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If you want to be a criminal attorney, one type of criminal law job in the job market, you're basically going to be representing people who are accused of crimes in a court of law, or you will be prosecuting them.

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What Does a Criminal Law Job Entail?
If you want to be a criminal attorney, one type of criminal law job in the job market, you’re basically going to be representing people
who are accused of crimes in a court of law, or you will be prosecuting them. What does it mean to have this type of criminal law job,
though, and what you have to do to get it?

First of all, you’ll have to have a very good understanding            “Working out deals,” or going for conviction versus acquittal
of the law so that you can defend your clients properly as
a defense attorney. If, for example, the client has been               One of the things both prosecutors and defense attorneys do
accused of committing bodily harm against someone, he or               with these types of law jobs is not just to try cases in trial.
she may actually have a good defense in that he or she was             Rather, they can often work out deals whereby defendants
trying to protect him or herself (or someone else), that the           serve less severe sentences or have less severe punishments
confrontation was unprovoked by the defendant in question,             for reduced charges, which can be less expensive for everyone
and that the amount of force used in that protection was               and still fair to all involved.
                                                                       With criminal law jobs, it’s not always a case of black and
That’s just one of the cases a criminal law job like that of a         white. Instead, even though victims, for example, may
criminal attorney may have you handling. Other law jobs may            want someone to serve a very long sentence, this may
also be had, such as if you are a paralegal or other assistant         not be practical or fair because the crime was relatively
to a criminal lawyer.                                                  inconsequential, or simply because the justice system itself
                                                                       is overloaded with cases; drug charges are a good example
What does it take to have a criminal law job like that of a            of this. Although drugs are illegal, and people are often
criminal lawyer?                                                       prosecuted for either using or selling them, it’s not always
                                                                       practical to put them in jail for a longer time simply because
You have to have a keen interest in the law, and you have              they were in possession of that drug. Therefore, in both
to be interested in helping people -- whether as a defense             prosecutors and defense attorneys, in these types of law jobs,
attorney if you’re a criminal lawyer who defends accused               will work out deals whereby some defendants may not serve
defendants, or as a prosecutor if you are the other major type         any time at all, but may instead go to treatment or something
of criminal lawyer; a prosecutor takes the opposite job of the         more helpful than simple jail time. Because of this, those who
defending attorney, and actually prosecutes the crime and              are versed in these types of law jobs must know much more
criminal in question.                                                  than just the law; they must also have a distinct desire to help
                                                                       people and do what’s most fair.
If you like to help people and want to represent victims,
such that they’ve been victims of crime and you want to see            Getting a criminal law job
their perpetrators put behind bars, you may want the type
of law jobs that prosecute criminals, such as the prosecution          If you intend to become an attorney, whether defense or
attorney would do. However, it’s also important that                   prosecution, you’re going to have to go to college first,
defendants be represented fairly in court, too. That’s because         usually graduating with a degree in pre-law. After that, you
the criminal law system is not perfect, and innocent people            will usually go to law school for three years, and ultimately
can also be accused of crimes they didn’t do. Therefore, it’s          specialize in criminal law. By the way, many criminal law
also important that defendants be given a fair trial and a fair        attorneys have also done both types of work, defense and
sentence as applicable, depending on what they are accused             prosecution. Therefore, you can have more than one type of
and perhaps convicted of.                                              career within this venue -- all within the arc of your chosen
                                                                       career’s lifetime.

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What can a criminal lawyer expect to make for this type of               the lower paying types of work, and you should do it because
criminal law job?                                                        you have a sincere interest in helping people. Nonetheless,
                                                                         you can make up to $100,000 a year or more, depending
Criminal lawyers can make a lot of money, especially if they             on your position and what types of law jobs you are actually
are high profile defense attorneys. Nonetheless, this is one of          doing.

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