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									Top Children’s Magician in MA
 Experiencing High Demand
The popular Children’s magician in MA
 (Massachusetts USA) – Matias Letelier –
 has announced that 2012 has been a
 year of exceptional success and
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 increased demand for his unique brand of
 magical entertainment.
The 28 year-old magician performs
 hundreds of times per year at children’s
 birthday parties, schools, stage events
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 and stand-up shows, weddings, and even
 at corporate events
In the time that Matias has been living in
 the USA he has quickly become a top
 performer amongst the MA magicians.
 Before he was a magician in MA living in
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 Somerville, he was the top children’s
 magician in Chile.
Born in Santiago, magician Matias got his
 start in magic when he inherited a
 magical library from his late Uncle –
 magician Jorge Barriga (1962-2004).
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It was then he decided to take his
 magical hobby to a professional level and
 combine it with his business and
 marketing skills and education.
In 2005, while performing for a group of
 children in a very poor area of Chile the
 reactions and enjoyment from the crowd
 solidified his decision to become a
 professional magician.

More information can be seen at
2012 has been a year of exceptional
 growth for magician Matias’ business –
 growing steadily where he is now in high
 demand and has become a first choice
 when clients search for a Boston
Not only does Matias perform in several
 different locales and environments from
 children’s parties to business events, he
 also runs a successful magic school –
 teaching both young and old alike to
 pursue their dreams and passion for
He can often be heard saying “experience
 th magic and l t it amaze you” – and
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 his clients would agree as referenced by
 the many positive testimonials he
It is clear that this MA magician has
 become a serious contender for the top
 spot amongst the competition in the local
 area. Not only does Matias exhibit a high
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 level of professional skill, but his clients
 especially enjoy how he takes care of
 them and attends to every detail to make
 the event he is performing at a success.
 Going into 2013 he is clearly the one to
 watch in the local marketplace.
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