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									Author: Mark Monciardini. From the website:
© Copyright 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001. Mark Monciardini All Rights Reserved.

                                                 Motion Guides
                                                     Open a new Flash File. Make a Grouped object on
                                                 frame one. Position it in the top left corner.

                                                       Right-click (Mac: Ctrl-Click) on frame 40. Choose
                                                 Insert Keyframe.

                                                     Make a new Motion Guide Layer by clicking on it’s

                                                      Select the Pencil Tool. Draw a path on the Motion
                                                 Guide Layer. For a smoother path, select Smooth from
                                                 the Pencil Mode popup menu. When you are finished.
                                                 Go to View>Snap.

                                                      Click in the middle of the object and drag it until it
                                                 snaps to the path.
     Click on the Object Layer. Now click on Frame 40.
Move the object to the end of the path. Make sure it
snaps to the guide before you release the mouse. You
will see a small circle.

    Double-click on Frame 1 (Object Layer). Select the
Tweening Tab. Select Motion under the popup menu.
Check the box that says Orient to path direction. Click
the OK button.

      Press the Enter Key (Mac: Return) to play the
movie. If you want to hide the Guide in the movie area,
click on the dot under the eye on the Motion Guide

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