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									 Home Remedy For Cough

 There are many herbal treatments
   accessible to treat a cough but
 sometimes the best ones are found
 within the convenience of your own
Herbal Tea
   Herbal tea is packed full of
   sickness fighting enzymes and
   Herbal tea is also quite effective
   at subduing even the most
   obstinate allergy cough.
   The most effective teas have
   proven to be black tea and
Preparation for a cup of herbal tea
Fill hot water into a heat
resistant cup along with
the tea. Add a splash of
lemon juice to help
release the herbal tea's
natural healing enzymes.
Also add a tablespoon of
honey to help lubricate
your throat. Drink slowly
and feel your cough melt

• Garlic cough syrup mightn't appear
  like the greatest idea, but it is very
  effective in treating coughs.
  Preparation for the garlic cough syrup
• Chop a few cloves of garlic and put them into a mason
  jar. Fully cover the garlic with honey and let marinate for
  at least 24 hours. Ideal time to marinate is two weeks,
  but your cough cannot wait that long. Take a tablespoon
  of the syrup in the morning and whenever you feel the
  urge of a cough coming along.
  Ginger is another one of
  nature's cure-all. It is
  available for order in
  many different forms,
  but for use as a cough
  suppressant, either
  whole ginger root or
  sliced ginger will do
          Application of ginger
• Cut the ginger into thin
  slices. Place a few slices
  into your mouth and
  chew. The healing
  enzymes will be released
  from the ginger as you
  chew it and your cough
  will slowly disappear.
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