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									                                         Recognition Ceremony strikes a chord
                                         By Claire Wiesner                                                                                    the gym, and never is the student body more
                                         Staff Writer                                                                                         silent than when the slideshow begins to play.
                                                                                                                                                 The respect the students show does not
                                            In 2010, ACC hosted its first annual Veter-                                                       go unnoticed. Both of my grandfathers have
                                         an’s Recognition Ceremony. Although it was                                                           attended the ceremony, and both of them
                                         a new event, it was immediately successful                                                           had only positive things to say about it. My
                                         and had a great turnout. ACC has hosted this                                                         “Papa Bill,” an Army Veteran, said the he felt
                                         ceremony every year since to recognize and                                                           honored simply to be there. He said that the
                                         honor the sacrifice and service of our veterans.                                                     whole event was very well-done, but what re-
             Events                         Anyone who has seen the ceremony’s pro-
                                         gram knows that behind the success of the                                   Photo by Mrs. Grant
                                                                                                                                              ally got to him was the appreciation of the
                                                                                                                                              students. It meant a lot to him to be person-
                                         event are dozens of people who put a lot of                                                          ally thanked and to have his hand shaken by
           November 20, 2012             work into it. However, one person not found        US Army Vietnam Veteran, (Mrs. Elgar’s hus-       all the ACC students, especially because he
                                         in the program is SPC4 Mark Krebs, US              band) also played a significant role in the de-   didn’t know that “young people” even cared
7:30 - 7:50 AM    Student Council Mtg.   Army Veteran, our own Mr. Krebs.                   velopment of the event. He knew what things       about what he did so long ago. My “Papa
                                            Mr. Krebs was the original mastermind           are done at such events and what would be ap-     Joe,” who served in the Air Force, attended
           November 21, 2012                                                                propriate, so he helped organize the program.
                                         behind it all. When asked how he had the                                                             the ceremony this year. He really appreciated
8 AM - 12:16 PM Half Day Schedule,       idea in the first place, he said that he had          The school community has also contrib-         the opportunity to talk to other veterans, but
   12:16pm Dismissal                     been talking to his neighbor, CW4 Ty Sim-          uted greatly to the event. Besides Home Ec.       what really impressed him was the genuine
                                         mons, who was the key speaker at the very          classes supplying refreshments, PE classes        enthusiasm of the students; he said it was a
3 - 4 PM          Chess Club             first ceremony. They were talking about the        decorating the school, Key Club members           pleasant surprise to see how well-behaved
           November 22, 2012             Joe Foss Institute, and Simmons offered to         setting up the breakfast, and NHS members         the student body was.
                                         come to ACC and speak to the students. The         greeting the veterans, the whole school com-         Ceremonies like this one are not common in
Thanksgiving      No School              idea evolved into what is now the Veteran’s        munity has contributed friendly attitudes, en-    high schools, and it speaks volumes about our
           November 23, 2012             Recognition Ceremony.                              thusiasm, and respect. Never do the students      community here at ACC that our school can
                                            Along with Mr. Krebs, SPC4 James Elgar,         applaud so loudly as when the veterans enter      host this event successfully and respectfully!
No School         Thanksgiving Break
           November 27, 2012
7:30 - 7:50 AM    Student Council Mtg.

           November 28, 2012
3 - 4 PM          Chess Club
           November 29, 2012
7:40 - 7:55 AM Foreign Language
    Club Meeting                         The fall play was
3:45 - 5:30 PM    Chess Match
           November 30, 2012
                                         one not too miss
End of Third Quarter, Fall Term          By Viviana Maldonado
                                         Staff Writer

8:30 AM - 1:00 PM     Blood Drive
                                                   wo months of preparation, weekly
                                                   practices that could last up to four
                                                   hours, the ACC Drama Depart-
                                                   ment finally opened its doors to
                                         the school community on November 2nd                                                                                        Photo by Julia Wright
                                         and 3rd.
                                            Rumors takes place in a suburb “40 min-         wife, (Katelyn Liptrot). Together, the four       Niemiec blew us away with their capabili-
                                         utes away from the city” of Sneden’s Land-         couples try to prevent word of that eve-          ties! The over-the-top personalities of their
                                         ing, New York, on Charley ( Kyle Wilk) and         ning’s unexpected event from reaching the         sarcastic, high strung, and unusual charac-
                                         Myra Brock’s (Morgan Scott) 10th wedding           police and the media.                             ters kept the audience very entertained. This
                                         anniversary. However, this is no ordinary get         The performance was absolutely out-            was an excellent piece that Mr. Nohl chose
                                         together, Charley, New York City’s deputy          standing! The storyline kept the audience         for the fall play, for there was not one unsat-
                                         mayor, in an attempt of suicide, has shot          engaged and enticed in trying to figure           isfied face during and after the play!
                                         himself in the ear, and Myra is nowhere to         out what could have possibly motivated               A performance like this surely took a lot
                                         be found! The initial couples to arrive to the     Charley to shoot himself in the ear. Should       of time and committed effort. The efforts
                                         party are the successful attorney duo, Ken         we believe the rumors? The mystery/comic          of the drama department can be broken into
                                         (Justin Bush) and Chris (Liza Scheidler).          elements this plot held were definitely           the main stage actors, the ensemble, and
                                         They are the first to know, at least somewhat,     supported through the characters’ personali-      the technology crew. The main stage actors
                                         what has happened, and for the time being          ties. Although there was a relatively small       practiced three times a week for one and a
                                         try to keep it under wraps. Eventually, the        cast, made up of eight lead roles and a total     half hours, but during the last week prac-
                                         truth will be told to the next arriving couple,    of twelve actors, the all-star talent these       ticed every day-Monday and Tuesday for
                                         Lenny (John Mulloy), an accountant who has         students had captured the essence of their        four hours, Wednesday and Thursday for
                                         just crashed his new BMW, and his gossip           characters so well, there was no struggle to      three hours, and on Friday for approximately
      Check us                           frenzied wife, Claire (Ali Miller), who see
                                         right through Ken and Chris’s jumble of
                                                                                            keep the audience’s attention. Much of the
                                                                                            acting was coming from those who had
                                                                                                                                              30 minutes. The ensemble, which performed
                                                                                                                                              the quirky welcoming act, intermission, and
     out online!                         nerves and notice the evidently missing host-
                                         ess and cook. The rest of the play continues
                                                                                            years of experience in ACC Drama, but
                                                                                            for some this was their first year. Take for
                                                                                            instance, Ali Miller, Brian Allison, Justin
                                                                                                                                              the dance to Rumor Has It, met two days
                                                                                                                                              a week for one and half hours. The technol-
                                                                                                                                              ogy crew was in charge of the lighting and
                                         with the arrival of the two remaining spunky
                                         and odd couples. Ernie (Kyle Friedrich), a         Bush, Katelyn Liptrot, and Kyle Friedrich.        microphones during the play, but they also
 www.auroracentral.net                   psychiatrist, and his wife, Cookie (Melissa        These are senior actors and actresses whom        had the huge task of building the set that Mr.
                                         Niemiec), the star of her own cooking show,        we now expect a great, amusing, and flaw-         Nohl designed.
                                         are followed by Glenn (Brian Allison), an          less performance from. But newbies such as           Take a sigh of relief drama department,
                                         aspiring politician, and his insecure trophy       John Mulloy, Liza Scheidler, and Melissa          you all did a marvelous job!

