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									                                                        The Year in Review
                                                        I’m writing this Annual Report on
                                                        Monday, November 19, 2012, the day                     At LFA, we hit our
                                                        after Taste of Mission Sunday. I’ve talked
                                                        with several people about the incredible              sweet spot when we
                                                        impact on lives that resulted as we left                live on mission.
 Annual                                                 our comfortable place of worship and
                                                        worshiped Jesus by moving toward lost
                                                        and needy people in our community.                  reducing our Sunday and Wednesday
 Report                                                 After those conversations, I’m more
                                                        convinced than ever that at LFA, we hit
                                                                                                            meeting places to one and creating a
                                                                                                            place for us to establish ourselves
                                                        our sweet spot when we live on mission.
  2012                                                  We must hold onto that truth as we
                                                                                                            over the next four years. 

                                                                                                      • 105 people have taken steps to
                                                        continue to transition from what we             reorder their family spending patterns
                                                        were (an established, rather comfortable        through Financial Peace.  
                                                        church with our own building) to what
                                                        we are becoming: a multi-site church          • We successfully launched our first
Children’s Ministry .................. 2
                                                        focusing our strength on giving every           Parent Summit.  

Family Ministry ........................ 2              man, woman and child in South Jersey
                                                                                                      • Throughout 2012, we made significant
                                                        repeated opportunities to hear, see and
                                                                                                        staffing shifts in an attempt to go to
Youth Ministry .......................... 3             respond to the Gospel of Jesus.
                                                                                                        new levels of success in children,
                                                        During 2012...                                  youth, worship ministry and
Counseling & Crisis ................ 4                                                                  connecting with guests.  
                                                        • We have given great energy to moving
                                                          to Cumberland Christian School,
Healing & Restoration ............ 4                                                                  • We continue to pursue our target of
                                                                                                        700 in attendance on Sunday
Mercy Ministry ......................... 4                                                              morning, which will be one of a
                                                                                                        number of readiness indicators for
Ministering Elders ................... 5                                                                launching our new site. 

2013 Budget ..........................5-7                                                             So, what will 2013 hold? By God’s grace,
                                                                                                      the many changes we have lived over
Finance ...................................... 7                                                      the past couple of years will now result
                                                                                                      in fruit. Effective children and youth
Trustees.......................................8                                                      ministries as well as connecting with
                                                                                                      people in their points of need will lay a
Pastorates ................................. 9                                                        foundation for a future of LFA
                                                                                                      ministering the Gospel to new
TFL ............................................... 9                                                 communities.

Worship/Celebration ........... 10                                                                                         — Pastor Nate Howard
                                                                                                                                       Sr. Pastor
Setup/Teardown .................... 10

On Mission .............................. 11             SENIOR PASTOR (FULL-TIME) - NATE HOWARD
Leadership Community ....... 11                          • Clearly communicate LFA vision and mission. Lead the church through anticipated
                                                            growth transitions, and give regular updates.
Alpha ........................................ 12        • Work with the Executive Pastor to individually coach Pastors Team and staff.
                                                         • Provide Spiritual Formation for Pastors Team.
Governing Elders .................. 12                   • Develop weekly Sunday celebration messages as the primary teacher.

            Where followers of Jesus love God passionately, make disciples
           continually, and plant churches regularly, as lives, families and
             communities are being transformed by the Gospel of Jesus.
                                         “…we will not hide them
                                         from their children, we will
                                         tell the nest generation the
                                         praiseworthy deeds of the
                                         Lord, his power, and the
                                         wonders he has done.”
                                                             Ps 78:3-4

                                         As Frank Geremia officially       “Great is the Lord and most worthy of praise; his greatness no one
    retired October 1, God answered prayer and faithfully                can fathom. One generation will commend your works to another;
    provided a beautiful team of overseers and workers who are           they will tell of your mighty acts.”
    ready to carry the vision to train the next generation to love                                                                Ps 145:3-4
    and follow Jesus:
        Pat Baruffi: Prayer                                                We are so grateful for leaders God has raised up that have a
                                                                         passion to invest in marriages and parenting!
        Jenn Barnes: Special Event Child Care
                                                                         Key Leaders:
        Laurie Havens : Sunday 1st-2nd Service Nurseries
                                                                            Ken & Eileen Hill: Marriage courses, Marriage Mentors
        Selinette Bordoy: Sunday 1st Service 2-5’s
                                                                            Caleb & Sarah Howard: Pre Marriage Training
        Jean Richie: Sunday 2nd Service 2-5’s
                                                                            Mindy Laury: “New Moms” contact person
        Jessica LeBlanc: Sunday,
        Treasure Seekers/Kids on a                                          Katie Wilson: Baby Dedications
        Mission                                                             Milestone Champion Parent Leaders: Rudds, Vaughns, C.
        Dan & Laurie Pino:                                                  Howards, Tomlinsons, G. Hills, Smiths, Geremias, Torreses,
        Wednesday 0-5 year olds                                             Jelineks, Gebhardts

