives.

             Writing Strategy Chair                                      2009-present
             - Lead instruction and collaboration with writing teachers in regards to
                 writing workshop initiative (SIP)
             - Organized and met with Language Arts teachers to map a fluent writing
                 curriculum (grades 6-8)
             - Communicated with the high school in our district with regard to carry
                 over of writing instruction—curriculum alignment
             - Designed a year-long curriculum map used for both eighth and ninth grade
                 writing—common core standards
             - Provided guidance to teachers in my building and beyond in regards to
                 writing workshop design and implementation.
             - Lead professional development for the corporation as a NWP graduate.
             - Lead staff development regarding writing workshop style of instruction.
             - Published hundreds of pieces of student writing from 2005-present in
                 various local and national media.

             Professional Development Presenter                            August 2010
             - Presented professional development on writing workshop to teachers in my
                 corporation as a part of a corporation wide professional development
             - NWIWP/NWP certified to present as an expert in the areas of writing

             Anti-Bullying Coalition                                     2012-present
             - Headed a coalition of parents, students and teachers in our district to track
                 data on bullying and reporting.
             - Opened avenues of communication between school and community to
                 address concerns of bullying.
                 Grant Writing                                                 2006 – present
                 -Wrote grants that were successful in bringing monies into the schools for
                 Language Arts related activities/programs. (ex. REMC Round-Up, Jasper
DEVELOPMENT     National Middle School Conference                             2007, 2009
                Ruby Payne Training/Case Study                                2007
                Nancy Atwell Conference: Writing Workshop                     2008
                Raising ISTEP Scores                                          2008
                Making Middle Grades Work Conference                          2009
                Ron Clark ICE Conference                                      2009
                INSAI training sessions                                       2009/10
                North West Indiana Writing Project Graduate                   2010
                *This list is not comprehensive.

SKILLS         Computer: MS Word, Power Point, Excel, MS Works, Internet
                 Browsers, Grade Book Pro, RDS Online Grade Book system, and various
                 photo editing software programs, Powerschool, MySkillsTutor, Evernote,
                 Dropbox, iPad, iPhone, SMARTBOARD, Adobe
                Typing: 55-65 wpm

REFERENCES:    Ned Speicher (RCSC Superintendent)     219.866.7822
               Tim McIntosh (Principal)               812.435.8246
               Kelly Berenda (Principal)              219.816.4661
               Rodger Seats (Asst. Principal)         219.816.4661
               Marylinn Quick (BSU Professor)         765.285.3287
               Kelly VanMeter (teacher)               219.863.4398

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