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					                                         IMMACULATE CONCEPTION, EVERETT

      2008 Mass Intentions                                                     ***Welcome Home***
SATURDAY, OCTOBER 18 (St. Luke)                                    Our parish would like to welcome home and thank Ryan
4:00PM……….Luca Galluccio……………………………………….…….Memorial                LaFave for his service to our country. God bless him
                                                                   and his family.
SUNDAY, OCTOBER 19 (Sts. Isaac Jogues; John de Brebeuf)
9:00AM……….Rose Solomita…………………………Seventh Anniversary
11:00AM……….Our Confirmation Candidates……………………………………………….
5:30PM………….Dennis J. Leonard………………………..…….Birthday Memorial                         PLEASE REMEMBER US IN YOUR WILL:
                                                                   Have you considered remembering the Immaculate Parish in
MONDAY, OCTOBER 20 (Sts. Paul of the Cross; Irene)                 your will? It is a wonderful way to help pass on the legacy
7:00AM……….Special Intention…………………………………………………………                  of our faith to future generations of parishioners.

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 21 (St. Celine)
7:00AM……….Catherine Pizzano……………………Nineth Anniversary
                                                                                   Donating Hosts, Altar Wines or the Burning
                                                                   of the Sanctuary Light is a beautiful way to prayerfully
WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 22 (St. Mary Salome)
                                                                   remember your deceased love ones. Arrangements for
7:00AM……….Domenic & Florence Campanaro…….……..Memorial
                                                                   booking a week can be made by contacting the Rectory any
                                                                   weekday. A suggested donation of $25 would be
THURSDAY, OCTOBER 23 (St. John Capistrano)
7:00AM……….Mass for the Holy Family…………………………Memorial

                                                                   The Altar Bread, Wine and Sanctuary Candle for the Week
FRIDAY, OCTOBER 24 (St. Anthony Mary Claret)
                                                                   of October 19th, are in honor of: Lorraine Twomey.
7:00AM……….Edna Ellis and Family………………………………..Memorial

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 25 (St. Guadentius)
                                                                                  BEREAVEMENT MASS: As an expression
4:00PM……….Frank Verlizzo………………………………………………Memorial
                                                                   of sympathy to our families that have lost a loved one,
                                                                   every month we will celebrate a Mass for those that have
SUNDAY, OCTOBER 26 (Sts. Demetrius; Evaristus
                                                                   passed away during the previous month. Our Mass for those
9:00AM……….Kathleen Lachance……………..Seventh Anniversary
                                                                   who have left us in September will be SUNDAY, OCTOBER
11:00AM…..Bereavement Mass for September………………………..
                                                                   26TH AT 11:00AM for the following: Mildred E. Arinello,
5:30PM……….Ralph (Papa) Shalsi………………...Third Anniversary
                                                                   John M. Aucello, John F. Borello, Margaret A. Cipolla,
                                                                   Florence DeGregorio, Nancy M. Jenner, Mary T. Merchant,
                                                                   Norman B. Richard, John J. Sarro, and Annette Marie
REMEMBER:.Especially Baby Caden, Julie & Matthew, Ellen
Bertino, Margo Capobianco, Mary Doherty, Fr. James Field, Robert
E. Foote, Sarah Francis, Angela Laft, Courtney Mulry, Dorothy
Niedzwiecki, Lenny Piazza, Edward Russ, Debbie Ryan, Rosemary
Sullivan, Agostino Valeri, Jr.

                                                                   "Show me the coin that pays the census tax." Then they handed him the
OUR DECEASED: Joseph F. Grassa.                                         Roman coin. He said to them, "Whose image is this and whose
                                                                    inscription?" They replied, "Caesar's." At that he said to them, "Then
                                                                      repay to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to
                                                                                             God." - Mt. 22:19-21

