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                                                   A North Central Planning Commission Employee Newsletter

                            Comments from Eric                            Letter from the Editor

                                                                          Conquering any difficulty always gives one
                        Today (January 15 ), House Democrats un-                         a secret joy,
                        veiled details of an economic stimulus pack-      for it means pushing back a boundary-line
                        age that will contain roughly $850 billion in             and adding to one’s liberty.
                        spending for infrastructure programs and
tax incentives. Of this amount, $550 billion is contained in the ap-                         Henri Frederic Amiel
propriations section of the bill and will fund a variety of infrastruc-
ture programs, as well as education programs and Medicaid fund-           Erik Weihenmayer has climbed to the highest peaks on
ing for states. Another $300 billion is reserved for various tax incen-   each of the seven continents. On September 5, 2002, the
tives.                                                                    day of his seventh summit, he joined a group of less than
In a summary released by House Democrats, Congress is expected to         100 people to ever do the same. It is his incredible inner
begin consideration of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act         strength that has allowed him to withstand the powerful
of 2009 within the next two weeks and the Act is designed to create       elements of nature: roaring winds, ice blizzards, and oxy-
and save 3-4 million jobs. The package targets investments over sev-      gen depletion. Erik, the ultimate athlete, also runs mara-
eral thematic areas, including:                                           thons, is a long distance cyclist, and paraglides. One last
   Clean, Efficient, American Energy                                      note about Erik: he is blind.

   Transforming our Economy with Science and Technology                   As the first blind man to summit Mt. Everest, Erik has shat-
                                                                          tered the world’s perceptions of blind people. And while he
   Modernize Roads, Bridges, Transit and Waterways                        says, “I don’t climb mountains to prove blind people can
   Education for the 21st Century                                         climb mountains; I climb mountains because I love it,”
                                                                          clearly, he has shown it’s not about what you have; it’s
   Tax Cuts to Make Work Pay and Create Jobs                              what you do with what you’re given.
   Helping Workers Hurt by the Economy                                    The human spirit can be unconquerable. We have the abil-
   Saving Public Sector Jobs and Protecting Vital Services                ity to push ourselves beyond the seemingly rigid laws of
                                                                          nature. By welcoming adversity and not becoming over-
For a detailed breakdown of either the (1) infrastructure portion or      whelmed by physical limitations, this man has shown us
the (2) tax provisions of the stimulus package, please contact your
                                                                          that one’s state of mind is everything.
respective department head. Thanks.
                                                                          He is a wise man who does not grieve for the things which
                                                                                                   he has not,
                                                                                      but rejoices for those which he has.


                                                                          Wishing you a happy New Year filled with the strength and
                                                                          courage to reach your goals!


                                                                                                            JANUARY 2 0 0 9
                                          A North Central Planning Commission Employee Newsletter

                                    DO YOU KNOW                        In his spare time Dick likes to visit his children as well as
                                  YOUR ALAPHABET?                      watch football, hunt, ride his 4-wheeler and swim. He is a
                                                                       member of the Men’s Fraternity of SS. Peter and Paul
                                 Dick Kolodick                         Byzantine Catholic Church, and spent 10 years coaching
                                                                       little league baseball and softball.
                                 All who attended the annual
                                 dinner last July will remember        Thanksgiving is one of his favorite holidays which proba-
                                 one of the most entertaining          bly leads to the New Year’s Resolution that he and many
                                 presentations of the evening:         of us make, “As always, try to lose a few more pounds.”

