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									                                        ISSUE 55, VOLUME 2                                                                                                      WEEKEND, MARCH 19-21, 2004

              Tommy Hilfiger                                                                                                                                   Angelina Jolie
                                   takes Manhattan,                                                                                                                          An exclusive interview
                                   with Fashion show
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                                          Pols cash in
Should NYC cancel the deal
to sell Snapple in schools?

Baby washes
up on beach
  The body of a newborn baby boy
                                          Which politicians are your neighbors donating money to?
washed ashore on a Raritan Bay
beach yesterday with two skull            BY MARCUS BARAM                        ponderance of blue dots on the map.
fractures. Authorities said it could      amNewYork News Editor                  And the Upper East Side seems to
not be determined whether those             Always wanted to know what your deserve its nickname as the Silk
happened before his death. The            neighbors are up to? Now you can — Stocking District, judging by the
unclothed infant was found by a           at least when it comes to their polit- majority of contributions going to
man walking on the beach.        (AP)     ical preferences.                      Republicans, shown by the red dots.
                                            A new map plots individual cam-        As proof of Manhattan’s liberal
Medicare scam                             paign contributions above $200 reputation, there are more blue dots
                                          throughout Manhattan by street throughout the island, especially
targets seniors                           address, giving a clear snapshot of downtown in the enclaves of
                                          the political shades of the city’s Greenwich Village and the East
  For many, the new Medicare              neighborhoods.                         Village. An exception is the giant red
drug discount card will be a way to         Manhattan is a magnet for politi- dot near Wall Street, at 85 Broad
save money. For a few, it is a way to     cians in search of cash. Contributors Street, the headquarters of invest-
make money scamming seniors.              have given $37,234,128 to federal ment bank Goldman Sachs (they’re
The program to offer cards with           candidates, parties and PACs in the the eighth-biggest career patrons to
discounts on prescription drugs           2004      election                                     President      Bush),
won’t begin until May, but 11             cycle, according Manhattan contributions               who’ve given $29,000
states have seen con artists target       to the Center for
Medicare beneficiaries.          (AP)     Responsive
                                                                to Presidential candidates toMeanwhile, the
                                          Politics. And as George W. Bush $5,062,446             apartment building
A cow on the                              befits tradition, John Kerry
                                          the city is largely Howard Dean
                                                                                                 at 770 Park Avenue is
                                                                                                 a den of Democratic
moooooove!                                Democratic, with Wesley Clark
                                          almost 70% of Joe Lieberman
                                                                                                 donors who’ve given
                                                                                                 $50,000 in total,
  IDAHO FALLS — When a cow                that, $22,396,26 John Edwards          $1,129,675      including      banker
left a barn in Idaho Falls, nobody        being donated to Dick Gephardt         $1,112,516      Dirk Ziff, “Lord of
expected a chase, a wounded ani-          Democrats and                                          the Rings” producer
                                                                Bob Graham         $197,802
mal control officer or an attack on       31%, $10,088,139                                       Michael Lynne, and
a police vehicle. The Turnbow             contributed to Lyndon LaRouche $125,652                real estate heiress
family, an animal control officer, a      Republicans.          Dennis Kucinich     $82,307      Constance Milstein
state brand inspector and two               In comparison, Al Sharpton              $70,063      and several key
police officers spent four hours          Brooklyn donat- Carol M. Braun            $11,400      fundraisers for John
chasing the animal Monday. The            ed $2.2 million,                                       Kerry, John Edwards
cow rammed into a police Ford             Queens donated                                         and Howard Dean.         Red dots are home to Republican donors. Blue dots are home to Democratic donors.
Explorer, denting a front panel.          $1.6 million, the Bronx donated Other notable Democratic apart-                 Contributions are mapped by individual street address. The bigger the circle, the more
The cow was lassoed and yanked            $719,000 and Staten Island donated ment buildings include the El                money contributed. For more details, log on to:
into a trailer with pulleys.    (AP)      $411,000.                              Dorado, the Dakota, and the San
                                            And the numbers fit the stereo- Remo.                                          Top Democratic Buildings                    Top Republican Buildings
WEATHER                                   types pretty well — there are plenty     The information was compiled by         Address               Amount                Address               Amount
                                          of donors in the wealthy environs the Chelsea-based design group                 770 Park Ave          $50,000               85 Broad St           $29,000
                                          around Central Park, but they’re Eyebeam R & D, for a Website, fun-              300 Central Park W    $41,100               345 Park Ave          $27,750
                                          divided by party. The Upper West, which also includes                  120 E End Ave         $31,700               383 Madison Ave       $22,500
SNOW EARLY p/26                           Side remains essentially liberal, with detailed national maps of political       146 Central Park W    $28,950               834 5Th Ave           $18,000
39º 31º                                   most contributions going to the contributions and allows one to look
                                          Democrats, as evidenced by the pre- up individual addresses.
                                                                                                                           1185 Park Ave         $27,350               70 Pine St            $17,000

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