That they might be safe in the days and weeks ahead.
                                                                        TODAY IS– LOLLIPOP SUNDAY!!
Especially those connected to our Parish Family, Daniel            Several people will be at the back of the Church
Bourque, Larry Capone, Rafael Cruz, Andrew DelRossi,               selling lollipops to benefit Parish.
Aaron Dion, Richard Fitzpatrick, Matthew P. Gregorio,
Matthew Judd, Dennis Johnson, Martin Johnson, Michael
Kulka, James Lally, William Leek, Joseph Matteucci,
Matthew Moschella, Mark Mulray, Paul Nee, Colin O’Neil,
John Rutledge, Sam Rutledge, Joshua Shepard, Steven
                                                                             Congratulations and God’s Blessing To
Stone, Gregg Snyder, Anthony Thomas, Sara Traskos, Kevin                  AMANDA HORGAN AND JAMES LALLY
Turner, and those unknown to us.                                          Who were married in our Church Last Weekend.
                                              TWENTY-NINTH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------                 SCHOOL OPEN HOUSES
OFFERTORY:                                 $ 3,824.00                              THOMAS MORE COLLEGE: High school Seniors and Juniors are
GRAND ANNUAL                               $10,675.00                              invited to attend TMC’s “Come & See Weekend.” THURSDAY,
                                                                                   OCTOBER 23RD TO SATURDAY, OCTOBER 24TH in Merrimack,
                                           70 Families thru Oct. 12th
                                                                                   NH. The “Octoberfest" will round out the weekend on Saturday
                                                                                   night. For more info or call
             MONTHLY ENVELOPES: Every month when you                               800.880.8308.
receive your envelopes, there are special collection envelopes
enclosed. Our offertory OCTOBER 19TH, has two intentions: Our                      ARLINGTON CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL: All 7TH and 8TH
Regular Parish Support Collection and Mission Sunday. If you wish                  Graders are invited SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 9TH FROM 1:00-3:00PM
to donate, please put it in a separate envelope marked “Mission                    for our annual open house. For more info, call 781.646.8255 or
Sunday” and place it in the basket.                                      

2008 CATHOLIC APPEAL-HANDING ON THE LIGHT OF                                       MALDEN CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL: All 7TH and 8TH Graders
CHRIST: HANDING ON THE LIGHT OF CHRIST: Thank you to                               are invited SUNDAY, OCTOBER 26TH FROM 10:00-2:00PM for our
all supporters of the 2008 Catholic Appeal. Our parish has raised                  annual open house. For more information, please call 781.322.3098
$19,516 from 122 households, reaching 84.8% percent of our                         or
parish goal of $23,000. (We only have $3,484 left to raise.) If                    ___________________________________________________________
you have not yet pledged, please consider a gift today and help us
meet our goal. Information packets with pledge forms are in the                    PROTECTING GOD’S CHILDREN: Our next class will be
back of the church. Visit                            held NOVEMBER 1ST.

MONDAY EVENINGS FROM 6:30-7:30PM in our Chapel. During                             Starting, TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 4TH FROM 7:00PM-9:00PM and
this time we pray for our priests and vocations to the priesthood.                 running for 6 weeks, a workshop on Pastoral Care to the Sick and
                                                                                   the Homebound will be offered. Eucharistic ministers, pastoral
PARISH COUNCIL MEETING: To take place MONDAY,                                      visitors, parish nurses and others are encouraged to attend. The
OCTOBER 20TH AT 6:30PM in the Rectory.                                             fee is $40. For more information or to register, call
PROJECT RACHEL: “Come to the Waters of Healing”. (A day of
prayer and healing from the pain of abortion.) This day is designed                WORLDWIDE MARRIAGE ENCOUNTER: “Keep on doing what you
to help women hurting from past abortions to experience the                        have learned and received and heard and seen in me. Then the God
personal love of Christ and find hope for healing. It will take place              of peace will be with you.” What has God said to you about
NOVEMBER 15TH FROM 9:00-4:00PM. This day of prayer will                            enriching your marriage? The next Weekends in New England are
end with a closing Mass.                                                           November 7-9 and December 5-7. For more information call Ralph
                                                                                   and Jane Becker at 1- 800-710-WWME or visit our web page at
SUNDAY) The original Charter of Court Everett #324 is displayed
today under the picture of Our Lady of Perpetual Help. Court
                                                                                                  LITTLE SISTERS OF THE POOR: Invites our
Everett #324 has been at our Parish for 91 YEARS. In 1917, 30
                                                                                   parishioners to join them on NOVEMBER 8TH for their Annual
courageous ladies started the Everett Court. America had entered
                                                                                   Christmas Bazaar. There are some great bargains to be had and of
WWI. These ladies helped support the troops by making clothes for
                                                                                   course, their famous beef stew. The bazaar takes place at the
war victims, knitting mittens, attending First Aid classes, supporting
                                                                                   Jeanne Jugan Residence, 186 Highland Ave, Somerville. Any
food conservation campaigns, and becoming Red Cross volunteers.
                                                                                   questions, call 617.776.4420.
Their names are listed on the Charter. Today, the Catholic
Daughters of the Americas has expanded to Courts in 45 States,
                                                                                   BLOOD PRESSURE CLINIC Our next clinic will take place on
Puerto Rico, Mexico, The Dominican Republic, Guam, The Philippines
                                                                                   SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 8TH FROM 3:15-3:45PM. at the back of
and the Virgin Islands. The CDA donates to charities, administers
                                                                                   the Church.
scholarships and education programs, and strives to help wherever
there is pain, poverty, sorrow and sickness. The CDA’s motto is
“Unity and Charity”. Rev. Gerald Osterman is Chaplain of Court                     1000 CLUB: Congratulations to our Big October winners: Carol
Everett. Rev. Kevin O’Leary, Rector of Holy Cross Cathedral, is                    Carbone, Carole Lucey, Doreen Dugan, Please join us on SATURDAY
State Chaplain.                                                                    NOVEMBER 8TH AT 5:00PM for our next drawing. Numbers are