                                  J.B. was referred by the CAO,        When asked to share something about himself that many
                                  OVR and TAA to the WIA pro-          coworkers may not know, Dick revealed that his high
gram. JB was enrolled in the CWDS system and completed a               school golf coach was former NBA coach Chuck Daley.
WIA registration and started his IEP and applied for an ITA or
IRC or a CAA to attend CCCTC for his CDL to drive truck for
UPS. Next he will be enrolled in WRSS classes and start his GED
through CIU-10. JB was referred to the BWDP staff because he is
TRADE eligible to start his TAA packet and now will be duel en-
rolled in TRADE and WIA so he can apply for an ITA and not the
IRC or CAA to attend CCCTC for his CDL to drive truck for UPS.
                                                                        STAFF DONATES TO FOOD BANK
After graduation JB will meet with me to close his IEP and all
services, the IS01, IS02, IS04, IS05, TS01 and start IF08 for fol-    In lieu of exchanging gifts, staff at the North Central
low up services.                                                      Pennsylvania Regional Planning and Development
Many of us have worked with Dick Kolodick, the creator of this        Commission brought nonperishable items to their
speech, for many years and have always been charmed by his            recent Christmas party. The items were arranged in
cheerful personality and wonderful sense of humor. Dick has           boxes by county and were donated to local food
been an Employability Counselor for North Central for almost          banks in the 6 counties that North Central serves. In
20 years and says the best part of the job is when he can tell a      the photo are staff pictured with the boxes to be do-
client that there is funding available for them to go to school to    nated to Potter, McKean, Elk, Clearfield, Cameron,
receive training for a better job in order to support their family.
                                                                      and Jefferson county food banks.
He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education
and spent 10 ½ years teaching, 8 years as a physical education
instructor in Wichita, Kansas, and 2 ½ years in the DuBois Public
Schools. Dick also worked for 9 years as a rock shuttle car op-
erator at Greenwich Colliers Underground Mines.

His wife Eileen is a 1st grade teacher in Punxsutawney and he has
3 children. Son Rick is a sales representative for Sonoco Indus-
tries in Indianapolis, Indiana; daughter Amy is a speech patholo-
gist in the Anne Arundel County Schools in Baltimore, Mary-
land; and daughter Laura is a respiratory therapist at the Univer-
sity of Penn Hospital in Philadelphia.
                                        A North Central Planning Commission Employee Newsletter

                                                                                      WIC HEALTH TIP
The natural surroundings of Jones Township provides a natural
and relaxed atmosphere with the opportunity for the local resi-    Cold weather offers great ways to have family fun.
dents and visitors alike to enjoy the many outdoor activities in
                                                                   Take time to play together - and move more. You’ll
the area.
                                                                   all feel good! As an adult, you need to move for at
                                                                   lest 30 minutes on most days. Your
                                                                   child needs at least 60 minutes of
                                                                   moving on most days

                                         EAST BRANCH DAM

                                                                            EGG NUTRITION
                                                                      Eggs contain the highest quality protein you can buy. Egg
                                                                       protein has just the right mix of essential amino acids
                                                                       needed by humans to build tissues. In addition, eggs
                                                                       have thirteen essential vitamins and minerals.

                                                                      Eggs contain the highest quality food protein
                                                                       known. It is second only to mother’s milk for human nu-
TWIN LAKES                                                             trition

                                                                      Egg yolk is the major source of the egg’s vitamins and

                                                                      A large egg contains only 75 calories and 5 grams of fat

                                                                      Egg yolks are one of the few foods that naturally contain
                                                                       Vitamin D.

                                                                      Eggs have no vitamin C because the chick can produce it
                                                                       from food it eats.


      Allegheny National Forest

   These lands were the very first
   state game lands purchased by
   the Game Commission in 1920
                               A North Central Planning Commission Employee Newsletter

