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									Jacksonville Laser Authority, Dr. Jill Lezaic, Offers Safe Onychomycosis

Jacksonville, FL, 29-NOV-2012 - Laser Skin Solutions Jacksonville and Dr.
Jill Lezaic, Jacksonville toenail fungus therapy professional, are
pleased to announce that relief from nail fungus, officially known as
onychomycosis, is possible through the use of laser therapy. Toenail
fungus is ugly and can be quite painful. Finding an effective procedure
to get rid of the condition is a boon to anyone who has experienced the

The condition arises when a type of fungus takes up residence under the
toenail, usually the big toe nail. A small white or yellow spot becomes
visible. As the condition worsens, it spreads under the nail. The nail
itself becomes yellowed and thicker. Parts of the nail may become brittle
and peel away. The entire nail may be lost. As may be expected, this
condition is painful.

Traditional care for this condition typically required consuming oral
anti-fungal drugs or painting the nail topically. Some medical
professionals use both tactics and have reported good success. Still the
traditional method is hit and miss and requires months of therapy.

The use of laser beams is much more effective. The light from the laser
doesn't require punching a hole in the toenail. The beam reaches below
the surface of the nail and kills the fungus. Usually only one session
with laser therapy is required to eliminate further growth of the
organism. When the fungus is not expanding, the new nail can gradually
grow out from the nail bed until the entire toenail is healthy with no
pockets of fungus beneath.

Laser therapy only takes a few minutes. Most patients do not experience
pain, although some report a buildup of heat. Allowing the area to cool
for a few seconds in mid session resolves this issue.

Learn more about how laser therapy is effective by visiting the web pages
at http://www.lssjacksonville.com today. Members of the press and others
who have questions about the procedures described in this press release
are urged to contact Dr. Lezaic at the location described below.

Contact Person Name: Dr. Jill Lezaic, M. D.

Company Name: Laser Skin Solutions Jacksonville

Address: 1300 Marsh Landing Parkway #104, Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250

Contact Telephone Number: (904) 273-5454

Email: info@lssjacksonville.com

Website: http://www.lssjacksonville.com

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