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                                                       Annual Report
WNRF annual report 03-B 3/22/04 8:12 AM Page 1

                                                                          Natural Resource

                                                    Annual Report
                                                                               July 1, 2002 through
                                                                                      June 30, 2003

                                                                                 Accomplishments       2-3
                                                                              Membership Support       4-5
                                                                        Annual Fundraising Auction
                                                                        Annual Financial Statement

                                                                  Mission Statement
                         It is the mission of the Wyoming Natural Resource Foundation to establish,
                  promote, maintain and conduct informational, education and research purposes
                  within the State of Wyoming, and receive and provide grants for special projects
                      related to natural resource conservation, and represent grassroot interests on
                                                        state and national programs and initiatives.
WNRF annual report 03-B 3/22/04 8:12 AM Page 2

              Natural      Building Grassroot Effectiveness
          Foundation       • Direct assistance provided to the following Conservation Districts in building public
        Annual Report        recognition and support of the local Conservation District mission:
                                   Cody Conservation District
                                   Hot Springs Conservation District
                                   Crook County Natural Resource District
                                   Weston County Natural Resource District

                           • Supported the efforts of the Western Coalition of Conservation Districts to serve as a voice for
                             the Conservation Districts of the West

                           • Supported the efforts of the National Association of Conservation Districts to represent the
                             collective voice of the nations 3,000 plus Conservation and Natural Resource Districts

                           On-the-Ground Conservation
                           • Supported education and water quality monitoring efforts of the Lower Wind River
                             Conservation District

                           • Supported natural resource programs of the Sheridan County Conservation District

                           Education on Natural Resource Priorities
                           • Co-Sponsored with Wyoming Association of Conservation Districts and the National
                             Association of Retired Foresters the National Forest Health Conference, Rawlins
                           • Supported to Wyoming Project Learning Tree Program
                           • Distributed Wyoming Range & Land Management notebooks

                                                                                              Two Cody area students
                                                                                              closely examine the
                                                                                              macroinvetebrates they’ve
                                                                                              collected. The WNRF helps
                                                                                              local districts with capacity
                                                                                              building efforts to enhance
                                                                                              district programs such as
                                                                                              education and water quality.

WNRF annual report 03-B 3/22/04 8:13 AM Page 3

                   Voice on natural issues
                   • Supported the successful settlement of the Wyoming Association of Conservation District,
                     et al litigation on the Clinton/Gore Administration’s Clean Water Action Plan to ensure and
                     protect grassroots driven natural resource management

                            WNRF board member Dennis
                           Thaler presents Ted L. Bentley,
                             President, First State Bank of
                              Torrington, with the keys to
                                       his new 4-wheeler.
                                Each WNRF member was
                            entered into the drawing for
                                the 4-wheeler when they
                                    renewed their annual

                                                Visit the Western Coalition of Conservation Districts website at

WNRF annual report 03-B 3/22/04 8:13 AM Page 4

              Natural      The Wyoming Natural Resource Foundation
          Foundation       thanks the following supporters
        Annual Report
                           On the Ground Conservation Supporters                        Litigation supporters
                           Lower Wind River Natural Resource District                   New Mexico Association of Conservation Districts -
                           Wells Fargo Bank - $1,000                                    $1,000
                           Sheridan County Conservation District                        Mississippi Association of Conservation Districts - $1,000
                           Mischke Ranch - $100
                           Little Ranch Co., Inc. - $200                                Education program supporters
                           Robert Ligocki - $120
                                                                                        Saratoga-Encampment-Rawlins Conservation District -
                           Nicholson Ranch - $100
                           Flying H Ranch - $250
                                                                                        Little Snake River Conservation District -$1,000
                           Kendrick Harmon - $ 200