                              January 11, 1935, Amelia              TIPS FROM SHEILA
                              Earhart wasn't afraid to
                              break down barriers. In               CAPTCHA Tests
                              1928, she was the first
                              woman to fly as a passen-             Yes, CAPTCHA is rather odd sounding, but it's something we all
                              ger across the Atlantic               have to deal with on our computers from time to time. Not sure
                              Ocean. Then, in 1932, she             what it means? CAPTCHA stands for Completely Automated Pub-
                              became the first woman to             lic Turing [test to tell] Computers and Humans Apart. It's basi-
                              pilot a plane across that             cally a kind of response test used with computers to determine if
                              ocean. There weren't many             a user is human or not.
female pilots back then, and her actions inspired other
                                                                    In other words, when you're on certain Web sites, have you ever
women to follow their dreams. This was especially impor-
                                                                    had to type in a series of letters and numbers in order to con-
tant because there were few career choices available to             tinue? If so, that's a CAPTCHA test! The code is sometimes dis-
women at that time. Amelia Earhart has inspired genera-             torted or it will have a design behind it that makes it a little
tions of women to do things that had never been done by             harder to read. They look something
women before.                                                       like this:
                          America’s Story from America’s Library
                                                                    CAPTCHA tests are usually used on sites that allow you to do
                                                                    your shopping online. Web sites like MySpace and Ticketmaster,
                                                                    among others, use them a lot as well.

    "After midnight the moon set and I was alone                    Yes, CAPTCHA tests are sometimes hard to solve, but they are
    with the stars. I have often said that the lure                 there for your own good. They are mainly used for security, es-
    of flying is the lure of beauty, and I need no                  pecially on Web sites that require you to enter in your personal
                                                                    information. See, sometimes hackers use what are called bots to
    other flight to convince me that the reason
                                                                    attack users. The bots are generated by computers and in reality,
    flyers fly, whether they know it or not, is the
                                                                    computers are unable to solve the CAPTCHA tests. Only humans
    esthetic appeal of flying." - Amellia Earhart                   can type in the right code and continue on, so that really helps in
                                                                    keeping you safe.
                                                                                                                      - Kim Komando

                                                                      HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!

                                                                           Donna Hottel
                                                                           Mike Olay

                                                                   We would like to honor birthdays in the monthly newsletter…
                                                                   please reply with the month of your birth!!!!!!
                                       A North Central Planning Commission Employee Newsletter

                                                                                     Departure of the Outgoing

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully                              George and Laura Bush depart the
execute the office of the President of the United                                   U.S. Capitol from the East Front on
                  States, and will to the best of                                   January 20, 2009.
                  my ability, preserve, protect
                                                                                   Following the inaugural ceremony on
                  and defend the Constitution of
                                                                                   the west front of the U.S. Capitol,
                  the United States."                                              the outgoing President and First Lady
                                                            leave the Capitol to begin their post-presidential lives.

                                                            Traditionally, the President's departure takes place with
  The next presidential inauguration for Barack             little ceremony. An 1889 "Handbook of Official and Social
                                                            Etiquette and Public Ceremonies at Washington," described
   Obama will take place on January 20, 2009.
                                                            the outgoing President's departure this way:
                                                            His departure from the Capital is attended with no cere-
                                                            mony, other than the presence of the members of his late
Inaugural History                                           Cabinet and a few officials and personal friends. The Presi-
For more than two hundred years America’s citizens          dent leaves the Capital as soon as practicable after the inau-
have witnessed the Inauguration ceremonies of the           guration of his successor.
President and Vice President of the United States.
From the first Inauguration of George Washington, in        In recent years, the newly installed President and Vice Presi-
New York City, in 1789, to today, as we prepare for the     dent have escorted their predecessors out of the Capitol
56th quadrennial Presidential Inauguration, the swear-      after the swearing-in ceremony. The members of the Joint
ing-in ceremony represents both national renewal and        Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies gather
continuity of leadership. As each president has offered     on the stairs on the east front of the Capitol Building. The
a vision for America’s future, we reflect on the heri-      new Vice President escorts the outgoing Vice President and
tage of Inaugurations past.                                 his spouse out of the Capitol through a military cordon.
                                                            Then, the new President escorts the outgoing President
                                                            and his spouse through the military cordon. Since Gerald
Inaugural Day Events                                        Ford's departure in 1977, the former President and First
                                                            Lady have left the Capitol grounds by helicopter (weather
                                                            The new President and Vice President then return to the
                 Joe Biden is a rare mix. A leader who      Capitol Building for the inaugural luncheon hosted by the
                 has worked for decades in Washing-         Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies.
                 ton, but has never lived there. An
                 expert on foreign policy, whose heart
                 and values are firmly rooted in the
middle class. He has stared down dictators, and spo-
                                                                       "A Ne w Bir t h of Fr e e d om " co m m em o -
ken for America's cops and firefighters. He is uniquely
                                                                       r at es t h e 200t h an n iver sar y o f Ab r ah am
suited to serve as Barack Obama’s partner in the ur-                   Lin co ln 's b ir t h . Th e w o r d s, ech o in g
gent mission to bring about the change America needs                   acr o ss 200 year s f r o m Ab r ah am Lin co ln 's
to put our country back on track                                       Get t ysb u r g ad d r ess, exp r ess Lin co ln 's
                                                                       h o p e t h at t h e sacr if ice o f t h o se w h o
                                                          d ied t o p r eser ve t h e Un it ed St at es w o u ld lead t o
                                                          "a n ew b ir t h o f f r eed o m " f o r t h e n at io n ”
                                         A North Central Planning Commission Employee Newsletter

