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2 Procedures to Enjoy PowerPoint File on Nexus 10 Tablet


Guide on how to view PowerPoint on Google Nexus 10 by converting PowerPiont file to MP4 video with PPT for Nexus 10 converters like Moyea PPT to Video Converter.

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									2 Procedures to Enjoy PowerPoint File on Nexus 10 Tablet

Along with the rising of Android tablet PCs, the competition in

tablet area is usually getting cruel. The combat among Google

Nexus 7 and small iPad is the key tune in 7-inch tablet sector and

even the war between iPad with Retina display vs Nexus 10 tablet is

able to figure out the victor of larger tablet device sector. Asthe

most up-to-date tablet computer produced by Google, Nexus 10

tablet receives a big screen with a resolution of "2560x1600",

high-pixel backside camera as well as dual-core Exynos 5 processor

chip. With the help of the inserted NFC, Nexus 10 tablet provides

owners to deal with data file transference easily; with the help of

9000mAh battery, Nexus 10 tablet assures that owners will be able

to obtain enough entertaining time and also utilizing the aid of

Android 4.2, Nexus 10 tablet is able to get access to the newest

tools in Android market. Hence, seeing as a tablet device quick in

running speed, wonderful in camcorder as well as innovative in

operating system, Nexus 10 tablet happens to be not only an

impressive multimedia tool but a reliable working partner.

"Can I get some easy solutions to see PowerPoint on Nexus 10

tablet?" Just as one of the most important items previously
published by Microsoft, PowerPoint has performed a fundamental

role in everyone's daily working. For end users who make use of

Nexus 10 tablet like a working device or even an pleasurable device,

they constantly need to see PPT on Nexus 10 tablet. Hence, owners

really need to find out strategies to take pleasure in PowerPoint

Presentation on Nexus 10 tablet. Here two approaches on viewing

PowerPoint on Nexus 10 tablet are going to be coated.

The First Method: Watch along with Document Viewer

Similar to Google Nexus 7, Nexus 10 tablet owns built-in Document

Viewer. The Document Viewer supplies consumers effortless

methods to observe PowerPoint on Nexus 10 tablet. The app

supports PPT files developed by PowerPoint 2003, PowerPoint 2007

as well as Microsoft PowerPoint 2013. Generally speaking,

Document Viewer turns out to be accessible to most PPT files.

Document Viewer is definitely a fine alternative for end users who

choose to enjoy PowerPoint presentation on Nexus 10 tablet, but a

negative choice for clients who want to get pleasure from

PowerPoint on Nexus 10 tablet.

Since Jelly Bean is definitely not a phone OS that is able to be
compatible to PowerPoint perfectly, Document Viewer fails to aid

end users feel the animated effects of the PowerPoint. What's more,

the annoying receptive time of Document Viewer has additionally

made seeing PPT file on Nexus 10 tablet not that satisfying.

The Second Method: Alter PowerPoint for Nexus 10 tablet

An achievable way to take pleasure in PowerPoint presentation on

Nexus 10 tablet along with transitions, animation, songs as well as

video clips saved turns out to be to transform PowerPoint to Nexus

10 tablet video. Given that MP4 video is definitely supported by

Nexus 10 tablet, users can switch the PPT file to MP4 video for

Nexus 10 tablet. Ahead of that, consumers are required to discover

a strong PowerPoint for Nexus 10 tablet convsersion app. To this

extent, end users can easily turn to Moyea PPT to Video Converter

to turn PowerPoint presentation to Nexus 10 tablet video.

Step 1: Add PowerPoint presentation

Acquire and also launch Moyea PPT to Video Converter, a tool

entirely designed to switch PowerPoint presentation for Nexus 10

tablet. Then wide open the convsersion program and click "Add"

press button to import the PowerPoint presentation for alteration.
Step Two: Set the output document

In order to scan the switched PowerPoint file on Nexus 10 tablet,

consumers are needed to switch PowerPoint presentation to MP4

video. Hence, set the output data file as MP4 video in the menu of


Step Three: Set Nexus 10 tablet video

Mouse click "Settings" switch in the panel to go into Profile panel

where numerous video factors are presented. After that convert the

PowerPoint presentation to a nice Nexus 10 tablet video along with

such parameters. For instance, specify video dimension as

"2560x1600" and also audio codec as "AAC".

Step Four: Begin the alteration

Then, hit "Start" key to begin the conversion from PowerPoint

presentation to Nexus 10 tablet video. Just as the alteration finishes,

users are able to play PPT on Nexus 10 tablet freely.

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