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									                    Lenovo Phones - Enter the Next Big Thing

Taking a look at the current mobile industry, every company wants a piece of the cake.
There are so many companies which have now formed, such as Micromax which have
only recently developed mobile phones. Taking this into consideration, there have also
been companies such as HP and most recently Lenovo which have entered the market.
Though most new companies find it difficult to penetrate the market, with the sort of
backing that Lenovo has, it is highly possible that it can enter and also become a major
player in the years to come. Judging by the phones that it has currently released, it aims
to take over the lower and mid-segment phone range.

With the release of phones such as the Micromax Superphone A110, which has been
a huge success in the low end segment, Lenovo will have huge difficulty in matching this
phone. But after having a look at the range and features which the Lenovo Phones
come in, it is safe to say that in terms of quality, the phones are pretty much at par with
its rivals. Its range has phones starting from a mere Rs. 6000 till Rs. 18000. Their focus
has to appreciated as they have not gone on an all out attack on major players such as
Samsung and Apple, with high value phones. In the high value segment, there is little or
no scope for penetration at the moment and their entire plan would have been
demolished by these giants had they entered their territory. And that would not have
been a pleasant site.

All these Lenovo Smartphones run the Google Android operating system, making them a
valuable product in the market today. There is huge demand for Android based
smartphones and Lenovo android phones give the consumer just that. These
smartphones are available for purchase by online shopping in India. There are
various websites which now have these smartphones available. They are priced much
cheaper than the market cost and also have many lucrative deals attached to them.

With the whole concept of online shopping, its made life easier for consumers as a whole.
You can buy phones online and if you don’t like it or are not happy with its features, you
can return it back to the website, no questions asked. The return policy varies in different
websites. This option is what drives India to shop online.

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