  Stay Warm, Lower Your                                        When installed in a home with a well-sealed home enve-
   Bills and Go Green in                                       lope, heat pumps will provide great value and comfort for
            2009                                               your energy dollar. An ENERGY STAR qualified geothermal
                                                               heat pump is 30 percent more efficient than comparable
                                                               new equipment and can save you as much as $200 annu-
Improve        your home’s comfort                             ally. A qualified electric heat pump is 20 percent more effi-
and save energy and money while                                cient and can save you about $130 annually.
doing the right thing for the environ-
ment. By using energy efficiently in
                                                               Boilers – An ENERGY STAR qualified boiler uses features
your home, you can make a difference by preventing air
                                                               like electric ignition and new combustion technologies that
pollution from power plants. Here are some simple recom-
                                                               extract more heat from the same amount of fuel, to be 7 per-
mendations from the U.S. Environmental Protection
                                                               cent more energy-efficient.
                                                               Programmable Thermostats – Regulate your home’s
Put Your Home to the Test – Doing a home improve-              temperature with four programmable settings and you can
ment project this fall or winter? ENERGY STAR has online       save about $100 annually on your energy bills.
tools to evaluate your home’s energy performance and
offer solutions to increase comfort and energy efficiency.
Visit Energy Star’s home improvement section and have
your utility bills handy for savings calculations.

Cash in on Special Offers – Concerned about the cost                     READY FOR THE NEW YEAR?
of new heating equipment? Check with your local utility or
visit the rebate finder at
to see if there are any special deals on high efficiency
heating equipment. Manufacturer rebates are usually of-
fered in fall and early spring. Ask for ENERGY STAR quali-
fied equipment – it might cost more up front, but will offer
you greater savings and comfort for years to come.

Shop Smart – If your heating equipment has been
poorly maintained and is 15 years or older, it’s probably
time for a more efficient replacement. Ask for an ENERGY
STAR when buying the following equipment:

Furnaces – One in four furnaces in U.S. homes is more
than 20 years old. Old furnaces cost more to operate per
year than new, ENERGY STAR qualified models that are
15 percent more efficient than standard models.

Heat Pumps – Today’s electric and geothermal heat
pumps are much more efficient than those installed just 10
years ago.
                                  A North Central Planning Commission Employee Newsletter

                                                               Christa McAuliffe (1948-1986)

                                                                                                 Sharon Christa McAuliffe,
Blood is traditionally in short supply during the                                                the first teacher to fly in
                                                                                                 space.      Selected from
winter months due to the holidays, travel sched-
                                                                                                  among more than 11,000
ules, inclement weather and illness. January, in                                                  applicants from the educa-
particular, is a difficult month for blood centers to                                             tion profession for en-
collect blood donations. A reduction in turnout can                                                trance into the astronaut
put our nation’s blood inventory at a critical low.                                                ranks

