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					Business cards

Per the sample business card:

    1. The blue graphic (as seen on the business card) will be used.
    2. The Maid in Frisco logo will be in the same position as the sample
    3. The other information on the card will be on the right side, positioned the same as
       the sample
    4. If “organic cleaning” in the logo is too small to be seen on the business card,
       remove it and the line above it. Therefore, the logo will be the green circle and
       “Maid in Frisco” only.
    5. Be sure to include the “Maid in Frisco” logo as a watermark on the back of the
       business card, as seen in the sample.
    6. Be sure that the templates have rounded corners.
    7. There are two business card templates to be made.


(logo on left side)

(info below on right side)

Dwight Turner


(logo on left side)

(info below on right side)

Candi Turner


Back of both cards

Residential Home Cleaning

Organic, Bio-Degradable, Eco-Friendly

Locally Owned and Operated