Complete a Medical Laboratory Technician Program In Three Semesters

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					     Complete a Medical Laboratory Technician Program In Three Semesters

With well-equipped laboratories, a combination of theory and practical application as well as a clinical
placement, Centennial College’s Medical Laboratory Technician prepares students for the field in just
three semesters.

Based from the college’s most technologically advanced location, Morningside Campus, the Medical
Laboratory Technician courses are designed to equip students for the unique combination of technical
employment in a lab and the satisfaction of working with a diverse client population. As such, courses,
which are a collaboration between School of Community and Health Studies and School of Engineering
Technology and Applied Science, are conducted from state-of-the art laboratories that are well equipped
and led by faculty members who have experience in clinical laboratories and hospitals.

Among the specific Medical Laboratory Technician courses are: Specimen Collection and Processing
(assists students in learning proper techniques for the collection of blood, urine and fecal specimens.
Students learn how to process specimens for the various tests and the importance of storage to ensure
valid test results as well as standard precautions in handling biological specimens. This course provided
opportunities to perform ECGs and set up Holter monitors); Clinical Data Management (students are
introduced to statistical calculations and quality control methods, and learn to perform mathematical
calculations relating to the clinical laboratory technique); Clinical Chemistry and Urinanalysis (provides
student with the clinical laboratory practice to setup/load both automated and manual instrumentation
including QC samples for initial analysis); and more.

To ensure that students graduate with confidence, the Medical Laboratory Technician program offers a
Clinical Internship that sees students applying theoretical knowledge in a clinical practice setting under the
direction of a medical laboratory assistant. This focus allows for easy transition into the workplace
environment. Students are given the opportunity to become proficient at specimen collection and
handling, and be able to function as effective members of a medical laboratory team.

Graduates of Medical Laboratory Technician are eligible for certification as Medical Laboratory Assistants/
Technicians with the Ontario Society of Medical Laboratory Technologists (OSMT) and the Canadian
Society for Medical Laboratory Science. According to a graduate of Centennial College’s Medical Laboratory
Technician program, “All the questions on OSMT examination were covered during the 10-month training
at Centennial College.”

Medical Laboratory Technician applicants are required to possess at minimum an Ontario Secondary
School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent or be 19 years of age or older. Additionally, they must have
completed the compulsory English 12C or U or skills assessment, or equivalent; math 12C or U or skills
assessment, or equivalent; Biology 11C or U or equivalent.

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