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Promoting Yourself in Law School: Walking the Corridors of Power


Conversely, if you fail to project your image properly and are not held in high esteem by other students, it can have negative consequences on your future life.

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Promoting Yourself in Law School: Walking the Corridors of Power
Each law school is a multi-state power base, and a positive perception from the student’s community can catapult your future work-life,
whether as a lawyer or a politician, to heights you had never dreamed reachable.

Conversely, if you fail to project your image properly and                  •       If other students respect your academic expertise they
are not held in high esteem by other students, it can have                          will presume that you have the power to help them out
negative consequences on your future life. That said; let’s find            •       If other students trust your judgment, they will trust
out the ideal image you can cultivate and how to do it.                             you as a counsel to guide their work and efforts
                                                                            •       If other students view you as an expert, they are
A good student, above all else                                                      more likely to consider your opinion on other matters
Without going into a detailed comparison of all the roles, let’s
say that in a community of learning, the logically respected             How to Be the Leader
position is that of a leader who leads from the front by dint
of recognized subject expertise. This is the ideal role you can             •       Become good in studies
play, for it has the least weaknesses in a student’s community,             •       Promote an image as an academic expert
and it’s a role, where maximum options of future role-                      •       Maintain credibility and protect your image
switching remain without sacrificing initial advantages and                 •       Never expose lack of confidence in public
resources.                                                                  •       Be informed and updated on subject matter and
                                                                                    matters of common interest
Be the Leader                                                               •       Never threaten the self-esteem of weaker students
                                                                            •       Be humble, not timid
Co-operate, don’t compete. If you truly want to establish                   •       Be helpful to those who ask
yourself as a leader, co-operate with others and don’t
compete. Academic competition is obvious in any school, but              If you maintain yourself well, your chances of gaining
it should never gain personal or political dimensions. Always            appellate briefs and consultations can increase dramatically,
be helpful and cooperative to those who hold you as their                and provide you those first opportunities that are so hard to
competitor, and be ready to help them out at the first chance.           come by. Classmates from the district courts can provide your
Always try to garner positive relationships without excessive            first appellate briefs. Though they can be specific, as to which
attachment. In any person’s life, only best friends have the             attorneys should be on the case, they can and will trust you
chance to become worst enemies, and enemies often become                 enough to believe that you would do the right thing. That
best friends. To be a true leader you need others to view you            trust would not come, at least in the matter of his or her own
as a source of positive direction and guidance. To achieve this          briefs, if you were only the best football player or the matinee
you need to prove your academic expertise.                               idol at law school.

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