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Clinical Trading - Clinical Trader


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									Clinical Trading
   Learn To Trade
  Profitably for Life
              Clinical Trading
    Hello Traders, and Welcome to our little slide show presentation.

    This Slide Show is designed to:

•   Show you a glimpse of the thought process behind our Clinical
    Trading Methodology

•   Show you how Clear and Simple it is to Trade the Futures and
    FOREX Markets

•   Show you how the Clinical Trading Methodology manages RISK
    and helps Maximize PROFITS

•   Show you how EASILY and QUICKLY you can PROFIT from
    trading the Markets.

So Please, READ ON…
Typically when we open our Charts we
always see what the Market Has Been
Doing and we always ask ourselves: What
Do We Do NOW? In this case we DO
NOTHING…We wait for the Market to TELL
US what it will do NEXT.
NOW, our Clinical Trading Methodology
has given us a Warning that the Market
MAY be ready to turn BEARISH. While
other Traders are getting LONG in the
HOPE that the Trend will continue UP,
Clinical Traders are waiting for further
CONFIRMATION of Market Direction.
OK, our Clinical Trading Methodology has
are CONFIRMED! While other Traders are
Panicking! And getting STOPPED OUT,
Clinical Traders are calmly waiting for a
SHORT TRADE Opportunity.
According to our Clinical Trading
Methodology we ENTER SHORT exactly at
a Price Point that we set. Notice that we
Pin Point the Exact Bar at which we feel
secure and safe in going SHORT.

                             Immediately we place our STOP LOSS at a
                             Price Point determined by our Clinical
                             Trading Methodology. Remember, Trading
                             Success is about Managing RISKS and
                             Protecting PROFITS!
Profit Targets are Set well Ahead of Market
Price Action based on Clinical Trading
Price Projections.
   Profit Targets Entered
This approach to Trading Puts YOU in
   Well ahead of MARKET PRICE
CONTROL of your RISKS and allows you to
setACTION. Profit Targets.
   Reasonable                                 Now Let’s See how
                                              this Trade Plays
2nd Profit TARGET
HIT! Exit Final 1/2 of
your Position
Notice that we were Never Guessing the
Market’s Direction. The Clinical Trading
Methodology gave us the way to see
BEARISH Market Conditions Early. The
rest was patiently waiting for an ENTRY
                                           NOW LOOK AT THE
IT’S that SIMPLE and CLEAR.                NUMBERS…
€950 in just over
16 Minutes!!

         SHORT ENTRY 2 Contracts at 7664.
         1st Target Exit at 7650

         14 Points x €25 = €350
         2nd Target Exit at 7640

         24 Points x €25 = €600
         Total = €950
         Risk = 9 Points or €225 per Contract
               Clinical Trading
    Well that bring this presentation to an end. We hope that you can now see how
    Clinical Trading can:-

•   Help you Manage Trading Risk

•   Put You in Control of your Trading

•   Help you set Realistic Profit Targets

•   Keep you on the Right Side of Market Direction

•   Boost you trading Confidence              AND

• Grow your Trading Profits and Greatly Increase your
  Cash Flow
            Clinical Trading
To Learn Exactly how the Clinical Trader Methodology
works, as seen in this Presentation, you MUST

Attend our next 2 Day “Clinical Trading: Profit from Trading
Futures and FOREX” Seminar here in Kuala Lumpur.

To Find out Dates and Reserve your place, please Contact:-

Miss Evelyn:-

Phone:          + 6 012 8073701 (Call or SMS)


For General questions, please Email Fuad at:-

Clinical Trading

End of Presentation

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