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The Herbalist Online Herb Store, Makes Selecting An Herbal Cleanse Easy


									The Herbalist Online Herb Store, Makes Selecting An Herbal Cleanse Easy

Seattle, WA, 29-NOV-2012, The Herbalist and Tierney P. Salter, medical
herbalist, are pleased to announce that products are available which
promote herbal cleanse easily and safely at home. Cleansing of the
intestinal tract and colon is viewed by many as being perhaps the single
most important component of wellness. The company launched in the mid
1980s has been providing products that set high standards for quality.

Tierney Salter, noted herbal medicine authority, founded her company on
the concept that herbs harvested in the wild are more effective than
engineered products. She has been careful to guard the proud reputation
the company holds.

Speaking recently to an interviewer, she explained, "My company was well
in advance of the public recognition of herbs and their value in
promoting wellness. Because of the foundation of sources and a well-
conceptualized group of products, we offer an improvement over other
brands that claim that they are organic."

A number of products have been specifically identified for their ability
to promote intestinal and colon health through herbal cleanse
ingredients. A system of color coding helps customers to identify herbal
products that will assist with specific issues. In additional to
cleansing the digestive system, herbs are available in various forms,
including medicinal oils, herbal extracts and teas.

Learn more about natural cleansing using products harvested from
certified organic farms or wild collection by checking the web pages at today. Members of the press and others who
have additional questions about the contents of this specific press
notice are invited to contact the company at the address provided below.

Company Name: The Herbalist

Address: 2106 NE 65th Street, Seattle WA 98115

Toll Free Contact Telephone Number: 800.NW.HERBS (694.3727)

Contact Telephone Number: (206) 523-2600

Contact Fax Number: (206) 522-3253



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