        Chris Laury: Wednesday                                              Frank Geremia: Coordinator for Parent Summit
        1-6th graders
                                                                         Number of lives impacted:
    Lives Impacted through                                                  Classes: 33 Parent; 18 Pre marriage; 60 Marriage
    Children’s Ministry:                                                    Parent Summit: 100
        Team Leaders: 30                                                    Baby Dedications: 12
        Helpers: 106                                                        Women’s Retreat: 120
        Wed. evening children                                               Men’s Event: 70
        (average attendance): 68
                                                                            Singles Dialog: 40
        Sunday am children
                                                                            Three Camp Grace Parent Meetings: 50
        (average attendance): 77
        Alpha Kids: 4                                                    God Sighting from 2012: God is answering prayer to help us as
        Marriage Alpha Kids: 4                                           a church offer practical ways to train parents. Over 100 people
                                                                         came together on Saturday, October 13th for our first ever
        LFA Camp Grace Kids attendance: 73
                                                                         Parent Summit. They heard vision for investing in the next
    God Sighting from 2012: One Sunday in October, Jessica               generation. They were challenged to intentionally use the Four
    LeBlanc (who oversees our Treasure Seekers Ministry) came out        Foundations as a structure in their homes as they walk their
    so excited! She told about how she and the parents who help          children/youth through our Milestone Pathway.
    her got to lead the children to act out practical ways they can
                                                                         2013 Vision:
    prepare their heart to come to worship each week. It is such a
    gift to have workers who are passionate to help bring (to our           • Households growing in doing outreach together
    elementary aged children each week) the same truth that                 • Parents being intentional to walk their kids through our
    Pastor Nate brings to the adults on Sundays.                              Milestone Pathway by attending the Parent Summit/Yearly
                                                                              Parent Classes
    Vision for 2013: To pray and work to make Children’s Ministry
                                                                            • Marriages getting regular input so they can flourish
    Team a place where people can come alive spiritually as they
    live out their God given design and learn to bring their gifts to    Thank you for praying with us as we do our part to lead LFA to
    invest in helping the next generation to love and follow Jesus!      follow Jesus one Household at a time!

    To look for ways where we can bring our the resources of                                                            — Sharon Howard
    Children’s Ministry outside of the four walls of LFA!                                                      Family Ministry Coordinator

                                                  — Sharon Howard
                                     Children’s Ministry Coordinator

• Plan and implement programs to disciple children
  and adults through all life stages.
• Develop Teams: Generational Team for Milestones,
  CM Teams, marriage, and pre-marriage
• Infuse Family Ministry values in whole church         JUNIOR HIGH
• Sync CM lessons with weekly adult celebration         A big thank you to the Jr High         behind a joke. One of the Jr. High
  themes. Provide safe environments for children.       Leaders who served in 2012: Tim        Leaders was attentive to it, and
  Develop and maintain FM resources lending library.    and Norah Goggin, Diana                followed the Holy Spirit’s
                                                        Hoffman, Rebecca Gardella,              prompting to follow up. They
                                                        Miranda Silva, Josh Ford, Daniel       feared the student's reaction but
CM ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT (8 HRS/WK)                  Vandzura and Alyse Watson. You         knew what God was asking them
- JESSICA LEBLANC                                       have been faithful and loving. Tim,    to do. The end result was that a
• Gather and track CM attendance, and keep class list   your ability to make every child       student was led lovingly to get
  up to date. Gather and track CM metrics.              know they are loved is beautiful.      the help they were needing. 
• Manage CM room equipment and supplies, and
  organize and manage logistics of large CM events      This year we averaged 13               In 2013, we are looking forward to
                                                        students and 7 leaders. Here’s a Jr.   Chris Laws developing this team
                                                        High God sighting: In a large          of gifted leaders   to disciple Jr.
                                                        group discussion, one student          High students.
                                                        hinted at some potential struggles
                                                        they were having, a hint hidden                           — Greg Hill

                                                        SENIOR HIGH
                                                        The end of 2012 is here, and so is     Also, this summer we took 16
                                                        my time leading Senior High youth      students to the International
                                                        ministry. Moving into 2013 is an       House of Prayer in Kansas City,
                                                        exciting time for youth ministry, as   Kansas for the Fascinate
                                                        Chris Laws steps in as the full time   conference. This was a big win for
                                                        Youth and Connections Pastor at        our students; many of them met
                                                        LFA. He brings with him more than      with God and saw his power in
                                                        a decade of youth ministry             their lives.  
                                                                                               Tuesday night youth ministry is
                                                        Looking back at this year, it was      another place where I have seen
                                                        incredible to see the ways that        the work of God. We have a
                                                        God moved in and through youth         regular weekly attendance of 30
                                                        ministry. We saw three high school     students, with over 50 students
                                                        students come to faith in Jesus        coming out regularly twice a
                                                        Christ.  SO COOL!                      month. We have a team of 13
                                                                                               volunteers who do an amazing job
                                                        Camp Grace continues to be a           every week in leading the
                                                        place where our students are           students to interact with the truth
CHRIS LAWS                                              trained and equipped to follow         of God at a heart level. Thank you
                                                        God personally and to reach our        to our youth leaders: Frank
• Oversee and promote Jr. and Sr. High ministry.
                                                        community with the Gospel of           Bellone, Tim Butler, Andrew Hughes,
  Develop leadership team to shepherd these
  students.                                             Jesus. For the first time, Camp         Charissa Ricketts, Toni Bellone,
                                                        Grace was held in two locations at     Taylor Fennen, Tara Guice, Chrissy
• Establish connections with parents to equip them as
                                                        one time, effectively touching the      Reamer, Stephanie Hill, Amanda
  the primary faith nurturers and help them
  implement the milestones.                             lives of 225 campers through the       Bazner, Enid Stevenson, and Hillary
                                                        hard work of over 50 Junior and        Jones. God is continuing to work
• Plan and implement connections with new visitors
                                                        Senior High volunteers. Of those       here in the youth of our church!
  and guests. Help assimilate newcomers and link
  attendees to a relationship on a ministry team or     225 campers, 12 received the
  pastorate.                                            truth of Jesus into their lives!                           — Erik Howard