                           2002-2003 Membership Support
                           Bear Mountain Land, LLC                  Ralph Brokaw                             MJ Dietz
                           Brightol Plumbing & Electric             Richard Brokaw                           Robert Dietz
                           Cobb Cattle Company                      Bruce Brown                              Kimberly Diller
                           Cody Conservation District               Larry Brown                              Jerry Dilts
                           Cunningham Cattle Company                Robert Brug                              James Dolan
                           Driskill Spray Source                    Ray Buckman                              Michael Domingue
                           First National Bank                      Karen Budd-Falen, Budd-Falen Law         Ogden Driskill
                           First State Bank                             Office                               Les Dunmire
                           Goshen County Weed & Pest                Ed Burton                                Richard Dunne
                           Jones Brothers Enterprise                Jay Butler                               Joan Dunrud
                           Neiman Saw Mills                         Tom Carlson                              John Eklund
                           Phillips Hair, Inc                       Steve Carne                              Jim Ellis
                           Platte Valley National Bank              Dee Carroll                              John Ellis
                           Randy May Farms                          P. Kim Carroll                           Phillip Ellis
                           Renner Livestock                         Stephanie Cashman, Porter Muirhead,      Floyd Ernst
                           Rock Creek Coalition                         Cornea & Howard                      Kevin Evans
                           Scott & Son Inc.                         Wendy Cecil                              Steve Feagler
                           S & S Ranch Company                      Bill Chambers                            Jason Fearneyough
                           Sundance State Bank                      Pat Childers                             JR Flores
                           Thermopolis Hardware                     Diane Christensen                        Barry Floyd
                           Vermillion Ranch                         Jonnie Christensen                       Randy Ford
                           Weber Ranch                              Tom Christenson                          Jim Foreman
                           W & M Thoman Ranches, LLC                Cindy Christian                          Scott Forest
                           Denise Allen                             Robert Clausen                           Karen Fornstrom
                           Leron Allred                             George Cleek                             Dan Frank, Frank Law Office, P.C.
                           Carolyn Alm                              Jack Cobb                                Pat Frolander
                           Aaron Anderson                           Jim Cochran                              Mack Frost
                           Jim Arnold                               Michael Collins                          Cheryl Grapes
                           Lindsey Arnold                           Gwendolyn Confalone                      Jane Gay
                           Nancy Atkinson                           Michelle Cook                            Gregory & Kathleen Gaylor
                           Evert Bainter                            Mike Cook                                Larry Gentry
                           Rogert Bankert                           Donald Corson                            Joe Glode
                           Tom Barnes                               Larry Cottier                            Diana Goins
                           Robert Baumgartner Sr.                   Curt Cox                                 Harold Goodell
                           Gary Beach                               Jane Cramer                              Gayle Gordon
                           Daryle Bennet                            Sid Crawford, Jr., Palesk Farms, Inc.    Jim Gould
                           Colin Bennett                            Roger Croell                             Joyce Gould
                           Daryle Bennett                           Dale Cunningham                          Cheryl Grandstaff
                           Mary Benson                              Greg Cunningham                          Clay Grandstaff
                           Chris Bentley                            Chuck Curry                              Curtis Grandstaff
                           Larry Bentley                            Jeffrey Czarny                           Jeannette Grandstaff
                           Dale Beranek                             Megan Czarny                             Cindy Gruwell
                           Jack Berger                              John Daley                               Joe Guth
                           Jay Berry                                John Daly                                Heather Haas
                           Ken Besel                                Perry Davidson                           Ken Haas
                           Steve Beumee                             George Davis                             Dan Hageman
                           Mike Blymyer                             Mike Dawkins                             James Hageman
                           Ken Borcher                              Joe Deselms                              Doug Hamilton
                           Nancy Borton                             Jean Dickinson                           Linda Hamilton
                           Brendan Brazee                           Marc & Gerda Dickinson                   Merle Hamilton
                           Jim Britt                                Pauline & Dick Dickinson                 David Hansen

               4           Jim Broderick
                           Howard & Audrey Brokaw
                                                                    T. Wright Dickinson
                                                                    Frank Dietz, Mel's OK Tire Store
                                                                                                             Pete Hansen
                                                                                                             Dan & Lisa Hanson
WNRF annual report 03-B 3/22/04 8:14 AM Page 5

