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									               The New Apple iPhone 5 - Smoking its Competition

If i ask a friend whether i should buy them an Apple, will get me a very sarcastic and
mocking response. No one in this current day and age connects Apple to the fruit, they
connect it only to the multibillion dollar enterprise that has taken over the technology
segment. With its sheer exuberance and quality of its products, it has taken over almost
every technology segment in the market today. It started out with the macintosh and
now has also entered and reinvented the mobile sector with its iPhone series. The iPhone
has changed the face of the mobile industry, making its competitors take notice and start
re-strategizing their marketing policies.

When the first iPhone was released many years ago it destroyed its competition and
became the largest selling phone in the industry in that fiscal year. Since then, year on
year Apple has released newer versions of its iPhone series. This year, Apple was
expected to deliver yet another technological marvel in the hands of the Apple maniacs
with the Apple Iphone 5. And it has once again delivered, with a phone that has critics
raving and in awe of its sheer beauty. Even though its competitors have improved over
time and are now closer than ever to Apple, they have played another masterstroke in
leaving the competition behind. This can be said with much confidence as the Iphone 5
sold out on the opening day in hours. They even had to put people on waiting lists
because they didn’t expect the kind of demand that they got.

With its now metal frame, cut out of one piece of metal, makes the phone more sturdier
than its predecessor, the Iphone 4s. The amazing retina display is well ahead of its
competition in terms of the clarity which it provides. There is no other smartphone that
comes close to it in this context. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 was also released during the
same time as the Iphone 5, but has not received the same amount of demand. I’m not
saying that it didn’t get high demand, but when compared to the Iphone, not even close.

The Indian market is still at a very nascent stage, where the majority cannot afford to
buy luxury smartphones. There is a huge number of people who are able to afford the
phone but still don’t buy it as they find value for money in investing in phones like the
Micromax Superphone A110 which are much cheaper when compared to foreign
players like Apple and Samsung. Take this opportunity and go ahead and buy your own
Iphone 5 at the various online shopping websites to get the best deals that are on

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