                                                                                                                Pastor Diego Cuartas
                                                                                                              Healing and Restoration

    I thank Lois Robinson, Thor Knutstad,       I thank Donna Barnes, Dara Born, Charles    Thank you deacons: Kim Zimmerman, Rich
    Tammy Vaughn (counselors), Shirley          & Jeannette Corbitt, Mike DiFrancesco,      Weatherby and our new deacons: Russell
    Hayman, Connie Jones, and Donna             Marvin Turnure, Cindy Cuartas, Nancy        Born, Al Lombardi, Mark Rowe, Mick
    Barnes (lay counselors), and our pastoral   Wagner, Joe & Michelle Melchiorre,          Sanderson, Jack Klohoker, Curtis
    staff for their faithful investment in       Allison Capriotti, Kim Geremia and          Zimmerman. Some highlights of their
    helping others in their personal healing.   Brendan Barnes who faithfully serve our     willing and faithful work:
                                                CR family.                                    • 10 families received assistance, some
    This year God sent to us two new
                                                                                                more than once or twice
    professional counselors (Thor and           This year, we met at least 48 times, had
    Tammy), each one bringing expertise in      50 visitors come through our doors at         • Team grew from two to eight
    pastoral counseling and therapy for         least one time, 17 out of 50 have visited     • Received training in Good Sense
    children and families. 17 individuals       more than twice or have stayed in the           ministry
    were helped financially (in some cases       program. We are ending the year with a        • Began with a balance of $1484 and
    more than once) to receive professional     weekly average attendance of                    ending with $2050
    counseling, 5 were served by lay            approximately 30 people. We have
                                                                                              • Took initiative to mobilize others to
    counselors. Our counseling ministry was     cycled through step study groups for
                                                                                                serve families affected by recent
    promoted at the flea market through our      men and women twice and have offered
                                                                                                “Sandy” storm!!! Our deacons are
    recent Taste of Mission Sunday.             2 different trainings (in and out of NJ).
                                                                                                leading the way!
    I praise God for 3 couples who have         I want to tell you about a lady who came
                                                                                            Thank you deaconesses: Rosemary Sottile,
    gone through counseling ministry,           distressed by the brokenness of her
                                                                                            Erika Cook, Sue Hyson, Lisa Prato and Mary
    continue leading their families through     marriage and in need of support and
                                                                                            Iacovelli, who have assisted with several
    difficult things and are serving in           healing. Through regular community
                                                                                            funeral luncheons, sent encouragement
    ministries that mentor other parents or     support and our CR program, she has
                                                                                            cards, coordinate numerous meals for
    help people in recovery. God changes        found personal healing and now is being
                                                                                            those in need and called and visited
    lives!!!                                    developed as a future leader in our
                                                                                            several people in need.
                                                program. We see God healing her and
    Our vision for 2013 is to make              making her an agent of healing in other     A team of volunteers extended mercy to
    counseling accessible to our community      ladies’ lives!                              migrant families at Sheppard Farms,
    through an interactive, web-based blog,
                                                                                            bringing health screenings, clothing,
    a new brochure, and exploring other         Our vision for 2013 is to identify 2
                                                                                            prayer, ESL class, and other visits to
    creative avenues.                           ministry coaches, develop more male
                                                                                            continue our connection with them.
                                                leaders, explore avenues and the
                                                                                            Similarly, we did this (along with 21
                                                leadership needed to expand the reach
                                                                                            others) during our recent Taste of Mission
                                                of CR to children and teens.
                                                                                            Sunday at the flea market.

                                                                                            Most recently, we took a team of 5 to the
                                                                                            College of Prayer Weekend to invest in key
                                                                                            leaders in the area of “personal spiritual

                                                                                            Our vision for 2013 is to continue training
                                                                                            our deacons, expand our deaconesses
                                                                                            team, identify and train prayer and mercy
                                                                                            champions in each pastorate, explore
                                                                                            opportunities to serve and proclaim the
                                                                                            Kingdom of God among migrant families in
                                                                                            our county.

                                                                                Living Faith Alliance Church
                                                                                 Annual Business Meeting
                                                                                    December 11, 2011
                                                 Nate introduced meeting with the 5 core values at LFA.
I thank Greg Hill, Hap Hyson,                         • The revelation of God and the gospel of Jesus Christ
Matthew Rudd, Mark Gebhardt,                         • The presence of God
Frank Geremia, Ken Hill, Caleb
                                                     • Community/authentic relationships
Howard, Rich Weatherby, Joel
Howard and Kim Zimmerman for                         • Mission (James 2:22)
their willingness to serve and                       • Moms and Dads are the primary trainers of their children
shepherd the flock and our
                                                Agenda adoption: Moved and seconded, unanimous yes
                                                Meeting opened; quorum achieved
 • Gave priority to addressing crisis/
   conflict/discipline cases                     Vision Q&A with Nate:
 • Interviewed prospects for                           Questions were on the following topics: multisite vision and strateg
   baptism and membership                              giving patterns, concerns over to many locations, funding for the Youth
 • Established an altar prayer                         Pastor role, service times, strategy to increase giving, pastorate
   coordinator for each service on                     leadership and influence, and connecting guests to LFA
                                                Financial overview and explanation of YTD report
 • Trained 32 individuals on altar
   prayer support                               Budget Discussion

