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					                                 Apparel Point of Sale: Visual Retail Plus

Visual Retail Plus, a Point of Sale and Inventory Management software solution company has been
serving retailers since 1991. Visual Retail Plus originally started for shoes however it was quickly realized
that apparel stores are in the same need as any vertical market when it comes to accuracy of inventory,
sales reports and making customers feel welcome in the store and want to return whenever they are in
the mood for something new in their closet.

So what makes Visual Retail Plus’ apparel point of sale so stand out? VRP wise; the entire tech support
staff has some type of retail experience – mainly in Apparel and are therefore familiar with the
pressures a store owner and manager goes though throughout the day. Tech support is ready to assist

VRP’s apparel point of sale has the WIL feature which stands for Width, Inseam and Length which allows
retailers to work with tailors, easily put men’s clothing in the inventory more accurately whether it is
ties, button down shirts, pants or jackets.

When adding items to VRP’s apparel Point of Sale the retailer can decide on a group, sub group and
sub-sub group which gives a 3 dimensional matrix. When adding items, type of fabric can be added as
well for convenient look up.

In addition, point of sale for clothes has an extremely advanced CRM which allows the retailer to:

       Take down customer information including name, birthday, address, phone number and email.
       Keep track of previous purchases.
       Keep track of preferred types of products.
       Email blasts
       Keep additional information such as size, width and length if tailoring is done or measurements
       Gift cards which do not require an additional processing fee.
       Loyalty Cards for those returning customers.
       Matching of items
       Coupons

In order to assist the sales staff raise sales and hit their weekly, daily and monthly goals, recommended
items can be matched so that a specific pair of pants can be matched with a belt. Coupons can be easily
created and mix and match is a popular feature among retailers when looking for a point of sale for

Visual Retail Plus takes pride in their feature to keep track of employees whether it is the time and
attendance which can be logged in either using a username and password or biometrics for those that
want to take extra precautions. If there is one POS (register) and multiple sales personnel the system
can require a log in or finger swipe before each sale to keep track of who sold how much. More than
that commission per employee or a specific product is recorded. If the company allows monthly
allowance to purchase items, VRP’s apparel point of sale keeps track of who purchases what and
automatically replenishes every month.
Lastly, to make sure that not only is the sales person happy, the employer has a list of loss prevention
reports that can and should be taken advantage of. Some of Visual Retail Plus’ reports include:

       A break down by week for each of your store’s sales, returns, percentage of returns to sales, and
        the method of payments associated with returns. Helps see if an overwhelming amount of
        returns are being done.
       Invalid Sales Report – How selling unknown items can hurt.
        Price Overrides – if sales personnel are allowed to do price changes at the POS, this report will
        allow you to see if they are giving high price changes.
       Excessive Discounts - where you view discounts above X percent.

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