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									Best Iphone Apps for Losing Weight

The holiday season is just round the corner and the gluttony of the holiday season is definitely going to
motivate many people to get back into shape after the holidays are over. Your iPhone is going to help
you do that and iPhone apps for losing weight are like having personal trainers or dieticians beside you
at all times to help you stay on track and achieve your 2012 weight loss goals. Here, we have narrowed
down the best iPhone weight loss applications that would help you stay in shape:

Loseit - Even the most expensive weight-loss program is going to fail if you fail to lose track of the total
daily calorie consumption. But then, all of us do not have the mental mathematics skills to calculate the
total amount of calories present in a cocktail or cupcake and hence the need for a specialized app that
would tell you how much to burn off and how much to keep every day. This no-nonsense application
needs you to feed data pertaining to your present weight, goal weight, your height and your age and it
would give you the exact number of calories that you need to consume every day to stay in shape. The
process becomes easier when the application tells you the total calorie content that each food group
has and also how much of what's available on the menu should be taken so you achieve your weight loss
goals within stipulated time frames.

Thin-Cam - Well, this one is as serious as it gets. Thin-Cam allows you to upload photos of whatever you
eat everyday and then experts on the Thin-Cam website are going to analyze your food habits and give
you remedial measures. Having this app is more like having your doctor/dietician beside you at all times,
but pulling out of the iPhone and making your food pose for you every time you sit down to eat, could
be a bit too much to ask for (especially for the lazy types who blame laziness for obesity) - however,
Thin-Cam is worth giving a try.

Weightbot - If you are really serious about losing weight and achieving your weight loss goals (and also
willing to get poorer by $1.99), Weightbot is the right iPhone app for you. This cool application allows
you to input your weight for the day and you can keep track of your body mass index, the total amount
of weight gain over a period of time and also how close you are to your weight-loss goals. The user
interface is simple and easy and if you have that inner voice telling you to lose weight, this is the no-frills
app that you want to have on your iPhone. It is simply genius and gorgeous.

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