 • Established a regular intercession                 Motion made to accept the budget of $700,000 for 2012-Seconde
   prayer time prior to our services                  Voted-unanimous yes.
   each Sunday
                                                Governing elder Nominees: Walt Hayman, Dave Jones
 • Prayed and anointed several
                                                      Motion made and seconded-Voted-unanimous yes
   individuals and families
   throughout the year.                        Nominating committee nominees from the floor, two to
 • Each elder is bringing leadership           be appointed by congregation, two by GE: Jay Bishop,
   to a specific area of ministry in            Caleb Howard, Chris Laury, Kathy Lombardi
   our church!
                                                      Motion made to close nominations and seconded
Our vision for 2013 is to solidify
                                                      Results: Jay Bishop, Caleb Howard
our support to the widowed, shut
ins, and the elderly, continue                 Meeting closed with prayer.
training elders in areas of
interpersonal ministry, and aligning           Submitted by Matthew Hartman
our leadership with the overall                Governing Elder
thematic goal of our church.

  • Oversee crisis assistance, care of the hurt/needy, and healing. Identify,
     receive, assign, coordinate, and follow-up on requests for assistance.
  • Plan and manage programs and volunteers/staff for Celebrate
     Recovery, GriefShare, Lay Counseling, Ministering Elders, Deacons/
     Deaconesses, and Prayer Chain.
  • Infuse value of prayer in whole church
  • Administer counseling assistance and other assistance funds.

2012 General Fund Budget
Thank you for taking time to review the
2013 LFA proposed General Fund                                              Living Faith Alliance - 2013 Budget Summary
budget. This is a simplified
presentation of a working budget that                                                                                   2012 Budget        2013
contains about 150 separate line                                                                                                                  % Change
                                                                                                                 (Adjusted Mid-Year)   Proposed
items. We’ve merged categories to help     Revenue
you avoid data overload. However, if        General giving                                                                  700,000     704,241       0.6%
you wish to see a comprehensive             Rentals, interest income, and health care tax credit/refund                          --      14,700
                                                                                                      TOTAL REVENUE        $700,000    $718,941       2.7%
version of the budget – or if you have
any questions at all about the             Expenses
information presented here – please         Staff
call or email the church office                 Compensa on
(856-696-3444 or                               Pastoral Team
                                                 Nathan Howard - Senior Pastor                                               63,157      63,157       0.0% We will                   g
                                                 Greg Hill - Execu ve Pastor                                                   ,
                                                                                                                             52,630        ,
                                                                                                                                         53,402       1.5%
be happy to answer your questions by             Diego Cuartas - Associate Pastor, Mercy                                     30,129      42,843      42.2%
phone or email.                                  Ma hew Rudd - Associate Pastor, Worship                                     45,000      39,455     -12.3%
                                                 Mark Gebhardt - Worship Pastor                                              17,613           0
As you review the budget, keep in mind           Chris Laws - Associate Pastor, Youth/Connec ons                                  0      43,315
that the values that shape a budget
                                                 Sharon Howard - Family/Children Ministry                                    27,769      38,212      37.6%
require a process that evolves each              Admin Assistant - Family/Children Ministry                                       0       5,790
year. Consider the following highlights:         Charissa Ricke s - Office Manager                                             31,000      31,429       1.4%
                                                 Frank Geremia - Children                                                    20,062           0
INCREASED REVENUE WITH REDUCED                   Erik Howard - Youth Intern                                                   8,077           0
COSTS                                            Recep on/Publishing                                                         11,292      11,416       1.1%
                                                                                                Total Compensa on           306,729     285,704      -6.9%
Although LFA’s main income is our             Payroll and Self Employment Taxes

continued general giving, it is through        Pastoral Team
God’s grace that some additional                 Nathan Howard - Senior Pastor                                                8,843       8,843       0.0%
sources of revenue have grown enough             Greg Hill - Execu ve Pastor                                                  7,370       7,478       1.5%
                                                 Diego Cuartas - Associate Pastor, Mercy                                      4,219       5,999      42.2%
for us to include them in our projected                                                     2
                                                 Ma hew Rudd - Associate Pastor, Worship                                      3,443       5,525      60.5%
income for next year. Our 2013 budget            Mark Gebhardt - Worship Pastor                                               2 368
                                                                                                                              2,368           0    -100 0%
total of $718,941 includes interest              Chris Laws - Associate Pastor, Youth/Connec ons
                                                                                                                                  0       6,065
income, rentals, and a significant              Staff
                                                 Sharon Howard - Family/Children Ministry                                     2,124       3,165      49.0%
health care tax credit resulting from
                                                 Admin Assistant - Family/Children Ministry                                       0         480
the Affordable Care Act of 2010. In an            Charissa Ricke s - Office Manager                                              2,372       2,603       9.8%
attempt to further streamline and                Frank Geremia - Children                                                     1,535           0    -100.0%
reduce overall costs, general                    Erik Howard - Youth Intern                                                     618           0    -100.0%
administrative (G&A) costs have been             Recep on/Publishing                                                            864         946       9.5%
                                                                                              Total Payroll/SE Taxes         33,755      35,039       3.8%
cut in these ways:                            Health Benefits
     • 60% reduction in annual rent              Nathan Howard                                                               10,000      10,776       7.8%
       ($7,187) through our move to              Greg Hill                                                                   14,000      14,820       5.9%
                                                 Diego Cuartas                                                               14,000      14,820       5.9%
       CCS.                                      Ma hew Rudd
                                                                                                                                  0      14,820
     • A slight reduction (1.7%) in              Chris Laws                                                                       0      14,820
                                                 Charissa Ricke s                                                             5,500       5,568       1.2%
       overall G&A costs, even after
                                                                                               Total Health Benefits          43,500      60,804      39.8%
       tweaking our accounting process        Con nuing Educa on
       to properly include custodial             Nathan Howard                                                                  800         800       0.0%
       support in this category.                 Greg Hill                                                                      800         800       0.0%
                                                 Diego Cuartas                                                                  800         800       0.0%
STREAMLINED STAFF AND SALARY                     Ma hew Rudd                                                                  4,000         800     -80.0%
                                                 Mark Gebhardt                                                                  250           0    -100.0%
ALIGNMENT                                        Sharon Howard                                                                  750         622     -17.1%
We continue to consolidate staff                  Frank Geremia                                                                  125           0    -100.0%
functions while striving for salaries            Erik Howard                                                                  2,100           0    -100.0%
consistent with averages for                     Chris Laws                                                                       0         800
                                                                                        Total Con nuing Educa on              9,625       3,822     -60.3%
employees in churches similar to LFA in
size and location:                                                                                         Total Staff      $393,609    $385,369      -2.1%

