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									Author: Mark Monciardini. From the website: www.designsbymark.com
© Copyright 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001. Mark Monciardini All Rights Reserved.

Web Buttons
    Select the Rectangle Tool. Now click the Round Rectangle Radius button. Enter 15
and click OK.

    For Line Color choose none, look like an X. For Fill Color, choose blue. Zoom in to
200%. Move over to the work area and draw a button.

    Click the button to select it. Go to Edit>Copy. Make a new layer. Go to Edit>Paste in
Place. When you paste, it becomes selected. Now go to Modify>Transform>Scale.
Scale the pasted version down a bit, make sure to do it enough so it is noticeable at 100%

     Select the Fill Tool. Click on the Fill Color and select the Color Options button like
shown. Click on the Gradient Tab in the Color options. Now click on the New button in the
Color options. Now you need to make a gradient going from white, to the same blue you
used (or close) on Layer one. Make sure you have Linear selected for Gradient type.
When you have the gradient, click on the Change button. Close the Color Options.
     Click on Layer 2 to select the button area. Now fill the button in with the gradient you
have made.

      Click on the Transform Fill Tool. Click on the selected area twice. Click on the white
circle on the right side of the button, drag and rotate it down, this rotates the gradient
inside the object. Next, drag the white square up so the gradients height is the same
height of the button – see image.

     Click outside of the object to apply the transformation. Change the view to 100%.You
are finished.

Tip: Create a gradient like the following to produce more of a plastic type of look to the

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