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					                        VBA LESSONS PART THREE: INTRODUCTION
                                  ADVANCED SKILLS

 This is Part Three of VBATutor. You should work through Part one and Part Two first.
The coding in Part Three uses more advanced programming techniques as discussed in Lesson 16 in Part Two. In
Parts One and Two I tried to keep the code simple by using one function per line, such as in this example below.

StrLength = Len(SName)                     ‘find the length of the string
SName = Left(SName, StrLength - 2)         ‘delete the last 2 characters from the string
Sname = Lcase(Sname)               ‘convert the string to lowercase

In Part Three much greater use is made of multiple functions within one line of code.
For example, the above code could be rewritten as …

SName = LCase(Left(SName, (Len(SName) - 2)))

This is what is referred to as ‘elegant’ programming. It is very code efficient, but it is more difficult for the
beginner programer to learn, so it is only being introduced here in Part Three.

In Part Three we will first look at some advanced data manipulation [searching, sorting and filtering]. We will
then continue on to some more advanced topics such as writing data to text files, using DDE to allow
communication between Office programs and producing advanced UserForms. Finally there are some links to
some excellent resources to help you become a MS OFFICE POWER USER.

                             Once again, Good luck!

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