FOXWOODS TRIPS Please join us for a fun and relaxing
day trips to Foxwoods this fall. Our next trip will be
                                                                                            PARISH BREAKFAST: Join us for our next breakfast
TUESDAY, OCTOBER 28TH. Seats still available.                                      on SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 9TH FROM 7:30AM-10:30AM. Please join
                                                                                   us and enjoy breakfast with friends and family.
                                                       OCTOBER 19, 2008

                    CLASS SCHEDULE                                   LECTORS AND EUCHARISTIC MINISTERS: We are looking
                                                                     for adults and teenagers who have received the Sacrament
GRADES 6-8:                                                          of Confirmation who are interested in becoming a Lector or
Thursdays: 6:00PM-7:15PM at the Summer Street School.                Eucharistic Minister. If interested, please call Rick.

GRADES 9-10:                                                         RECTORY COVERAGE:      We are in need of volunteers to
Thursdays: 6:30PM-8:00PM in the CHAPEL and then, after               answer the phones and door on Saturdays and Sundays from
Benediction, in the Lower Church Hall. Please be on time.            9:00-12:00PM. Please call the Rectory if interested.

CONFIRMATION: Our Confirmation ceremony will take                    SAINTS ALIVE: If you read many "spiritual" books or only one or
place THIS SUNDAY AT THE 11:00AM MASS. We have 34                    two a year, make this one of them! A recent publication is a gem!
                                                                     It is written by a local, diocesan priest, who happens to be a
candidates receiving this year and we ask that you pray for
                                                                     biblical scholar. His name is Phil King. Perhaps you have heard of
them that God will lead them and their family to a life of
                                                                     him or had him as a professor at Boston College. He is retired now
Joy in our Church. The basket of names will be in the back           from teaching but continues to write for scholarly journals and
of our Church.                                                       recently completed this wonderful book: "The Bible is For Living: A
                                                                     Scholar's Spiritual Journey". He was quick to tell me that the sub-
                                                                     title was added by the editor as he is a humble man. “With the
                                                                     Bible as our guide, we are pilgrims, climbing mountains and
                                                                     descending valleys, on our way to the holy city of Jerusalem. Some
                    CLASS SCHEDULE                                   of us have been on the road longer than others, as all strive to
                                                                     reach the goal. The bible illustrates for us the loving embrace of
                           WWJD??                                    God, and shares with us the struggles of earlier pilgrims, men and
Well, He’d make sure you were signed up for RELed Classes!           women, some who have succeeded and others who have not.” These
                                                                     are the concluding words of this very beautiful book and a special
GRADES 1-5:                                                          blessing is in store for all who read and ponder it.
Sundays: 10:15AM-11:15AM at the School on Summer
Street.                                                                            SPECIAL THANK YOUS!
                                                                     TO EILEEN LATTANZI: For the new “Come Holy Spirit”
GRADES 3, 4, 5:
                                                                     banner used for Confirmation.
Mondays: 2:45PM-4:00PM at the Lower Church Hall

GRADES 1, 2 (AND SACRAMENTAL PREPARATION:                            TO MICHAEL MARCELLA: As he returns home after
Tuesdays: 3:00PM-4:00PM                                              spending a week rebuilding homes in Mississippi.