                                                                                              In This Issue . . .
                                             Giving                                                                      Daddy                                             Delicious
                                             thanks                                                                     Daughter                                            recipes
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2 CENTRAL TIMES                                                                                                                                                            November, 2012

              Time for turkey
By Lauren Heyboer                                                                                        colonists were living. In fact, each
Staff Writer                                                                                             Thanksgiving Day, descendants
                                                                                                         of that tribe and others who don’t

I  magine yourself back in the year
   1620 on a boat called the May-
flower. After 66 days of weary trav-
                                                                                                         believe in the happy, harvest version
                                                                                                         of the story, gather together in a
                                                                                                         National Day of Mourning to honor
eling, you find yourself in the New                                                                      the Native Americans massacred by
World. Expecting a new and peaceful                                                                      the colonists.
life, you don’t know there are already                                                                      Either way, the colonists ate,
people living here, and you are in                                                                       but it certainly wasn’t what we eat
for a struggle that may cost you your                                                                    at our Thanksgiving dinners. The
life. This is what the Pilgrims faced so                                                                 colonists did not have pies and tons
many years ago.                                                                                          of side dishes. Rather, they ate deer,
   The early settlers did not realize that                                                               corn, shellfish, potatoes, and pos-
life would be so hard in the New World                                                                   sibly lobster, seals, and swans.
when they set out from Europe. They
had trouble finding food and shelter,
and they faced many diseases such as
                                                                                                            Even though most of us probably
                                                                                                         don’t celebrate the first harvest by
                                                                                                         eating seals with Indians, we do
                                                                                                                                                   Football for
scurvy (vitamin D deficiency). The set-
tlers began having what were known as
“days of fasting”, where they ate little
                                                                                                         have many other traditions. There
                                                                                                         is the football game that at least one
                                                                                                         person in our family can’t miss, and,
                                                                                                                                                   females: a
to no food. These days were occurring
more and more frequently, until they
came across Squanto.
                                                                                                         of course, the annual tradition of sit-
                                                                                                         ting down with your family to watch
                                                                                                         Snoopy try to cook a Thanksgiving
   Squanto was a Native American
who taught the settlers how to harvest
and plant corn and how to fish. Some say
                                                  an alliance with a neighboring Indian tribe,
                                                  the Wampanoags. This alliance is one of
                                                                                                         dinner. Family and close friends
                                                                                                         gather together somewhere to share
                                                                                                 a huge meal.
                                                                                                                                                   girl’s guide
that Squanto caused the first Thanksgiv-          the only peaceful relationships the Pilgrims      So whether you cheer for your favorite
ing, since in most accounts Thanksgiving          and the Indians ever had. In other accounts    team, watch a parade, or just help yourself       By Melissa Niemiec
was the celebration of the first successful       of the first Thanksgiving, the settlers were   to one more slice of pumpkin pie, enjoy           Staff Writer
harvest as well as thanks for rain that had       celebrating the safe return of the colonists   Turkey Day. Give thanks for all your bless-
come after a long drought.
   Squanto also helped the Pilgrims create
                                                  who had gone and murdered 700 Native
                                                  Americans from a tribe close to where the
                                                                                                 ings, and do what those early settlers did so
                                                                                                 long ago—eat!                                     E    very establishment that owns a TV is
                                                                                                                                                        packed. Your boyfriend seems to have
                                                                                                                                                   dropped off the face of the earth for all the
                                                                                                                                                   attention he’s giving you, or lack thereof.
                                                                                                                                                   The pantry is suspiciously empty of snacks.
                                                                                                                                                   An air horn is needed to tear the male mem-

When did Friday become black?
                                                                                                                                                   bers of your family away from the screen.
                                                                                                                                                   Commercials are the only way to snap them
                                                                                                                                                   from their sport-induced trance. This is how
                                                                                                                                                   you know it’s game day.
By Haley O’Brien                                  traditionally the beginning of the Christ-     Black Friday all started in Philadelphia,            In an effort to bond with their male
Staff Writer                                      mas shopping season. On this particular        where it originally was used to describe          counterparts (i.e. boyfriend, dad, brother
                                                  day, a lot of major retailers open very        the intense and disorderly pedestrians and        etc.) a girl may try to watch football…and

H    ello fellow Black Friday shoppers! It’s
     that time of year again, and you all
know that means…shopping! Now obvi-
                                                  early, often at 5 a.m. or earlier, and have
                                                  outrageous sales to start the Christmas
                                                  shopping season with a bang. For many
                                                                                                 traffic which would always occur the day
                                                                                                 after Thanksgiving. Many people started to
                                                                                                 use the term Black Friday before 1961, and
                                                                                                                                                   find out she doesn’t understand a thing the
                                                                                                                                                   announcer says: can’t see the ball half the
                                                                                                                                                   time, and feels as though she’s missing the
ously we all know the best day to find the        years, it was not uncommon for retailers to    more and more people used it outside of           point.
perfect deals on everything from electron-        open at about 6 a.m., but in the late 1990’s   Philadelphia around the mid 1970’s. Later            If someone happens to take the time to
ics to clothing is Black Friday. If you want      many businesses began to open as early as      on, another explanation began to be used-         teach you the basics, however, football is
to purchase anything on Black Friday,             four or five in the morning. The opening       that Black Friday makes enough money to           very entertaining.
some helpful tips are waking up very early,       time was taken to a new extreme in 2011        put businesses in the “black” ink, which             In an attempt to assist my fellow females,
getting to as close to the front of the line as   when several retailers like Kohl’s, Target,    means more profit. Red ink is when there          I have put together a small rundown of the
possible, and if someone says they found          Best Buy, and Macy’s opened at midnight        are losses in profit.                             game in what I hope to be an easy to under-
something before you found it, just let them      for the first time ever in America’s history      As you can see, this is a huge day for         stand way.
have it; it’s not worth getting hurt over.        of Black Friday shopping.                      business all over the U.S. People are                Scoring: The point of football is to get the
People are vicious on this day!                      Because Black Friday is not a legitimate    swarming the malls like hungry animals, so        ball to the opposing end zone, the rectangles
   Now where did this lovely day origi-           holiday, most non-retail employers give        be very careful out there! And hey, maybe         at both ends of the field (usually painted in
nate and how did it get its name? I am            their staff the entire day off, which natu-    while you’re waiting in line for three hours      bold colors) while it is in the possession of
here to give you all the history on this day      rally increases the number of shoppers that    next to a complete stranger, you can fill         a player.
shopaholics dream about. Black Friday             day. It has annually been the busiest shop-    them in on the history of this day. Happy            This is a touchdown and counts for six
is the day after Thanksgiving in the U.S.,        ping day of the year since 2005. The term      shopping, and happy holidays.                     points, but a field goal can be kicked for
                                                                                                                                                   another point.
                                                                                                                                                      Additional field goals count for three
                                                                                                                                                      Offense: The quarterback is the guy who

