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New SEO Tips

The SEO has been evolved into one of the most challenging tasks nowdays.

Back in the days all webmasters had to do is just put meta keywords, title and job was done. The first
SERP was reached very easily. That is the thing of past. Now Google has maed several changes to its
algorith (formula on which it retreivs search results) . No longer the Meta keywords, title are of any
importance. It all about the BACKLINKS. Yes, Backlinks are the incoming links to your website, with
preferably higher Page Rank and authority . The best way is to bring link to your website through manual

I will Focus on importance of manual submission later on . But Lets Just talk about ways of getting
valuable inbound links into our site. SEO Masters over the years have come up with new methods for
getting inbound links. But Still The Tradition ways or say the classic ways are mainstay of the SEO

Various Backlinking Techniques for an SEo Expert :-

1) Directory Submission- Directory Sites are basically a collection of website whcih vary in nature. They
are arranged in different categories and subcategories. Directories sites have become hugely popula due
to the need of relevant content baclinks

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