                                                                     FROM RICK RANDAZZO: Thank you to all those that have
                                                                     donated to Sight For Sully. Your support of my families walk has
      EUCHARISTIC ADORATION OF THE BLESSED                           been overwhelming. Please know that all of you are in our prayers.
SACRAMENT builds Christian Community, as the Eucharist is the        (Now you need to pray that I can make the long walk.) God Bless
greatest unifying force on earth. Jesus, in the Blessed Sacrament,   and Love Ya!
encourages, enables, and empowers us to love one another as He
has loved us. Adoration will be held EVERY THURSDAY from
                                                                     FROM THE SAINT VINCENT de PAUL SOCIETY: Wish to thank
7:45AM to 6:30PM in the Lower Church. Adoration will conclude
                                                                     all those who helped with our “Help us help others” fund raiser by
with Benediction of the Most Blessed Sacrament at 6:30PM. All are
                                                                     presenting a free mini-concert featuring John Pellegrini and
welcome to come and spend some time in the Lord’s presence.
                                                                     Catherine Perrotta preforming songs of inspiration dedicated to the
                                                                     memory of Joey LoRusso.
The Rosary at 6:30AM (EVERY DAY BEFORE MASS)
                                                                                Save the Date: November 1, 2008 -7 PM
                The Regina Coeli at 12:00PM                                           John and Catherine in Concert
            The Divine Mercy Chaplet at 3:00PM.                              Blessed Sacrament Parish - Summer St., Saugus, MA
             The Rosary at 5:30PM For Peace &                        A collation will be held in the hall after the concert. Their new CD
                   Holy Father’s Intention                           “Songs for Joey” will be available for sale, profits going to benefit
            The Divine Mercy Chaplet at 6:30PM                       the Joey LoRusso Scholarship Fund.

        : God Bless those who are celebrating a birthday
this month: Ann Adamo, Joseph Assezo, Edith Festa, Helen                    NEWS. If you are interested in becoming a Catholic, then
V. Gentile, Catherine Kerrigan, Gertrude O’Brien, Mary               allow the team at Immaculate Conception to accompany you in your
                                                                     journey. Please call today to leave your name and phone number.
Walker. How blessed we are to have such faith-filled people
among us.
                                        TWENTY-NINTH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME
SUPPLIES FOR VETERANS: Padraig O’Brien is a Scout in Troop
7, West Roxbury, sponsored by Holy Name Parish. He is a
candidate for Eagle Scout (the highest award any Scout may earn.)
Part of his duties include, doing a service project to benefit others.
Pat has chosen to collect items for the veterans at some of our
hospitals. Items that he is looking for include toiletries, books,
board games, dvds, and any other items that may help these
veterans pass the days while recovering. There will be some boxes
near the front of the Church for the next few weeks. If you care
to put any items in the boxes, I will collect them and deliver them
to Pat for him to distribute. We appreciate any help from the
Parish community—all the little items add up to make a big
difference. Mike Piazza can be reached at 617.389.5546 for any
questions. Thank you in advance.

---Painting continues in the back area of the Altar;
---Painting window on Mansfield Street and large window inside
       next to music area;
---Rectory windows to be replaced;
---We are looking at replacing the garage doors;

     ST. VINCENT de PAUL SOCIETY: Please remember to place
your donation for the poor in the box at the rear of our church.
Please be assured that your donations are much appreciated. We
are also still collecting clothes. They can be left in the church
parking lot by the garage door. Without your help we could not
continue to serve the needy of our parish. Thank you.

     BOX TOPS FOR CATHOLIC SCHOOLS: While several schools
have closed in the area, we as a parish have parishioners with
school age children attending surrounding catholic schools. We have
children in St. Anthony’s, Everett; St. Rose, Chelsea; and St.
Ann’s, Somerville; just to name a few. In an effort to support
them, a simple way is the “Box tops Education” program. Please clip
the box tops from your favorite cereals, bakery goods, paper
products and put them in an envelope marked “Box Tops” and we will
divide them up and send to the schools. Thank you for helping!

PULL-TABS FOR RECYCLING: We are assisting the Shriners’
Burn Institute in collecting Pull-Tabs from soda cans. The tabs are
sold to a recycling company and the proceeds will be used to buy
non-medical items for the children in the hospital. Pull-Tabs may be
dropped off at the Rectory or put in the collection baskets.

SHAWS RECEIPTS: We are collecting receipts from Shaws
supermarket. Please drop them in the collection box or at the
Rectory. Thank you.

Mès nan pawas la chak Dimanch a 4 trè pa anba. Bis 97, 104, 109
pase devan Legliz la; Bis 110 ak 112 ap lage w yon kafou anvan w
pran Legliz la. Ou ka rele nan (617-389-0029) si w bezwen plis
enfomasyon oswa voye yon mesaj nan

      Especially, Malden Auto Body of Everett.
   Without them, our bulletin could not be possible.
                                     END OF BULLETIN

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