                     CEntRal timEs staff                                                              Corrections:
                                                                                                                                                   throws the ball. He needs to throw the ball
                                                                                                                                                   before the other team tackles him.
                                                                                                                                                      The other players on offense are either
    Editor-in-Chief: Justine Clarke                  Megan Crabb, Natalie Droeske,                    n In October’s issue, the                    trying to keep the opposing team from tack-
    Website Manager: Luke Kearby                     Annabel Engelhardt, Lauren                       article, Art open house                      ling the quarterback, or running to catch the
                                                     Heyboer, Viviana Maldonado,                                                                   ball when the quarterback throws it.
    Section Editors &                                Melissa Niemiec, Haley O’Brien,                  listed Ms. Wascher as                           They want to get as close to the end zone
    Senior Staff Writers                             Lauren San Diego, Emily Perez                    the contact instead of Ms.                   as they can, so the team can get a touch
    Editorials: Leanne Hay                           and Eileen Witthoff.                                                                          down before the ball goes to the other team.
    Arts & Entertainment: Justine                                                                                                                     Downs: When the player with the ball hits
      Clarke                                       Advisor: Mrs. Una Goldie                           n In the sports article,                     the ground, it is called a down. A team gets
    Local & World News: Kyle                                                                                                                       four of them before they have to give the
                                                                                                      “Chargin’ to the playoffs!”                  ball to the other team.
      Friedrich                                    Mission Statement: The Central
    School News: Jared Friedrich                     Times, a high school newspaper                   Justine Clarke was iden-                        However, if they advance a certain num-
                                                     at Aurora Central Catholic High                                                               ber of yards, the team starts over with their
    Sports: Claire Wiesner                                                                            tified as the staff writer                   downs.
    Layout & Design: Rebecca Price                   School, exists to provide the
                                                     students news about the world                    instead of Erin Maurer.                         Defense: Keep the other team from ad-
    Advertising Manager: Oscar
                                                     and their school. Our newspaper                                                               vancing across the field, plain and simple.
      Gomez                                          also seeks to keep them
                                                                                                      n The Central Times                             There are more complex aspects of foot-
    Photographers: Julia Wright,                     culturally informed by letting                   regrets the errors and                       ball with fouls and different types of plays,
      Lauren Wiesbrook and                           them know of the latest in the                                                                but these are the basic points.
      Natalie Karafiat                                                                                apologizes to the
                                                     entertainment industry and                                                                       Now if you’re thinking, “Wait, isn’t this
    Staff Writers: Jane Acevedo,                     providing editorials on various                  parties affected.                            just a bunch of guys throwing a ball and
      Jared Cebulski, Chloe Craft,                   topics.                                                                                       smashing into each other?” Well yes, yes it
                                                                                                                                                   is, but that’s men for you.
November, 2012                                                                                                                                                       CENTRAL TIMES 3

                                                            sChool nEws
                                                             Red, white and dad, too
                                                             By Justine Clarke
                                                             Staff Writer

                                                                 On November 10th, girls and their
                                                             dads gathered in the ACC cafetorium
                                                             for the annual Daddy-Daughter Night
                                Photo by Julia Wright           This year’s theme was red, white,
                                                             and true blue in honor of Veteran’s

Math Honors Society                                          Day. Girls and their dads battled it out
                                                             in games such as musical chairs, balloon

off to a brilliant start                                     darts, bags and Bozo buckets.
                                                                For every game, each winner in every
                                                             class won a box of candy and a giftcard
By Melissa Niemiec                                           to Subway.
Staff Writer                                                    There was also a plethora of raffles
                                                             this year with chances to win ACC spirit
   The Math Honors Society, an ACC club, has                 wear and a turnabout bid.
gotten off to a great start this year with 54 stu-              Gift cards to places such as L.A. Tan,
dents having applied. The club is planning to of-            Target, Bath and Body Works, Star-
fer math tutoring, and will release schedules and            bucks, Speedway, Zi Za Nail Salon, Buf-
information about that soon. Also for the first time         falo Wild Wings, and more were given
they will be competing with other schools in math            away too.
competitions; their first happening on November                 The end of the night was followed by
29th at North Central College. The Society is led            court (like homecoming) in which each                                                               Photo by Julia Wright
by Daniel Aguilera with his vice-president, Cin-             class winner received a sash and a huge      Mr. Konen, Kayla Konen, Emily Zeigler and Mr. Zeigler at the Daddy Daugh-
thya Elizondo; treasurer, Derek Harris; and secre-           candy dispenser of M&Ms.                     ter Dance.
tary, Kari Hinterlong. Mr. Jim Parker is the teach-             On a more personal note, I have at-
er administrator. The Math Honors Society will be            tended the last three Daddy-Daughter         going there, it is actually pretty fun.       out), because there are only so many op-
celebrating Pi Day in March. Anyone interested in            Nights Out with this being my last one.        I highly encourage every girl to go         portunities like this to bond with your
joining must have taken Algebra II and passed with           Even though you may feel a little dorky      next year (and boys too on their nights       family after high school.
at least a B average.

  Do you have any advice on surviving this
Thanksgiving and Black Friday?

