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                                            Experience Awesome Journey to Gangorti by Anima Sharma
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                                            Article Posted: 11/30/2012
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                          A major tributary of the Ganges and Alkananda namely Mandakini Kedarnath and Badrinath originates, respectively, and
                          poured vast amounts of water in it. These holy rivers in fact reinforce the river Ganges and can be considered as sources              Advertiser Login
    Collecting (9 9 4 6 )
                          of the Ganges, as these parts of the Himalayas with Gangotri are famous Chardham yatra (journey). In Rudraprayag,
                          Alknanda and finally meet and Mandakini in Devprayag Bhagirathi and this river is called when it reaches Rishikesh
(10 4 4 8 9 )
                          Ganga. Yamunotri meets Ganges in Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, and another sacred place.
(20 4 8 25)
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                         Gangotri, a holy Hindu pilgrimage is the main starting place of the sacred river Ganges, called at that time as Bhagirathi. It            Limited Time $60 Offer!
    Construction         is a stunning place that gets very busy during the months of May and June. If you are interested in true wonders of nature,               90 Days- 1.5 Million Views
(27 339 )                then it is better to leave this place and Tapovan Goumukh as soon as possible. Pay your homage in the temple of
    Consumer             Gangotri and head Goumukh. It means cow mouth is 18 km trek from Gangotri to have a gradual but steady rise. Next
(357 0 8 )               place is a meaning Chirbasa pine, about 8 km from Gangotri and then located 7 kms from Chirbasa Bhojbasa meaning
    Cooking (1514 0 )    birch place, although no such exist tree.
(54 0 8 )                                                                          Bhojbasa Bhojpatra, have religious value, as it was once used
    Crafts (139 7 8 )                                                              by the saints to write religious texts. There are many tea shops
    Cuisine (6 18 5)                                                               and dhabas to refresh you. Then comes the splendid sky
    Cuisine (6 18 5)
    Current Affairs                                                                Gaumukh. The place is called and Ganga originates from a
(14 9 58 )
                                                                                   glacier here is shaped like the mouth of cow. What you will
    Dating (38 9 32)                                                               surprise here is when you see the color gray Bhagirathi here is
                                                                                   viscous and resembles milk. Here you will find no temple you will
    EBooks (159 15)
                                                                                   find a make sift shrines built near the mouth of the glacier. The
                                                                                   river is about 30 meters wide at its mouth and fast flowing river
(4 0 9 59 )
                                                                                   water is milky.
(139 30 1)                                                                         It is believed by Hindus that Ganga was a goddess who was
    Electronics                                                                    forced to come to earth by King Bhagirath who meditated here for
(6 9 9 37 )                                                                        the sins of their ancestors can be washed by the waters of the
    Email (54 8 5)                                                                 goddess Ganga pious and since the Ganga power was so fierce
    Entertainment                                                                  that powerful lord Shiva asked him to take Ganga in his hair,
(136 6 6 3)                                                                        when he fell on the ground. Lord Shiva Ganga took in her hair
    Environment                                                                    and saved Earth from certain destruction. This place has a great
(2328 2)                                                                           beauty. So too the hotels in Gangotri are placed on scenic
 Ezine (27 6 9 )                                                                   background just will make your eyes and mouth wide open by its
 Ezine                   majestic view.
Publishing (520 2)
 Ezine Sites (14 11)     After this comes the next destination for real adventurers about 5 kms from Gaumukh. Tapovan sky is wonderful. From
 Family &                Gaumukh one can see the magnificent peaks Bhagirath- I, II and III and Grand Shivling peak. The road to Tapovan is quite
                         difficult and very steep climb, but the reward is also amaz ing. Tapovan is a broad plateau that has meadows and water
Parenting (10 0 36 6 )
                         sources. It takes place in the protected area and is a wildlife sanctuary. Shivling, phallic manifestation powerful lord Shiva
 Fashion &               apparently arises from the prairie and has dominated the landscape. This valley is full of exotic wildflowers during the
Cosmetics (16 8 54 8 )   monsoon months which have great ecological value. A fundamental question arises when one tries to find the source of the
 Female                  river Ganges. This small holy city is a must for all devotees’ religious journey and nature lovers. Come and explore the
Entrepreneurs            fate of the Indian Himalayas.
(10 6 7 3)
  Finance &     is a chain of Eco friendly lodges and luxury camps with the base for many of its varied activities
Investment               that include white water rafting, trekking etc. They also offer different holiday and tours packages like Char Dham
(28 27 28 )              Camps, hotels in Badrinath, Hill Stations India Himalayas and many more.
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re p liq ue mo ntre s o nt                        s in...more
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Description: A major tributary of the Ganges and Alkananda namely Mandakini Kedarnath and Badrinath originates, respectively, and poured vast amounts of water in it.