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Lettin & Company provides people the options for financial investment that will help them meet their goals for a more secure future. The Sherwood financial advisor is a Registered Investment Advisory Representative who has the knowledge and experience to provide viable options that fit your budget and needs.

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									Sherwood Financial Advisor, Lettin & Company, Inc. Offers Options For
Your Financial Investments

Sherwood, OR, 29-NOV-2012 - Sherwood Financial Advisor Robert Lettin
offers individuals who are looking for ways to create a more financially
secure future the options and advice that will help them meet their
goals. The company focuses on the individual needs of their clients and
customizes options that can be adjusted to fit their budget.

When interviewed recently Mr. Lettin shared his commitment to helping
clients achieve their goals. "We work closely with clients to evaluate
their needs and establish plans that will give them the financial freedom
and security they are seeking. We understand the confusion that can exist
when a person is trying to plan for the future and understand how changes
in the economy and market can affect their decisions. By providing
various options that are designed specifically to meet the unique needs
of the individual, we are able to help clients make sound and
knowledgeable decisions more easily."

The team at Lettin & Company continuously monitor and evaluate changes in
investment data and alert clients when changes or corrections should be
made. Clients receive regular updates of how their investments are moving
and are provided with solutions to issues that may arise that require
adjustments in the portfolio. Through a comprehensive program that
includes education and training, clients are able to more effectively
make sound decisions about which options will meet their needs.

When an individual meets with an Investment Coach, they will discuss your
current investment portfolio and ask about your current and future goals.
Options are designed that will meet the risk tolerance that you have
established as well as the return that you desire from your portfolio.
Mr. Lettin is available for speaking engagements to discuss the important
keys to successful investing and the steps that a person can take to plan
for a secure financial future.

To get more information about the services offered by the Sherwood
Financial Advisor at Lettin & Company, Inc., visit today. Individuals and members of the press
wishing to get more details about this press release will find contact
information below.

Robert E Lettin, Registered Investment Advisory Representative

Lettin & Company, Inc.

Sherwood, Oregon

Telephone: (503) 925-0554

Toll Free Telephone: (877) 777-0705

Fax: (503) 625-1620


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