   So you’ve probably already noticed, but Fall is
officially here. The tell-tale signs include chang-
ing leaves, pumpkin-flavored everything, and the
signature ugg/sweatshirt combo of every girl un-
der 22. But even more than that, we can’t forget
Thanksgiving. I know, it’s one of those holidays
we’d rather sweep under the rug. Let’s just eat
our hearts out and destress for a few days, right?
Wrong. Most of you guys have that one crazy
relative that you would do anything to avoid. Or
in some cases, there’s only one sane relative. And
with the holidays, chances are you’re going to run
into them at parties, dinners, or reunions. Here’s
some helpful hints to get through it.                                   Kentaro Sashara                                  Nice Okay                                   Rohan Chitte
   1. Just keep eating. If they ask you for the 5th                                                                                                                       Photos by Julia Wright
time that evening about your “cute little boyfriend”

                                                             ACC shares the American experience
that you’ve been dating for two years, just shovel
in another mouthful and shrug. Food is the end-all
be-all for all awkward situations!
   2. See those little 3-year-old cousins that usu-
ally annoy you so much? How ‘bout you go play                By Lauren San Diego                          guage, and maybe even the accent here            Until they leave in June 2013, the
with them to avoid awkward interactions with your            Staff Writer                                 at ACC.                                       four will live in Illinois at a host fam-
dreaded Aunt Sally.                                                                                          A few new things the international stu-    ily’s home. Some classes they will take
   3. If all else fails, enjoy the turkey and just try to       Among the 200 freshmen and 20             dents have to adjust to are co-ed classes,    are English, chemistry, art, and earth
laugh off all awkward moments by realizing that              transfer students, ACC welcomes once         90 minute periods, switching from class-      science, and a few might take up sports
it’ll make for great stories in the future!                  again several foreign exchange students.     rooms to classrooms, and the weather.         like tennis or baseball. Tatsuyo hopes to
****************************************                     Through the American Field Services’         “Otherwise I’m adjusting well,” Rohan         gain a new and different American per-
****************************************                     Intercultural Programs, Kentaro Sashara      says. Some American traditions shocked        spective. For each of these students, this
   After eating a meal of champions, many people             and Tatsuyo Kano from Japan, Rohan           the newcomers. “I was surprised about         school year will be an exciting way to
choose to spend the rest of their night in a blood-          Chitte from India, and Nice Okay from        the toilet paper,” Kentaro comments           learn about the United States, so let’s
bath over the cheapest flat-screen. Black Friday             Turkey will spend the 2012-2013 school       about the trees’ homecoming decora-           all make sure they feel welcome here at
can be a vicious fight, but if you know what you’re          year learning the American culture, lan-     tions. “They don’t do that in Japan!”         Charger Nation.
doing, you can totally score. First off, do your re-
search. A lot of stores offer deals over the Internet
and especially on the upcoming Cyber Monday that
allows shoppers to stay indoors rather than face the
crowds and bad weather. If you unfortunately do
have to face the weather, remember to dress ap-
propriately. If you are in a Wal-Mart at 3 a.m., it
                                                             Field trips: the exciting way of learning
is automatically a judge-free zone. Everyone is in           By Annabel Engelhardt                        CAD, which is really drafting, mechani-       personal favorite, the Rookery. Students,
the same boat and the last thing anyone is thinking          Staff Writer                                 cal drawing, architecture, and a little bit   mainly upper level, upperclassmen with
of is if their hair-tie matches their socks. Also, you                                                    of engineering graphics.                      good grades, study the Chicago architec-
may want to pack a snack of some Thanksgiving                   Field trips with Mr. V. are an exciting      His class, which studies how to make       ture.
leftovers. If you are going to wait in line for hours,       way to experience the city of Chicago.       drawings of blueprints used to make              Mr. V’s favorite thing about going on
you better have something to nosh on. Addition-                 One of the things everyone looks for-     things, often takes exciting field trips      field trips is, “Seeing the enjoyment of
ally, before the doors open, if you notice someone           ward to during the school year is a field    to the city of Chicago. Destinations of-      the students when they see something
giving you a twitchy eye, head into the opposite             trip. It is a chance to be out of uniform,   ten include the Museum of Science and         new.” For example, the Bean in Millen-
direction. Hey, you might save a hundred or so               hang out with your friends, and go some-     Industry, the John Hancock Observatory,       nium Park is always a cause of delight to
dollars, but what is it worth when it’s compared to          place new. A trip to someplace new is        the Willis (Sears) Skydeck, architectural     students, and it is something to look at
having a dual to the death with a crazy? Overall, al-        always an adventure, and a trip to some-     boat tours, Navy Pier, Millennium Park,       and study from a new perspective. Over-
though I would personally never take part waiting            where you have been before sheds new         the National History Museum, Shedd            all, field trips in Mr. V’s AutoCAD class
outside for Black Friday, you have to give props to          light on a subject (or two).                 Aquarium, the State of Illinois Building,     are comfy, easy trips that let you enjoy
the people who do.                                              Mr. Mel Vander Velde teaches Auto-        Rock ‘N’ Roll McDonald’s, and Mr. V.’s        the beauty of Chicago.
4 CENTRAL TIMES                                                                                                                                                               November, 2012

                                            ChaRgER spoRts
Cross country runs to State Finals
By Claire Wiesner                                    A week later, the teams competed at           longo, Alviar, Patrick Lefevre, Justin Jerw-       ing to a fantastic high school cross country
Staff Writer                                      Marmion Academy for the South Suburban           ers, Daniel Aquino, and Gilberto Cervantes.        career for Jenna Koerner! She said about the
                                                  Conference, and with very successful results.       On the girls’ side, Liz, Koerner, Crown,        season, “This being my senior year, it was
   As the fall sports were finishing up their     The boys took 2nd out of 12 teams, and the       Emily Ziegler, Corinn Groom, Katie Marter,         very bittersweet, but I am very honored to
seasons, the cross country teams were run-        girls took 5th. Myers was the SCC champion,      Cinthya Elizondo, and Danielle Barerrio rep-       have represented the team one last time!”
ning their way to State Finals! In the begin-     and earned All Conference honors along with      resented.                                              The boys’ team also competed very well
ning of October, both the girls’ and the boys’    Matt Knapp, Javier Montelongo, and Adrian           The ACC boys cross country team qualified       downstate with Matt Myers running well
teams competed at the annual Amboy Co-            Alviar.                                          for the IHSA class 2A State Finals, finishing      even after being spiked at the beginning of
lumbus Day Invitational.                             On the girls’ side of the program, Koerner,   5th overall at the Wheaton Academy Section-        the race.
   The boys finished 6th overall out of 55        Liz, and Ceci Crown also received All Con-       als. Koerner and Liz qualified as individuals         While the cross country season is over, this
teams, and the girls finished 9th. Senior Matt    ference honors!                                  to represent the girls’ team down State.           isn’t the last ACC will see of these athletes
Myers took 5th in the boys varsity race, while       On October 27, the Chargers competed at          At the State Finals, hosted on November 3       this year. In the words of Koerner, “ACC
Karina Liz and Jenna Koerner took 13th and        the Wheaton Academy Sectionals. The State        at Detweiller Park in Peoria, Koerner and Liz      needs to be ready for what’s going to go
18th, respectively.                               series teams included Myers, Knapp, Monte-       took 49th and 51st places. It was a great end-     down on the track this spring!”