                   Lisa Hanson                       James Miller                    Jack Settlemier
                   Gene Hardy                        Pete Miller                     Lee Shafer
                   George Harper                     Jim Mills                       Cyle Sharp
                   Jerry Hattan                      Ron Mischke                     Lisa Shaw
                   Sam Hattan                        Cliff Moine                     Mike Sheehan
                   Randy Havens                      John Moline                     Randy Shipman
                   Steve Hays                        Frank Moore                     Marlene Simons
                   Karl Heigert                      Greg Moore                      Sully Simons
                   Larry Heiser                      Jim Moore                       Don & Cheryl Sims
                   Dennis Hemmer                     Jacquelyn Moranty               Olin Sims
                   Vicky Hendricks                   George Morris                   Scott & April Sims
                   Rob Hendry                        Tim Morrison                    Shanon Sims
                   Lois Herbst                       Jeff Myers                      Tammie Sims
                   Walt Hibbert                      Barbara Nahas                   Tyler Sims
                   Joe Hicks                         Scott Nahas                     Deb Smith
                   Doug Hixon                        George Nash                     Sharon Smith
                   Ronee Hogg                        Kent Neiman                     Dr. Al Snyder
                   Steven R. Holzerland              Brian Nesvik                    Marilee Sorenson
                   Georgia Honstein                  Roger Newkirk                   Tom Spellmire
                   Jim House                         Nichole Nicholson               Paul Starkey
                   David Hovland                     Earl & Brenda Nimick            Press & Shirley Stephens
                   Bill Howe                         Dan Oedekoven                   Rob Stevens
                   Chester & Donna Howe, Trail Bar   Mark Opitz                      Bob Stoddard
                   Dennis Hoysett                    Pat O'Toole                     David Stoddard
                   Bob Innes                         T.C. Page                       Jeff Strange
                   Alex & Ruth Irons,                Jim Palm                        Grant Stumbough
                       Dayspring Ranch, LLC          Kay Lynn Palm, Hi-Allen Ranch   Dave Sun
                   Lee Isenberger                    Nellie Palm                     Dennis Sun
                   Pete Jachowski                    John Pearson                    Mike Swan
                   Adam Johnson                      Dan Perko                       Tracy Swanson
                   Archie Johnson                    Clay Peterson                   Chuck Swarm
                   Chris Johnson                     Patty Peterson                  Ralph Swift
                   Dave Johnson                      Todd Peterson, Pinnacle Bank    Curt Symons
                   Donna Johnson                     Jerry Petree                    Ron Taylor
                   Jerry Johnson                     Irv Petsch                      Dennis Thaler
                   Stan Johnson                      Rod Pfister                     Marion Thaler
                   June Juschka                      Lee Phillips                    Sandy & Brandy Thaler
                   Norval Justice                    Martha Phillips                 Mary E. Thoman
                   Richard Keller                    Reg Phillips                    Mickey Thoman
                   George Kelso                      Jim Phipps                      Colleen Thomas
                   Lee Kennedy                       Bill Pickerel                   Clay Thompson
                   Scott Kerbs                       Jack Pugsley                    Del Tinsley
                   Donald Kessler                    Bud Raben                       Rex Tollman
                   Jeff Ketcham                      Dorothy & Millie Radosevich     Jack Turnell
                   Jerry Kienlen                     Mike Rafferty                   Carl Ulrich
                   Clayton & Jeanette Kiewel         Sally Rambsbottom               John H. Vandel
                   Duane D Klamm                     Mary Randolph                   Claudette Vander Voort
                   Dennis Klocker                    Kathy Raper                     Steve Vercimak
                   Mark Kuhn                         Ed Rapp                         Jim Volk
                   JR Kvenild                        Grant Reece                     Darrell Walker
                   Joel Lee                          Debbie Reed                     Adam Walter
                   Robert Lee                        Stan Rennard                    Bruce Wasserman
                   Allen Leslie                      Julie Renner                    Bob Watson
                   Mike Lessard                      Morgan Renner                   Tom Watson
                   Vera Lightfoot                    Thomas Renner,                  Jake Weber
                   Gene Litton                           Renner Livestock Co., LLC   Nancy Webster
                   Mike Lohse                        Tracy Renner                    Bill Welles
                   Nikki Lohse                       Darlan Rezoc                    Audrey Wells
                   Al Lopez                          Ross Rhodes                     Russell Wells
                   Pete Lovelace                     Betty Rice                      Tom West
                   Brian Lovett                      Gary Rice                       David Wheeler
                   Scott Luhite                      Frank Riggle                    Scott White
                   Jim Magagna                       Daryl Robertson                 Jim Wiant
                   John Maier                        Jess Rodgers                    Lesllie Wiedler
                   Norma Malli                       Jim Rogers                      Randy Williams
                   Ed Mascarenas, Dodge Ranch        Jeff Rose, Rose Bros. Inc.      Roger Wilmot
                   Brad McCormick                    Al Rosenlieb                    Cindy Wilson
                   Tom McCreery                      Rick Schaffer                       Longhorn Grocery & Cafe
                   J.O. McDonald                     Doug Scheer                     Cindy Wilson, Dead Horse Saloon
                   Casey & DeeDee McKee              John Scheuerand, Jordan Farm    Jim Wilson
                   Kenneth & Donna McMurry, Eagle    Brenda Schladweiler             Dennis Winters
                       Creek Ranch, LLC              Neil E. Schlenker               F.E. Wally Wolski
                   Keith McPherson                   Dan Schneider                   Robert E. Yemington
                   Curt Meier                        Cherie Schoonover               Clara Mae Yetter
                   Pete Meike
                   Hugh Miller
                                                     Jerry Schuman
                                                     Jim Schwartz
                                                                                     June Yetter
                                                                                     Gary Zakotnik, GZ Livestock       5
WNRF annual report 03-B 3/22/04 8:19 AM Page 6

