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					      Street Furniture Is an Essential Road

The furniture that is found on the sides of the streets is known as street furniture. Items
like bollards, bus stands, mail boxes, traffic signal and many other items that one sees
on the road are together called street furniture. These items are placed on the roads to
carry out various tasks. The persons in charge of positioning them must take care that
the street furniture does not hamper the regular activity on the roads.

At many points on the road one finds medium sized poles. They are placed to separate
the area for pedestrians to walk, from the main section of the road used by the
vehicular traffic. These poles are called bollards. Many types of bollards like cement,
plastic or cast iron bollards are found. The advantages of using the cast iron bollards are
that they are long lasting and strong. These cast iron bollards are fixed on the roads at
specific distances so that the cars and other transport modes do not enter the
pavement area or the muddy area. Another item from the street furniture seen often is
the park benches.

A park bench is a long seat to accommodate two to three persons. These are seen
mainly in the parks, maintained by the local governing body. Many of the benches found
are generously donated by trusts, individuals or the governing body. The park bench is
meant for people going on walks or visiting the parks. Sometimes these seats are
provided with hand rest, so that the person sitting there does not lie down.

This also discourages undesired proximity. Besides these, a bike stand is also seen. The
bike stand is also called bicycle stand. The stand is useful when many bicycles have to be
parked in a line. The stand could be kept next to a wall or inside a building compound, if
the parking is exclusive. In case of public use the bicycles are parked in a commercial
place using an outdoor version of the bike stand.
Various form of bike stand is available. The most effective type is the one which locks
the tyre and the cycle structure with a wire or a u shaped lock. If the bike stand is to be
a permanent fixture, then placing it in a shaded area would be appropriate. While
walking along the streets or passing by in vehicles one often sees a lot of trees planted
in a row along the street. These add beauty to the road. Here the trees have to be
safeguarded. The best way would be to put a fence around the tree. This fence is the
tree grille. The tree grille protects the roots but also supports the tree and as well guard

If the trees in a residential complex are to be protected then getting a number of tree
grille of a same type would make sense. Planting a lot of trees along the roads and
protecting them with the tree grilles would be a great service to nature.

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Description: The furniture that is found on the sides of the streets is known as street furniture.