                               Photo by Coach Mark Fitzgerald

 never graduates
                                                                                                                                                                            Photo by Mrs. Buchner

By Natalie Droeske                 team to do it, I think we’re                                The real deal
                                                                                            behind cheerleading
Staff Writer                       the team to do it,” says Coach
   The Aurora Central girls’          Needless to say the pro-
varsity basketball team had        gram has earned its 3A bump
a very successful 2011-2012        in division but has a tough
season, finishing 4th in state     year ahead of them. There-              By Jane Acevedo                                                memorized. Who would want to see a halftime show in
with a record of 25-8. After       fore, like every good team,             Staff Writer                                                   which half of the cheerleaders don’t know the routine?
graduating seven seniors that      Coach Fitzgerald thought it                                                                            It is obvious that cheerleading is tough once you begin
accounted for 57% of last          crucial to set season team                 Cheerleading has been very successful this year during      to see and think about all the work that they actually do.
year’s scoring and 72% of          goals, and set them high.               the football season, especially because the boys went to          What does it take to be an ACC cheerleader? “You
its rebounding, many schools          “Reach for the stars and             the playoffs! The cheerleaders did an amazing job getting      need to truly love ACC; I love this school and every-
are thinking the girls’ trip       even if you miss, you’re still          the crowd cheering for the football team!                      thing about it! I love our blue and gold, or fight song,
downstate was a fluke. This        out of this world,” he said be-            Many people do not consider cheerleading a sport. If        everything! You need to have the heart of a Charger to
in addition to being a younger     fore the first practice of the          you asked a cheerleader, they would definitely disagree.       be a true ACC cheerleader!” said Alex Hayes, a senior
team with four sophomores,         season.                                 Some say cheerleaders don’t do anything besides look           varsity cheerleader. When asked what she likes and will
four juniors, and five seniors,       The team’s goals don’t so            pretty and perform cheers, and in a way that is true.          miss the most about cheerleading, she said, “I am going
leaves the competition think-      much focus on racking up                   They may not compete every weekend or play games,           to miss the girls; we are a family. I love every single one
ing ACC will return to its old     points for themselves but               but they do play a major role in the fun and atmosphere        of the cheerleaders, and I am going to miss stunting. I
days’ status quo.                  more on assists, steals and re-         of either a football game or a basketball game. Can you        like stunting the most because it makes me feel like I’m
   In the past, a game versus      bounds.                                 even imagine a game without them? They get the crowd           strong and I can do anything, but I also love the big rival
ACC was an easy win for an-           “We have to rebound,”                involved in cheers and get them pumped up! True, their         games and cheering my heart out to a victory!” Just like
other team. Therefore, many        remarks Coach on the forty-             practices do not include running stairs or even a couple of    athletes in any other sport, the girls on the cheerleading
schools were upset when they       five rebounds per game goal             yards, but they have to work on each and every little de-      squad become very close and care for each other. Cheer-
had to add to their loss col-      the girls have set. “We’ve              tail of every cheer until they get it down perfectly. They     leading requires hard work and is a sport, even though it
umn after playing ACC this         lost 72% of our total rebound-          also have to work on getting their halftime performance        may not be always be treated or thought of as one.
last year.                         ing power…and we need to
   This leaves a lot of hard       replace that.”
feelings to be dealt with in the      In addition to these goals,
upcoming season.
   Many anticipated games to
come against Walther Luther-
                                   the team has also set a rather
                                   amusing one; they would
                                   like to force at least three
                                                                           Dance team heads to competition
an, Immaculate Conception,         OSTO (Oh Shoot Time Out)                By Haley O’ Brien                                                 The junior varsity team brought two dances to com-
and Montini are expected to        s per game. This is a result of         Staff Writer                                                   petition as well. Their hip-hop song, a mix of Michael
be tough battles of revenge        the aggressiveness and quick-                                                                          Jackson songs definitely had the crowd dancing in their
for the Lady Chargers.             paced style of play this year’s            What are three requirements for the ACC dance team?         seats. After all, who doesn’t love the entire King of Pop’s
   A school that it seems has      varsity will be exhibiting.             Energy, precision, and facials!                                most popular songs put into one?
taken its loss to heart is ACC’s      Coach Fitzgerald sums it                The ACC dance team had their first competition on              From what many people were saying at the competi-
very own rival, Rosary. With       up perfectly: “I think that we          November 11 at Grayslake North. Varsity brought two            tion, everyone-parents and other teams, agreed that the
a new coaching staff who are       have [an] excellent opportu-            dances to competition: hip-hop and lyrical. Their hip-hop      junior varsity team is going to be a very strong one this
trying to reestablish their pro-   nity to continue the great mo-          song isn’t an average, everyday song that one would ex-        Junior varsity received 1st place in their hip-hop cate-
gram, Rosary was scouting          mentum we have established              pect to hear, let alone watch a dance to. ‘Team Spirit’ by     gory. Their other dance competitive performance, con-
over the summer to prevent         over the last two or three              Nirvana is a very edgy and creepy song in a way, and it’s a    sidered an “open dance” and is a sassy mix of jazz that
a repeat. This and the girls’      years… this one [team] has              different version than most parents would probably know        the whole crowd loved, took 2nd place in the open dance
game against Montini are said      the athletic ability to do some         because it’s a remix with only two cellos being played.        category.
to be the most anticipated of      great things.”                             Varsity’s lyrical song for this year is ‘Georgia’ by Ray       Coach Terri Varney and the varsity team are confi-
the year. A win against Mon-          This season is sure to be            Charles.                                                       dent they will place very well at state. With this being
tini would excite not only the     filled with a lot of excitement            The results of this first competition were exciting. Var-   their first competition, the varsity and junior varsity
team but Coach Fitzgerald as       and the Chargers hope to see            sity took 1st place in both lyrical and hip-hop, in addition   dance team have until March to improve and make their
well. “If there’s gonna be any     the stands filled with support.         to qualifying for state.                                       dances the best they can be for state!
November, 2012                                                                                                                                                         CENTRAL TIMES 5