              Natural      Annual Fundraising Auction Buyers
          Foundation       Mike Sims                Mary Scott
        Annual Report      Cindy Christian          Coleen Jennings
           2002-2003       Tom Wright               Barbara Hansen
                           Shaun sims               Thea Nuckolls
                           Cyle Sharp               Georgia Moore
                           Bill Klein               Mike Parker
                           Jan Taliferio            Nels Hansen
                           Tom West                 Jim Britt
                           Wy. Livestock Roundup    Bobbie Frank
                           Brenda Schladweiler      Rik Gay
                           Fred Roberts             Ed Burton
                           Brad Boner               Tom Watson
                           JR Flores                Robert Brug
                           Sandy Brug               Dave Julian
                           Kerry Powers                                  WNRF board member Olin Sims auctioneers at the
                           Marty Preston- Freberg                         2002 Mega-Ag Convention Joint Auction, which
                           Ralph Swift                                       helped raise more than $27,000 for the WNRF,
                                                                      Wyoming Stock Growers and Wyoming Wool Growers.

                           Annual Financial
                           Fiscal Year July 1, 2002 through June 30, 2003

                           Beginning Balance                                                             $16,487.29

                                    Membership Support                          $12,000.00
                                    Range Manuals                               $ 250.00
                                    Auction Support *                           $27,903.80
                                    Donations                                   $ 5,755.00
                                    Albertson’s Shop & Share                    $ 207.34
                                    Adjustments                                 $ 400.00

                           Total Income                                                                  $46,516.14

                                  Office Expenses                               $11,455.42
                                  Temporary Assistance                          $ 640.92
                                  Donations **                                  $22,684.88
                                  Membership promotion                          $ 5,299.00
                                  Dues/Fees                                     $ 3,482.32
                                  Equipment                                     $ 594.24
                                  Resources                                     $    2,000

                           Total Expenses                                                                $46,156.78

                           Ending Balance                                                                $16,846.65

                           Reserves on hand                                                              $ 2,000.00

               6           * Includes Wyoming Stock Growers and Wyoming Wool Growers
                           **Includes payment for auction to Stock Growers and Wyoming Wool Growers

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