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									Basic Preloader
Don’t use a Preloader unless you’re sure your movie
needs to be preloaded. Usually movies around 15-20k
would not need one. So check the file size before

    Open the main movie you want to preload in Flash.
Write down the last frame number that’s on the last
scene of the movie. You’ll need this later. Mine is Frame

   Now make a new Scene by going to Insert>Scene.
Name this new Scene "Preloader" by going to

    Now go to Window>Inspectors>Scene. Drag the
Preloader Scene above the Main Scene. Click on the
small x to close the window.

    Now we will make the loading movie: On the
Preloader Scene, choose the Text Tool and click in the
movie area. Type the word "Loading". Click outside of
the movie area to deselect when finished.
                                                           Right click on Frame 10 (Mac: Ctrl-Click) and
                                                      choose Insert Keyframe. Good, now Right Click on
                                                      frame 5 and do the same. Now press the Delete key so
                                                      you erase the text from that Keyframe.
                                                      By deleting the text on Frame 5, we have created a blinking
                                                      effect. The word "loading" will blink until movie is loaded.
                                                      See step 6.

                                                          To preview this preload scene, go to Control>Loop
                                                      Playback. Now press the Enter key to play the movie.

                                                      Note: You can do any loading effect you like in between
                                                      frame 1 and frame 10, it’s up to you.

                                                           Double click on Frame 1. Select the Actions tab.
                                                      Click on the + button. Select If Frame Is Loaded. Now
                                                      where it says Scene:, Choose the last scene of your
                                                      movie. If you only have one scene like me, then choose
                                                      that one. Make sure you don’t select the Preloader
                                                      Scene :) Where it says Frame:, enter that number you
                                                      wrote down. Don’t press Ok yet--Move to the next step.

                                                          Click on the + button and select Go to. Where it
                                                      says Scene:, choose <next scene>. Click on the +
                                                      button and choose Play. Click the OK button.

                                                         Double click frame 10. Click on the + button. Select
                                                      Go To. Where it says Scene:, select <current scene>.
                                                      Where it says Frame:. Enter 1. Check the box that says
                                                      Control. Click the OK button.

                                                      How to Test Movie
                                                      1. Go to Control>Test Movie.
                                                      2. Go to Show>Streaming.
                                                      View Mark's Movie

Author: Mark Monciardini. From the website:
© Copyright 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001. Mark Monciardini All Rights Reserved.

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