                    Continued on page 7

                                                                                                                                  • With Frank Geremia’s retirement,
                                                                                                                                    Sharon Howard is now working
                                     Living Faith Alliance - 2013 Budget Summary
                                                                                                                                    at 75% full-time with a part-
  Ministry Support                                                                                                                  time assistant to cover both
   All-Church Events                                                                        2,000            2,400     20.0%        Children and Family Ministries,
   Alpha & Pastorates                                                                      16,675           16,350     -1.9%        for a savings of $3,842
   Children                                                                                 2,700            4,400     63.0%
   Family                                                                                   3,500            4,200     20.0%      • Since Mark Gebhardt’s departure
   Healing & Restora on                                                                    16,040           15,240     -5.0%        for a full-time teaching position,
   Junior and Senior High                                                                   4,550            5,700     25.3%
   Leadership Development                                                                  11,710           12,960     10.7%        Matthew Rudd has assumed his
   Missions                                                                                 6,660            8,000     20.1%        duties and, as a result, Greg Hill
   Summer Ministry                                                                         11,500           12,000      4.3%        and Charissa Ricketts are
   TFL                                                                                      5,150            2,000    -61.2%
                                                                                                                                    covering the balance of
     Sunday Program and Worship Materials                                                   2,000            2,800    40.0%         Matthew’s administrative tasks
     Sound Equipment and A/V Support                                                        1,500
                                                                                            1 500           10 956
                                                                                                            10,956   630.4%
                                                                                                                     630 4%         for a savings of $12,948 (even
     Hospitality and Setup/Breakdown                                                        4,000            6,400    60.0%
   Total Worship                                                                            7,500           20,156
                                                                                                                                    including one outside support
                                                         Total Ministry Support           $87,985        $103,406     17.5%
                                                                                                                                  • Diego Cuartas’ position also
General & Administra ve Costs                                                                                                       became full-time last year. His
  Office Expenses
    Communica ons/Promo ons                                                                14,500           11,000   -24.1%
                                                                                                                                    2013 salary will increase to
    Supplies & Services (ISP, cells, postage, paper, credit card fees, etc.)                8,128            9,700    19.3%         bring it closer to the average
    Equipment (copiers/printers, phones, furniture, fixtures, etc.)                         20,350           20,350     0.0%         salary for his position, based on
    Professional Services (Payroll, Accoun ng, Legal, Systems Support)                      8,750           18,206   108.1%
                                                            Total Office Expenses            51,728           59,256
                                                                                                                                    data in the “Compensation
  Facili es                                                                                                                         Handbook for Church Staff”
    Custodian                                                                              13,456           13,685      1.7%        which was approved this year by
    Building Maintenance & Improvements                                                     6,000            5,500     -8.3%
                                                                                                                                    the FRC as a benchmark for staff
    Supplies (Janitorial, Kitchen)                                                          2,500            2,400     -4.0%
    U li es                                                                                19,000           17,600     -7.4%        compensation levels.
                                                                    Total Facili es        40,956           39,185     -4.3%
  Grounds                                                                                                                      The bottom line is that, even with a
    Property Maintenance                                                                   10,000            7,500    -25.0%
                                                                                                                               larger-than-expected increase in
    Property Taxes                                                                          6,100            6,300      3.3%
    Vehicle                                                                                 3,750            4,000      6.7%   health insurance premiums, the total
    Insurance (liability, auto, workers comp)                                               7,600            7,600      0.0%   cost of all paid employees still
                                                                    Total Grounds          27,450           25,400     -7.5%   remains within the Governing Elders’
    Wallace Middle School                                                                   1,987                0   -100.0%   mandated ceiling of 58% of the
    Cumberland Chris an School                                                             10,000            4,800    -52.0%   budget.
                                                           Total Occupancy/Rent            11,987            4,800    -60.0%
  District and Na onal Support                                                                                                 REPLACEMENT OF YOUTH PASTOR
    Metro Missions- 1%                                                                      7,000            7,042      0.6%
    Metro CMA (District)- 6%                                                               42,000           42,254      0.6%
                                                                                                                               We continue to be blessed by God’s
    Fellowship Fund- 0.35%                                                                  2,450            2,465      0.6%   generosity in His provision of Chris
                                                 Total District/Na onal Support            51,450           51,762      0.6%   Laws as our new Youth/Connections
                                        Total General & Administra ve Costs              $183,571        $180,403      -1.7%   Pastor – with zero impact on the
                                                                                                                               proposed budget! This position will
  Con ngency                                                                               14 653
                                                                                           14,653           33 034
                                                                                                            33,034    125 4%
                                                                                                                               be funded entirely for 2013 (and at
  Capital Reserve                                                                          11,818                0   -100.0%   least partially for 2014) by a grant
  Building Fund Loan Repayment                                                              8,364           16,728    100.0%   award and an anonymous estate trust
                                                                     Total Savings        $34,835          $49,762    42.9%
                                                                TOTAL EXPENSES           $700,000        $718,940
                                                                                                                                                 Continued on page 8
1. Addi onal revenue sources were not included prior to 2013.
2. Moved from Staff to Pastors; 2013 salary now omits tax burden but replaces compensa on via healthcare benefit.
3. Salary/benefits are not included in total; posi on is funded by outside sources.
4. 2012 SE taxes have been revised here to correct inaccurate es mates in the 2012 approved budget.
5. 2012 tui on assistance is being converted to 2013 healthcare benefit.
6. 2012 expenses included one- me cost of FPU internship.
7. A/V support is no longer part of rental cost.
8. Includes new support service to supplement G. Hill's addi onal administra ve du es.

