Tips for Buying an Apartment by Naveenkumarway


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									                                 Tips for Buying an Apartment
Everyone has a nightmare of owning their apartment. There are plenty of advantages in buying an
apartment compared to buying a house. Few of them are as follows.

   a) Apartments come with all modern amenities like Gym, Club, swimming pool, jogging track,
      Children’s play ground and many more.
   b) It is simple to maintain

Some Tips to Buy an Apartment:

   1) Try to find a location that is close to your place of work, and your children’s school, and
      universities if possible.

   2) Decide whether you want a place in the center of a shopping area or a quieter but upscale,
      Westernized apartment. If raising children’s, the latter may be better. Choose a place that is
      surrounded by a good area, and not slums or crime.

   3) Make sure your apartment has all amenities you like carpeting, enough rooms, new walls, and
      enough bathrooms with showers. A lot of houses in India have a bucket and container, and no

   4)    Decide your budget and requirements of your dream home.

   5) Prepare a list of builders and check for their projects in that location.

   6) Check if it matches your budget and necessities.

   7) Choose a flat and verify the BBMP approval certificates for the building.

   8) Check the encumberance certificate if any loan has been taken on the property.

   9) Check the Khata certificate for the flat and land

   10) Take a Xerox of all the documents mention above and verify it with a good real estate lawyer.

There are some real estate Portals like, 99acres will help you to find affordable
Apartments with all facilities in India.

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