Cell Organelle Analogies by hcj

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h E.R

          Emily Loper
   A cell is made up of many organelles.
   A cell and it’s organelles can be compared to
    a shopping mall.
   The nucleus controls what goes on
    throughout the cell.
    The manager has to ok everything that goes
    on in a mall before it happens.
   The mitochondria is the power house of the
   The food court is where people to go get
    more energy when they’re shopping in a mall.
   The cell membrane controls what goes in and
    out of the cell.
   The doors control what go in and out of the
   Cytoplasm is the jelly-like stuff in the cell
    that keeps everything in place.
   Security guards keep the mall in line and
    everyone in their place.
   Lysosomes digest and remove things.
   Shoppers buy the clothes and food in the mall
    and take them home.
   The Golgi Apparatus transports things
    throughout the cell.
   A sale paper in a mall transports messages
    throughout the mall.
   The Rough E.R. makes and packages proteins.
   A restaurant makes and packages food,
    where the shoppers get protein.
   The Smooth E.R. is used for storage.
   Shoppers store the items they want to buy in
    a shopping cart.
   Ribosomes are found on the Rough E.R. and
    they contain proteins.
    The food you eat contains protein as well.
   Centrioles are essential in cell division.
   A shopper can’t shop without money.
   The vacuole stores the water in the cell.
    Shoppers and can stop and get water at
    anytime from a water fountain.
   Water is used in homeostasis to help with
    temperature and hydration. .
   Mitosis is nuclear cell division. Two
    genetically identical cells are formed in
   Cytokinesis is the division of cytoplasm.
   Meiosis is sexual cell division and it forms
    two genetically different cells.
   By: Emily Loper

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