2012 General Fund Budget, continued

                                                            Finance Team
LFA is a church in transition. As we have moved             First of all, I would like to thank God for supplying all our needs!
our bases of worship and operations, we have                I would also like to thank the team who worked with all their hearts as unto
both lost and gained members. But as we                     the Lord.
continue to grow and plan for our multi-site
                                                             • The Financial Review Committee: Kathy Lombardi as Chair, Janet Kielbasa,
vision, consolidation of staff functions and
                                                               Jonathan Houdart and Matthew Rudd
increased demand on those staff means that we
need to work smarter. In particular for LFA,                 • Bookkeeping and Financial Records: Charissa Ricketts
“working smarter” means relying on some paid                 • All the people who counted collection each week
help within these limits and boundaries:
                                                             • All of you who gave as God led
 • LFA will pay for specific skills in areas that are        One major financial blessing in 2012 was God providing grant money through
   highly visible or critical to our operation – like       the Alliance District to hire a much needed Youth & Connection Pastor. As we
   enlisting an expert to help improve sound,               have worked and struggled together we have seen God meet every need.
   presentation, and video at worship services .
                                                            As we look forward to 2013 we are confident that God will continue to lead as
 • LFA will pay for help not as a long-term
                                                            we humbly trust Him.
   solution, but when the leadership strain is
   unsustainable in staffing volunteers – like                                                                                – Walt Hayman
   engaging an assistant to take on the endless/                                                                  Governing Elder/Treasurer
   thankless administrative tasks that are part of
   Children and Family Ministry.

 • LFA will not pay as a substitute for
   volunteerism. To the contrary, we value
   volunteerism. We invite and encourage
   people to volunteer as a part of their
   discipleship process, and our most recent            Special thanks to those who helped to keep our facility on Lincoln Avenue looking
   numbers show that we have about 250 adult            good this past year. You maintain our facility for constant use as a tool in the
   volunteers across all ministries and                 advancement of the Kingdom of God in South Jersey:  Art Baruffi, Jr.; Al Lombardi;
   operations.                                          Dave Ritchie; Curtis Zimmerman; Wayne Havens.

 • To demonstrate the highest level of prudence,
   LFA will classify such hired workers as
   “employees” – regardless of the type or               ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT(21 HRS/WK) - LISA MCGILLIS
   duration of their assignments – to comply
                                                         • Provide phone and visitor reception; process mail, email, and voice messages;
   with IRS regulations and insurance guidelines.
                                                            maintain and update office records. Produce and maintain promotional projects
INVESTING IN MINISTRY                                       and resource materials.
The 2013 budget includes an increase of over             • Provide general and specific assistance to staff as needed.
$15,421 in ministry support that encompasses
the following:

 • $2,400 increase in Children and Family
   ministries (Yes, we’ll have a 2013 Parent             OFFICE MANAGER/BOOKKEEPER (FULL TIME) - CHARISSA RICKETTS
   Summit!)                                              • Provide reception, process mail, maintain and update office records. Log and
                                                            maintain financial records; manage accounts receivable, accounts payable, and
 • $1,150 more for Jr. and Sr. High
                                                            payroll; and provide financial reporting as required.
 • $1,250 increase in Leadership Development             • Manage office volunteers, schedule facility use and equipment maintenance and
   to further equip our teams                               repair, order supplies and provide assistance to staff as needed.
 • $1,840 more for Missions and Summer
We are also funding a larger contingency
cushion (or, as Dave Ramsey puts it: an                  MAINTENANCE (15-20 HOURS/WEEK) - DAVE RITCHIE
“Emergency Fund”) of $33,000 to better
                                                         • Perform general office building and property cleaning, maintenance, repairs and
prepare us for our multi-site goals.
                                                            seasonal tasks (watering, lawn cutting, snow removal).
                                                         • Coordinate and supplement similar services as necessary in multi-site rental