                          loCal & woRld nEws
under fire
                                                 2012 election wraps up
                                                 By Leanne Hay                                                                                      are upset because they believed that abor-
By Oscar Gomez                                   Staff Writer                                                                                       tion may have finally been outlawed under
Staff Writer                                                                                                                                        Romney. However, some people also were
                                                    After many long months of waiting and                                                           pleased with Obama’s foreign policy and
   The Taliban has claimed responsibil-          several grueling months of campaigning,                                                            were worried about what might happen if
ity for the shooting of Malala Yousufzai,        Barack Obama has been reelected president.                                                         Romney were to take over. Some political
a 14 year old Pakistani girl who has been        However, this election has many people irate.                                                      pundits suggest with all these differing opin-
successful in bringing attention to the          It even brings back memories of the 2000                                                           ions and issues, picking one candidate could
bleak situation that Pakistani women face        election when Al Gore beat George W. Bush                                                          have been hard for the independent voters.
when they try to peruse an education. On         in the popular vote but lost the Electoral Col-                                                       On behalf of the Central Times, whatever
her way back from school, in the town of         lege. Many people believe that Romney won                                                          party one belongs to and whichever candidate
Mingora, a Taliban gunman approached             the popular vote but Obama won the Elector-       some Republicans in an uproar, some claim-       you supported, we should all be proud of our
the bus that Malala was boarding and shot        al College. However, Obama did in fact win        ing it could have swung the vote enough to-      country. Regardless of who our president is,
her once in the head and again in the neck.      both and America is still divided.                wards Romney. The Department of Defense          we all still exercise rights that many citizens
One other girl was also wounded. Current-           There has been a lot of controversy sur-       has also come under fire for this, being at-     of other countries could never dream of. We
ly, Malala is in intensive care in a hospital    rounding this election already. It has been       tacked for not protecting many Americans’        all have the ability at age 18 to get out and
in Britain, where she had been moved to          suspected, although not proven, that U.S.         rights to vote.                                  vote, have our voices heard, and even change
after receiving initial care in Pakistan. This   soldiers deployed overseas, such as Afghani-         Topics that greatly influenced this elec-     the future of the country. So value that right
attack has not gone unnoticed.                   stan, sent in their votes but they were not       tion included Obama’s healthcare system,         and value America! And next election, we
   The country’s top military officer,           counted in time to be considered. This has        abortion, foreign policy, etc. Many Catholics    expect you to hit the polls!
General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani released
a statement saying, “In attacking Malala,
the terrorists have failed to grasp that she
is not only an individual, but an icon of
courage and hope who vindicates the great
sacrifices that the people of Swat and the
nation gave for wresting the valley from
the scourge of terrorism.” Kayani refers
                                                 Child’s game or demonic ritual?
                                                 By Jared Cebulski                                                                                     There are many different versions of
to the Swat Valley which, prior to 2007,
                                                 Staff Writer                                                                                       this horrific legend. Another version is that
was a well-known tourist site. After 2007,
                                                                                                                                                    Mary Worth’s child was murdered and she
the Taliban assumed control over most of
                                                    The Bloody Mary test has long been con-                                                         was accused of being the murderess. She
the region. Since the age of 11, Malala
                                                 sidered a child’s game to prove bravery and                                                        was then hanged and her spirit entered the
had been an anonymous blogger for the
                                                 courage to one’s friends. However, is the                                                          world of mirrors to search out the real mur-
BBC and she became public in 2009. As
                                                 Bloody Mary test as innocent as it seems to                                                        derer.
of now, Malala’s road to recovery will be
                                                 be, or are there dark forces at work?                                                                 The child’s game remained the same with
a long one.
                                                    The Bloody Mary Legend comes from a                                                             the exception that Mary is said to kill the
                                                 time long ago. Mary Worth was a beautiful                                                          caller on the spot or choose to haunt the
                                                 young woman who would spend hours of                                                               caller for the rest of his/her life. These are
                                                 her time combing her hair and gazing into a                                                        perhaps the most well known versions of

Locked out
                                                 mirror at her reflection. Many people were                                                         the legend.
                                                 jealous of Mary’s good looks and eventually                                                           Many people have reported seeing strange
                                                 acted on this hatred.                                                                              images in the mirror or in dark rooms after

of the arena
                                                    The jealous group broke into Mary’s bed-                                                        participating in the test. Is it possible the so
                                                 room one night and viciously slashed her                                                           called test is really a demonic ritual used to
                                                 face and body with a large knife. Mary died                                                        call upon an evil spirit? We may never know
                                                 that night from loss of blood. Her spirit, how-                                                    the answer for certain, but it can be said with-
By Megan Crabb                                   ever, never left this world and after taking      candle and spinning around while chanting        out a doubt something happened long ago to
Staff Writer                                     horrible vengeance on her attackers, entered      “Bloody Mary” three times. It is said that       start this legend that it has lived on through-
                                                 the world of mirrors to search for her beauti-    Mary Worth’s disfigured reflection will ap-      out the ages. Perhaps it is because an evil
   Hockey fans won’t be jumping up from          ful reflection.                                   pear. According to legend she will then try to   spirit waits inside the world of mirrors for
their couches anytime soon, that’s for sure.        The child’s game consists of one of the        drag the child into the mirror to be with her    the next ignorant caller to becomes its next
Arenas all around the country are waiting        children going into a dark bathroom with a        for all eternity.                                victim.
with perfectly polished ice for the National
Hockey League (NHL) to reach an agree-
ment on a new contract. The NHL lock-
out has forced teams to cancel 327 games

