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									Custom Pools: Spotlight on Fiber Optics and LED Lighting

When every home or business owner sits down with a designer to come up with a set of plans for what
type of pool they have in mind, each one of them has their own needs and requirements. For many of
them custom pools are their goal and today as the result of a number of technological advancements
there are more avenues for achieving that goal.

New products and systems that not only look better, but also function on a higher level, and while some
do cost more money, at the same time others have become more affordable. So now no matter what
type of budget people have to work with, and that even includes prefabricated above down models, it is
now easier than ever to create custom pools.

Fiber Optics Lighting

Standard electrical wiring has never been the optimal fit for swimming pools and it's not hard to see
why. Electrical wiring and water are just a bad mix. So now to solve many of the problems that came
with electrical wiring there are new fiber optics lighting systems for custom pools. A new way of
delivering lighting around that comes with a number of advantages.

With fiber optics lighting, rather than electrical wires carrying electricity, thin glass cables carry the
light itself to individual light ports. So rather than having separate bulbs at the end of electrical lines the
light comes from one source and then glass cables carry it out from there. So on top of eliminating the
wiring, fiber optics also does away with individual light bulbs.

Then because there's no electricity involved, but rather glass cables, a fiber optics light switch can also
be mounted directly in the water on the side of the pool. This allows for total convenience and because
there is absolutely no electricity being channeled to the light switch, even if it leaks there's never a
chance of electric shock.

LED Lighting Explained

While fiber optics is the most advanced technology and the all-around best system for a swimming
pool, it's also by far the most expensive. So just below that, while still sitting above standard electrical
in terms of technology, is LED lighting for today's custom pools. A system thet while still requiring
electrical wiring, brings with it several advantages over standard lighting.

For example, while LED lighting does use electrical wiring, it is low-voltage. In fact LED lighting runs
off of 12 volts which is the same voltage that an automobile runs off of. So that eliminates the risk of
shock that comes standard 120 volt pool lighting. Then because LED lighting is created by running a
power charge through a crystal, the light sources themselves have much longer service lifes than
standard bulbs.

Then the last benefit that LED lighting brings to custom pools is that it disperses more evenly, so it's
more attractive while it also brings the option of color. Light from standard light bulbs will always have
a bright spot in the middle and a weak area along the outer edges. LED lighting, on the other hand,
comes out more evenly and also spreads out and disperses more evenly for softer, smoother look.

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