In 2012, several pastorates got hit hard                                              Thank you Pastorate Leaders who
with crises. I am so thankful that the                                                served in 2012:
Gebhardt, Baruffi and Carter Pastorates                                                    • Larry & Leslie Baruffi
rallied together during those times of
                                                                                         • Harry & Val Behrens
crisis. It has been beautiful to see the
body of Christ in action through such                                                    • Dave & Jayme Carter
sacrificial love.                                                                         • Mark & Lisa Gebhardt
                                           In 2013, I want to plant pastorates in
This year we learned some things about     new geographical locations in order to        • Ed Gove
the life cycle of pastorates as three of   reach out as lighthouses into new             • Joel Howard
our pastorates came to a close. One of     communities. I would also like to see
                                                                                         • Dominick Baruffi
those things is that the closing of a      some new pastorates born out of a
pastorate can be painful because           common mission to bring the gospel in         • Hap & Sue Hyson
relationships matter.                      word and action to specific groups of          • Dave (Spike) & Connie Jones
                                           people (eg.- perhaps migrant workers or
This year we launched two new                                                            • Frank & Kim Medio
                                           young couples).
pastorates! One of them has                                                              • Steve & Sharon Schalick
strategically placed us in Pittsgrove/     I look forward to increasing support and      • Ken & Eileen Hill
Upper Pittsgrove .                         resources for pastorate leaders. They
                                           are such a huge gift to our church as         • Greg & Angelina Hill (That’s me
This fall we averaged 275 people in        they shepherd and mobilize God’s                and my wife)
pastorates, 68 more than last year’s       people at LFA.                                                           – Greg Hill
average.                                                                                                       Executive Pastor

                          Many, O LORD my God, are the wonders you have done. The things you
                          planned for us no one can recount to you; were I to speak and tell of them,
                          they would be too many to declare.                           Psalm 40:5

“It has been so fun. I have cut down                                                  105 active participants in FPU
on my spending and saved money.                                                       received training in financial
The other day I was able to give to                                                   stewardship. God seems to be laying
someone in need. My wife can’t wait                                                   some good foundations for us.
to give away more to people in
crises.“ –FPU Participant                                                             During TFL weeks in the Fall (Sept-
                                              • Mona Mauro                            Oct) we had a weekly average of
Thank you teachers for being faithful                                                 199.5 participants, which is an
                                              • Lois Robinson
to teaching God’s Word and doing                                                      increase of 47.5 from last year’s
your part in how God is forming               • Diego Cuartas                         average. Our people seem hungry for
disciples at LFA:                             • Sharon Howard                         God’s counsel in particular areas of
   • Tim Vaughn                                                                       life.
                                              • Arnie Farrow
   • Mark Gebhardt                            • Mark Rowe                             In 2013, we intend to solidify the
   • Larry & Leslie Baruffi                                                             7 Essentials as core training and to
                                              • Thor Knutstad
                                                                                      expand life stage training options,
   • Stephanie Baruffi                          • Dominick Baruffi                        like classes specifically designed for
   • Linda Casmer                                                                     Young Adults.
                                           We increased our training options
   • Ken Hill
                                           from 25 to 27 unique TFL classes in                                      – Greg Hill
   • Hap & Sue Hyson                       order to address new areas of Biblical                              Executive Pastor
   • Rich Irion                            equipping.

                                                                           have blessed and led into worship over 30,000 people. Now I
                                                                           realize that may seem like an inflated number, but consider
                                                                           what Sunday morning would be like if these leaders and
                                                                           teams didn’t offer their gifts, very different, so be sure to
                                                                           thank them.

     It’s crazy sometimes to reflect over a year’s time at a place like
     LFA. There are a lot of changes- for one I’m new to writing this
     report for worship ministries. Stepping into the role of Sunday
     Program Pastor wasn’t even close to being on my radar a year
     ago. But our God is one who creates and transforms us.

     A big thank you for helping make that transition happen to
     the worship leaders and their teams: Charlie Caldwell, Joel
     Howard, Marv Turnure & Dana Isles. They are dedicated to
     creating an atmosphere for all of us to minister to and praise
     our great God. Thanks also go to Jason Wilson and Ryan
     Wokock for using their gifts in leading during worship times. If
     visual aids and words help you, be sure to thank Nancy
     Vasquez, Diana Hoffman and Mona Elahi; they have done an               In 2013 here is the essence of what we will work toward as a
     excellent job with powerpoint. Frank Bellone and others have          church: worship is for Jesus, it’s to Jesus, and it’s about Jesus.
     done an outstanding job with handling the technical aspects           Let’s “Discover & Treasure” Jesus together!
     of sound and media.
                                                                                                                     — Matthew Rudd
      If you were to count each person individually each week, in                               Sunday Program & Communications Pastor
     the last year the worship, tech, and setup/breakdown teams

                                                                           SUNDAY CELEBRATION AND COMMUNICATIONS
                                                                           PASTOR (FULL-TIME) - MATTHEW RUDD
                                                                           • Schedule, plan, and staff all aspects of Sunday Celebration
                                                                              including setup and breakdown teams. Manage, maintain,
                                                                              and update technology.
                                                                           • Plan and schedule website, weekly bulletin, monthly
                                                                              newsletter, and annual report.
                                                                           • Plan, coordinate, and promote local, regional, and global
                                                                              missions projects.