                                                 Devastating hurricane hits East Coast
from October 11th through November
30th, which is more than 25 percent of the
regular hockey season. Many fear that if
the lockout continues, the season will be
cancelled all together. The owner of the         By Eileen Witthoff
NHL franchise, Gary Bettman, confirmed           Staff Writer
the lockout until a new agreement could
be reached. The lockout was put into ef-            Just as the election began to heat up be-
fect after the players didn’t agree with the     tween Romney and Obama, something other
content of the new contract, such as reduc-      than politics showed up on the news. News
ing the players share of revenue from 57         of a hurricane began to strike fear into the
percent to 46 percent and setting a maxi-        people of the East Coast. Hurricane Sandy
mum term to five years for new player            had started as a category one storm, a seem-
contracts. This dispute is very similar to       ingly harmless storm that was destined to
the 2004-05 NHL lockout that led to the          hit the east coast. As the reports continued,
cancellation of the entire season. As many       however, it began to become a more power-
would imagine, the players are not happy         ful storm. There were rumors of this storm
about this dispute.                              being comparable to Katrina and possibly
   “You always want to be positive and           even worse.
hope for the best. Hopefully they can fig-          This news sparked fear into the citizens
ure it out,” stated Chicago Blackhawks           of the affected area, causing government of-
center, Patrick Kane, “It’s tough saying         ficials to start warning the citizens to start
the same things over and over. We all want       leaving the state and move out of the hur-
to play hockey. Waiting’s not fun, but it’s      ricane’s way. A little while before the hurri-
really the only option we have right now.”       cane hit the coast, the citizens that had not
     At the moment, the games are still on       heeded the warnings and had decided to stay
hold and the players are still anxious to get    were already preparing for the worst. They
out on the ice. “We recovered last time be-      had stocked up on food and tools; sandbags
cause we have the world’s greatest fans,”        were in front of almost every house. They
Bettman stated about the lockout.                would be ready once the storm hit, or so they     the worst hurricanes in history. The power       of 100 deaths mounted. The hurricane’s ef-
     Trying to remain optimistic, the play-      had thought.                                      outages stretched across the coast, leaving      fects continued to storm through the coast a
ers are hoping for the best. A repeat of            The remaining people, about 60 million,        millions without power.                          week later, but calmed down and gradually
the 2004-05 season is the last thing any of      soon discovered how bad this hurricane had           Flooding affected many buildings, caus-       came to an end.
the teams want. The fans will be grateful        become. It was bigger than what they could        ing schools and businesses to close until the       Still, the damage that the storm caused will
when the players are tearing up the arenas       have imagined. Huge waves of 6 to 11 feet         storm had passed and the damage caused by        take a lot longer to recover from. Over a mil-
once again. The season is set to open on         were being predicted with winds up to 75          the flooding had been fixed. The hurricane       lion people are still without power and there
December 1st.                                    miles per hour. It was predicted to be one of     resulted in 41 deaths in New York and a total    are many disruptions.
6 CENTRAL TIMES                                                                                                                                                                    November, 2012

                        aRts & EntERtainmEnt
‘Skyfall’ meets expectations and more
                                                    By Kyle Friedrich                                    and Judi Dench continued to do a fantastic           They included things such as Q and his
                                                    Staff Writer                                         job playing M. Javier Bardem’s Silva will         inventions, Moneypenny (M’s secretary),
                                                                                                         undoubtedly be one of the most memorable          and references to the older films, like the in-
                                                        When people call Skyfall one of the best         Bond villains, with his odd mannerisms and        clusion of the original version of the James
                                                    Bond films ever, they are entirely correct.          distinctive characteristics.                      Bond theme from Dr. No and the Aston Mar-
                                                    From the dramatic opening scene to the end,               Sam Mendes, the director, had wanted to      tin DB5 from Goldfinger.
                                                    the movie grabs the viewer’s attention. The          make the audience feel like they were watch-         If you are a fan of the Bond movies, this is
                                                    plot was brilliant and the action scenes were        ing one of the original Bond films.               one that you will especially enjoy.
                                                    very well done.                                        This was a goal that was very well pulled          It has all that one can possibly hope for in
                                                         Part of what made the movie so great            off. While 007 is no longer fighting Cold War     a Bond film, and will not leave you disap-
                                                    was the incredible acting job. Daniel Craig          enemies, many of the elements that were sta-      pointed. I would highly recommend seeing it.
                                                    returned with his unique version of 007,             ples of Bond films returned.                      5 out of 5 stars.

‘Safe Haven’ book review                                                                                      A wrecking success
                                                                                                              By Oscar Gomez
By Emily Perez                                       let her guard down with Alex and she finds               Staff Writer
Staff Writer                                         out that Alex’s wife died of terminal cancer.
                                                     Alex uses his criminal investigation skills that            Wreck-It Ralph follows the adventure
   What would you do for love?                       he used in the military to find out more about           of Ralph (voiced by John C. Reilly), an
   Safe Haven is about a mysterious young            Katie and he knows that she is in an abusive             arcade game character, who longs to be
woman named Katie who moves to Southport,            relationship. Alex is more than willing to help          more than just a bad guy. In trying to be-
North Carolina. She runs away from her abu-          Katie because he started to love her and want-           come a champ and earning his “Hero”
sive husband, Kevin, to have a better life for       ed her to be safe away from Kevin.                       medal, Ralph makes some interesting
herself. Katie realizes that Kevin isn’t the same       But as soon as everything is going good for           friends in the process, such as Vanellope
man that she used to know. She can’t call the        Katie she realizes that Kevin has to be on the           von Schweetz (voiced by Sarah Silver-
police because Kevin works in the police de-         hunt for her. He wasn’t going to stop looking            man). Vanellope is a kid kart racer with
partment and he would make sure that Katie           even if it’s the last thing he would do. At this         a glitch, who with the help of Ralph
would never have him punished. All she could         point Katie is now endangered and even put               hopes to win her first race in the arcade
do now is run away from her troubles.                Alex’s family at risk. What Katie will do Alex           game Sugar Rush. Unfortunately, Ralph
   Katie moves into a small house that she           and his family will surprise you. What a per-            and Vanellope are unaware of King Can-
could barely afford because she doesn’t have         son does for love is eye opening for anyone.             dy’s (voiced by Alan Tudyk) evil plot to
enough money and she has a low income job            This book will make you change your point                take over Sugar Rush. Other characters
working as a waitress. She becomes friends           of view on love and give you a new perspec-              such as Fix-It-Felix (voiced by Jack Mc-
with her neighbor, Jo. They soon begin to bond       tive on life. This story will bring suspense,            Brayer) and Sergeant Tamora (voiced
and become better friends. Jo has become the         butterflies in your stomach and maybe even a             by Jane Lynch) try to save Sugar Rush
closest thing to family to Katie since she ar-       few tears at the end. It was one of the most             and all the other games in the arcade
rived to Southport.                                  phenomenal books that Nicholas Sparks has                from a growing evil that both Ralph and

                                                                                                                                                              Disney to
   She soon meets Alex who is the manager            written in my opinion. Safe Haven, written by            Vanellope aren’t even aware of. Wreck-
of a local small store. Alex is intrigued by this    Nicholas Sparks, will be in theaters on Febru-           It Ralph is filled with smart witty jokes
young woman who always walks to his store.           ary 8, 2013. Nicholas Sparks also wrote Dear             that will appeal to all age groups and has

