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									      Rhinoplasty helps not only with appearance, but with breathing too!
        Many people go years being unhappy with the shape or size of their nose causing them
dismay. Other people suffer from an abnormality or injury that is causing them difficulty to
breathe with ease. If you are one of these types of people then take a stand and get rhinoplasty
in Los Angeles. With rhinoplasty, also referred to as nose surgery, a skilled plastic surgeon is
able to refine the nose to the desired shape and size, or correct an abnormality that is causing the
breathing issues. Of course, all patients should know that any type of plastic surgery procedure is
body altering and therefore life changing. Choosing a plastic surgeon that is skilled and
experienced in the specific procedure that you desire is key to being happy with the results.

        When performing facial plastic surgery in Los Angeles, there is no room for mistakes. A
skilled surgeon will be able to sculpt your nose in a way that it will compliment the other
features of your face. The nose is never supposed to stand out or have attention drawn to it. It is
simply there to create overall facial symmetry. However, for some patients, nose surgery is not a
necessity because they are unhappy with the appearance of their nose, but because they are
having difficulties breathing. Constantly dealing with breathing problems can become frustrating
and tiring. Simply reshaping the nostrils or refining the tip can have that person breathing with
ease in no time. In both cases, if an expert plastic surgeon was picked to perform the job, patients
are extremely happy with the results.
        If you are considering rhinoplasty, the first step is to find out if you are a good candidate
for the procedure. Being unhappy with your nose or having breathing problems is of course a
main factor, but there are other basic factors that go into deeming a person to be a god candidate
for nose surgery which include:

       •   The nose being at full adult size. Typically by age 16 this occurs.

       •   The patient has realistic goals and expectations set for the procedure.

       •   There are no major medical conditions present in the patient.

       •   The person is a non-smoker, or willing to quite well before surgery. Smoking can
           cause added surgical complications and inhibit healthy wound healing.

   The best way to see if you are a good candidate is to set up a consultation with an expert
   plastic surgeon. During your appointment you can also discuss potential risks of the surgery
   and what types of results you can realistically expect. By viewing their before and after
   gallery you can see what types of results they were able to achieve for the other patients.

   Find the Best Facial Plastic Surgery at Los Angeles be careful while choosing the surgeon
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