                                               If you should happen to see any of these people, immediately stop and give them a
                                               bear hug: Mike Vanlier, Dominick Baruffi III, Caleb Howard, Wayne Havens, Al DeCicco,
                                               Calvin Smith, Ted Laury, & Tom Bartlett. These men have served diligently along with
                                                        their teams (totaling over 90 committed people) to prepare a place of worship
                                                           for us each week. What an incredible gift to us. They have made the
                                                            transition from Wallace School to CCS a success, and they continue to
                                                              lead others, even new attendees, to serve in our body too. They are
                                                                always looking for new help, so after you put them down from your
                                                                bear hug be sure to sign up to serve with them.

One thing that is notable in 2012 is a marked
increase for opportunities to “Go Reveal
Jesus”. Locally opportunities like Pastorates
on mission, Camp Grace, Taste of Mission
Sunday, Migrant Launch Team, as well as
associated opportunities to serve in Impact
Harvest or Refuge all brought excitement and
Jesus’ compassion for a broken world. A big
thank you to the leadership of Jessica
LeBlanc who has been volunteering to
champion local missions.
                                                  Leadership Community (LC) is a gathering
Regionally and globally exciting things have
                                                  for the 60+ ministry leaders of our
been happening too. Trips & connection to
                                                  church. These people pour out so
North & Central Asia, Storm Relief, missions
                                                  much that, as a pastors team, we want
trips to Waveland & GAiN, and more Pastorate
                                                  them to be poured into. LC is designed
involvement. A big thanks to Dot Marketto for
                                                  for leaders to be: cared for, inspired
her work and initiative to connect LFA to the
                                                  and equipped.  Leadership Community is
world around us.
                                                  organized and led by the Pastors team. 
In many ways the culture of LFA is shifting
                                                  We were privileged to have Bob Fetherlin, VP for
when it comes to missions. More and more of
                                                  International Ministries in the CMA, come and speak with us about God’s work
us are getting involved with the work of
                                                  globally. It was fantastic!
revealing Jesus. Well over 400 have
participated in mission events or living on       We met to strategize about our thematic goal as a church that states, “Since each
mission. Let’s keep that number on the rise as    person matters to God, we want to love people at every stage of their relationship
we mature as disciples. In addition to the        with LFA by measurably maturing in areas where people of LFA experience
resources of time and relationships, let’s also   vulnerability.”  
prioritize our giving to the Missions Fund so
that others can know the rescuing work of         We had a regional prayer gathering with local churches for the advancement of the
Jesus.                                            gospel in South Jersey.

                        — Matthew Rudd             In 2013, my desire is that our leaders will be personally developed, not only to do
   Sunday Program & Communications Pastor          their jobs with excellence but also to be formed into the image of Jesus.  

                                                                                                                      – Pastor Greg Hill
                                                                                                                       Executive Pastor

                                                   EXECUTIVE PASTOR (FULL-TIME) - GREG HILL
                                                   • Provide day-to-day management of Pastors Team, staff, and ministry leaders.
                                                      Oversee and manage all church facilities.
                                                   • Steward finances by working closely with Pastor’s Team to develop budgets
                                                      and track spending, maintain adequate cash reserves, and help avoid budget
                                                   • Oversee Pastorates, Truth For Living, and other discipleship paths. Plan,
                                                      schedule, and teach baptism and membership retreats.

Alpha                                                                                    Our
Alpha is a 10-week course designed to give seekers and new
believers an opportunity to explore Christianity in a
safe, no-pressure environment. The evening consists
of a meal, a talk and a small group discussion. The
meal provides an opportunity to build
relationships, the talk gives strong truths
about the Gospel, and the small group times
are an opportunity for guests to discuss what
they really think.

This year we have again been able to share
Jesus with our guests and witness him
transforming lives. Some have experienced a relationship
with God for the first time, some simply had the opportunity
to ask questions and share their thoughts with others who
were willing to listen and discuss. Being able to be there
when people suddenly discover what the Gospel of Christ
means to them is priceless.

We couldn’t do what we do on Alpha without a great team of
leaders. I would like to give a special thanks to all of those
who serve, and those who lead in specific areas. Jay Bishop-
Prayer Ministry, Janet Keilbasa and Lisa Prato- Task Force, and
Emily Turnure- Administration.

                                        1 Thessalonians 2:7-12
                                              — Matt Hartman

In 2013 you can expect to see Alpha getting closer to people.
For example, in 2012 prison Alpha was launched by Art
Baruffi and Tom Pagels; that’s Alpha getting closer to people.
In 2013 you will see Alpha moving into homes and other
small venues in an effort to better connect Alpha to our
community and our community to the life transforming work
of the gospel.

                                                 --Pastor Greg
                                                                     “Unless the LORD builds the house,
Governing Elders                                                        the builders labor in vain.”
Our church is blessed to have five men who serve                                                                        Psalm 127:1
alongside me as Governing Elders (GEs). Larry Baruffi,
Charlie Caldwell, Walt Hayman, Matt Hartman, and Dave
Jones have met about 10 times over the past year to
evaluate LFA’s effectiveness in fulfilling our vision and
establish vision and budget priorities for each year. One
of the highlights of 2012 was the creative means the GEs
established so as to hire Chris Laws, our new Pastor for
Youth and Connections.

                                             — Pastor Nate

                                       Living Faith Alliance Church
                              OFFICES                                                         GATHERINGS
           1987 South Lincoln Avenue • Vineland, NJ 08361           SUNDAY SERVICES: 8:30 /10:30 am • WEDNESDAY CLASSES: 6:30 pm
12              856-696-3444 •                  Cumberland Christian School 1100 W. Sherman Ave. Vineland, NJ 08360

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