                                                                                                                                                              make new
Alex’s two children start talking to Katie be-       John, The Last Song and The Notebook which               its fair share of gaming classics such as
cause they see her often when she goes to the        are also now in major motion pictures.                   PAC-MAN and Mario too.
store to pick up her groceries. She begins to           5/5 stars                                                5/5 stars

                                                                                                                                                              ‘Star Wars’
Don’t sacrifice delicious                                                                                                                                     film
By Chloe Craft                                         2 c shredded non-dairy gluten-
Staff Writer                                        free cheese                                                                                               By Jared Friedrich
                                                       1/2 tsp sea salt                                                                                       Staff Writer
   Thanksgiving Day is unbelievably just               1/2 to 1 tsp gluten-free honey mustard
around the corner. Nothing else can be more            1/4 tsp nutmeg                                                                                            A new Star Wars Trilogy is destined
terrifying to someone with gluten or dairy             1 c gluten-free bread crumbs-for topping                                                               for theaters since the Walt Disney Co. an-
allergies than a buttered up feast drowning            1/4 to 1/2 tsp paprika and/or dried basil                                                              nounced on October 30th that it was buy-
in pools of gravies, broths, and marinades             Halved grape or cherry tomatoes, op-                                                                   ing Lucasfilm Ltd. for $4.05 billion. The
accompanied by endless baskets of bread. It         tional                                                                                                    deal also included Lucasfilm’s high-tech
seems as though there are only two choices:             Instructions:                                                                                         production companies and the rights to the
                                                                                                           1/4 c tapioca starch/flour
enjoy each succulent forkful of tradition,             Bring a large pot of salted water to a roll-        1 1/2 tsp baking powder                            Indiana Jones franchise.
only doomed to spend the next day downing           ing boil and pre-cook the gluten-free penne            1 tsp baking soda                                     The seventh movie or Episode 7 is due
Pepto Bismol while suffering through gut            just until it is al dente - tender, but still firm     1/2 tsp sea salt                                   to be released in 2015, followed by Epi-
wrenching agony, or spend this jovial meal          to the bite. Drain the pasta in a colander and         1 tsp xanthan gum                                  sodes 8 and 9.
glaring at everyone else’s plates brimming          rinse it quickly under cold water. Set aside.          1 tsp cinnamon                                        The new trilogy will carry the story be-
with flavor and variety as you have the                 In a saucepan, heat the olive oil over             1/2 tsp allspice                                   yond Return of the Jedi, following the sto-
privilege to force down a bland lump of so          medium heat, and stir in the rice flour. Cook          1 c natural applesauce                             ry of Princess Leia, Han Solo, and Luke
called “food.”                                      and stir the flour for about 10 seconds, then          1/3 c light olive oil                              Skywalker. The trilogy is actually part of
   With a few modified recipes, Thanksgiv-          slowly add in the almond milk, whisking to             1 c organic brown sugar-or 1/2 c raw               a 12 episode series that was created before
ing can be a relaxed and worry-free day for         blend the flour paste and almond milk.               agave nectar or more, to taste*                      the original movies were made. Disney
everyone, despite any troublesome food                  Bring the mixture to a bubble (it will             2 tsp vanilla                                      does plan to eventually make the last tril-
allergies. Never be the victim of “a little         thicken as it heats) then reduce the heat to           1 Tbs Ener-G Egg Replacer (for 2 large             ogy (10-12), which would focus on a new
bit can’t hurt” or (my personal favorite)           low. Add the shredded vegan cheese, sea              eggs) mixed with 1/4 c warm water                    cast, the offspring of the Luke, Leia, and
“just eat around it” ever again-all it takes is     salt, mustard, nutmeg, and stir. Continue              4 Tbs apple juice, more as needed                  Han Solo generation.
trading a few ingredients and sometimes an          stirring the sauce until the cheese melts,              Instructions:                                        The new film will supposedly be titled,
extra stop at a specialty food store such as        about 3 to 4 minutes. Remove from heat and              Preheat the oven to 350º F.                       A New Dawn, and the trilogy will focus
Fruitful Yield or Whole Foods.                      set aside.                                              In a mixing bowl, whisk together the              on the broken, but not destroyed Empire.
   With little research, thousands of recipes           Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.                 flours and dry ingredients (through spices).         The trilogy will also have the tone of the
obeying diets of all varieties can be found,            In a 6-cup baking dish, combine the              Beat in the wet ingredients and brown sugar/         original movies and will try to play on the
recipes that do not sacrifice taste. Here is a      cooked penne with the hot cheese sauce.              agave until smooth.                                  cultural significance of those first three
beginning to a new food-loving path (com-           Sprinkle the top of the casserole with gluten-          Add more apple juice a tablespoon at a            movies.
pliments of Gluten-Free Goddess Recipes).           free bread crumbs and paprika. Add toma-             time, as needed to make a smooth batter.                George Lucas will be serving as the cre-
                                                    toes and dried basil, if desired.                       Stir in:                                          ative consultant and will definitely help in
Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free                                 Bake at 350 degrees F for about 25 min-             1 1/2 c chopped fresh apple                       the process. Lucas will have a voice in the
                                                    utes, until heated through and bubbling.                1/2 c chopped pecans or walnuts, optional         angle of the films, but will not have con-
Mac ‘N Cheese                                                                                               Spoon the batter into twelve muffin cups.         trol over them.
 Ingredients:                                       Gluten- Free Cinnamon                                   Sprinkle with raw sugar, if desired, for a           It will be interesting to see how these
 12 oz dry gluten-free penne, spirals or                                                                 crunchy top.                                         movies turn out. John Carter was the last
                                                    Apple Muffins                                           Bake in the center of a preheated oven un-
macaroni pasta                                                                                                                                                epic space fantasy that Disney created,
 3 Tbs light olive oil                                 Ingredients:                                      til firm and golden- about 20 to 25 minutes          and it was a huge flop. But with the right
 3 Tbs sweet rice flour                                3/4 c GF buckwheat flour or brown rice            or so. Test with a wooden pick if you need           director and the co-chairman of Lucasfilm
 2 1/2 c plain non-dairy milk (ex: al-              flour                                                to. Remove the muffins from the pan and              being the producer, maybe the Star Wars
mond, soy)                                             1/2 c sorghum flour                               cool on a wire rack.                                 franchise will be preserved and grow.

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