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					Our Product: The BestCore™ Series
• Uses Philips Lumileds LEDs
• Over 100,000 hours life span
• Instant on, no start-up time
• High lumens per watt, making it very efficient
• 5 year warranty
• Can be adapted to almost any fixture
• Mercury and Lead free, RoHS compliant
• Made in the USA, qualifies for the American Reinvestment
       and Recovery Act (ARRA) for Federal Funding.
                  Partnership With

•World’s leading manufacturer of high-power LEDs
•Pioneer in using LEDs for everyday purposes
•On the forefront on emerging technology in LED
•Global leader in RoHS compliant product introduction
     Opportunity for Cost Savings
Lighting is single biggest commercial energy user nationwide.
• Up to 90% more energy efficient than
        traditional lighting sources
• Long life span, up to 100,000 hours
• Variety of color options
• Low operation costs
• No UV radiation
• No mercury
• Instant on, no start-up time
• Silent operation
• Reduces “Carbon Footprint”
  Carbon Footprint: facts in evidence
• Energy consumption for all lighting in the U.S. is estimated to
be 22% of the total electricity generated.

• If every U.S. home replaced their 5 most frequently used light
fixtures with LED lighting, we would save close to $8billion
per year in energy costs, and prevent greenhouse gas emissions
equivalent to that produced by 10 million cars.

•If just 25% of U.S. lighting fixtures were converted to LEDs,
we would save $115 billion in utility costs, alleviate the need
to build 133 new coal-burning power stations; reduce carbon
emission by 158 million metric tons and avoid releasing 5,700
pounds of airborne mercury (from fluorescent) per year.
Carbon Footprint: comparison chart





 800               840


             400                                               393
 200                                 237
       100                30   113                  50                                    3   12   26
       Incandescent       Fluorescent                Halogen                 HID          Best LED
                         Wattage           kWh/Yr        CO2 Emissions Lbs./Yr
          Sample Applications
• Street Lighting
• Gas Stations
• Parking Garages
• Parking Lots
• Site Lighting
• High-bays
• Low-bays
• Wall packs
• Decorative Fixtures
• Historical Fixtures
• Security Lighting
           The Retrofit Advantage
• Quick install time

• Minimal down time of business operations

• Cost-efficient

• Labor Cost Savings

• Tax advantages

• Reduce Carbon Footprint
                      Case Study
  Sam’s Club Gas Station: Batavia, Illinois
20 fixtures 400w Metal Halide = 9.740 per KwH
20 LED retrofit fixtures = 1.160 per KwH

12 hours per day, 365 days per year, total hours
“on” 4,380 hours per year

Current annual KwH = 42,661
LED annual KwH = 5,081
Annual KwH saved = 37,580
(.10 per KwH)

Current Energy Costs = $4,266
LED Costs = $508

Annual Energy Savings = $3,758
            88% Energy Savings!!
                       Sam’s Club, Arkansas

Sam’s Club, Arkansas

                       Chevron, Tucson, Arizona
Parking Lot Lights
               Case Study: Parking Lot
                                Labor Savings
20 400watt Metal Halide parking lot fixtures were Retrofitted with BestCore™ R48
retrofit board. The average annual energy bill was $4,266. The calculated annual LED
energy cost is $508.00. That’s $3,758 or 88% energy savings.

20 NEW LED fixtures were installed in a separate lot. It took 2 electricians 3 days to
complete the install.

Approximate labor cost: $5,200.00

The 20 BestCore™ boards were retrofitted into the existing canopy fixtures. It took 2
electricians 3 hours to complete the canopy.

Approximate labor cost: $600.00

Labor savings: $4,600.00 or 91%
Wall Packs
Security Lighting: Bank Drive Up
High Bay Warehouse Lighting
          Phillips LUXEON Rebel
• Superior Color rendering

• Diodes manufactured in San Jose California

• Leading color consistency and uniformity of light

• Exceeds ENERGY STAR® lumen maintenance

• LED maximum junction temperature = 135˚C
Philips Lumileds LUXEON Rebel LM-80 data

                               Maintains Brightness far beyond
                               Energy Star requirements

                                 •98% at 10,000 hrs.
                                 • 90% at 50,000 hrs.
                                 • 80% at 90,000 hrs.
                                 •70% at 148,000 hrs.

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