                                                                                           NASA selected McAuliffe for this
                                                               position in the summer of 1984 and in the fall she took a year-
                                                               long leave of absence from teaching, during which time NASA
                                                               would pay her salary, and trained for an early 1986 Shuttle
A Good Time to Give                                            mission. She had an immediate rapport with the media, and
                                                               the teacher in space program received tremendous popular
Every two seconds in the United                                attention as a result. It is in part because of the excitement
States, someone needs blood.                                   over McAuliffe's presence on the Challenger that the accident
Whether it is used to help an                                  had such a significant impact on the nation.
accident victim, an organ donor
recipient or a patient with cancer,
more than 38,000 blood donations are needed in hospitals
every day around the country.

There is never a bad time to donate blood; however, there
are times when donations – particularly new volunteer
donors – are needed all the more. The winter months usu-
ally bring a general shortage of donors. Many people find
themselves traveling for the holidays, out of their normal
routine and unable to donate. Others may be affected by
illness or inclement weather.
To be eligible to give blood, you must be a healthy individ-
ual over the age of 17, who has not donated in the past
eight weeks (56 days) and weigh at least 110 pounds.
That means, if you began giving blood at the age of 17
and donated every 56 days until the age of 76, you would
have donated 48 gallons of blood and potentially helped
                                                                  JANUARY QUOTE
save more than 1,000 lives! Donors who contribute regu-
larly often say they do so because they want to help oth-         Ring out the old, ring in the new,
ers. Remember, because blood cannot be manufactured,
there is no substitute – it must come through generous            Ring, happy bells, across the snow;
voluntary donors                                                  The year is going, let him go;
                                                                  Ring out the false, ring in the true.
                                                                                   Lord Tennyson Alfred
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4            5                     6                  7Junior Achieve-        8          9                10
                                                      ment Training 1-
                                                      2:30 , see Blythe for
                                                      more info
                                                                                                          Save the Eagle Day

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                                                           NC Health Fair


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              Martin Luther King
                     Day           Inauguration Day

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                                                       Christa McAuliffe
                                              JANUARY EVENTS

Jan u ary 7    Ju n io r Ach ievem en t Tr ain in g 1-2:30p m , see Blyt h e f o r m o r e
               In f o r m at io n
               Pen n St at e Co -o p Nu t r it io n p lan n in g 1-3p m Du Bo is Of f ice
Jan u ary 8    Pen n St at e Co -o p Nu t r it io n p lan n in g 1-3p m Du Bo is Of f ice
Jan u ary 9    Yo u t h Meet in g , 9:30-2:30
               Du Bo is/Jef f er so n Co un t y Yo u t h Ed u cat io n al co n so r t iu m Meet in g 10:15am
               Clear f ield Co u n t y Car eer Lin k - Du Bo is Of f ice
               Pen n St at e Co -o p Nu t r it io n p lan n in g 1-3p m Du Bo is Of f ice
Jan u ary 14   Th ir d An n u al No r t h Cen t r al Healt h Fair - Teleco n f er en ce Ro o m 9-11
Jan u ary 15   Br ad f o r d Ar ea Ch am b er o f Co m m er ce Meet in g 7:30am
Jan u ary 19   Fin al Feasib ilit y St u d y Rep o r t o n t h e Rid g w ay River f r o n t Develo p m en t
               Pr o ject 7p m - Bo r o u g h Co un cil Co n f er en ce Ro o m
Jan u ary 20   McKean Co u n t y Tr ain in g Co n so r t iu m 10am
Jan u ary 21   Sm et h p o r t Ch am b er Meet in g 9am
Jan u ary 22   Pen n sylvan ia Wild s Plan n in g Team Meet in g - Co n f er en ce Ro o m
               Bu sin ess Ser vice Rep r esen t at ive Meet in g 9:30-2:30
Jan u ary 28   NC Execu t ive an d Fu ll Bo ar d Meet in g - Teleco n f er en ce Ro o m 9:30-1

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