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									Making Your Own Wooden Picnic Tables
I personally love wooden picnic tables, theres just something about them. Theyre so simple but theyre elegant at the same time. I cant even remember
when we got our very first picnic table, but I remember that I wanted one for a very long time! I spent weeks pestering my parents to get one because I
saw one at school!

When I was quite young I remember my dad making one for us, I actually think that he built it out of a kit but it was still pretty impressive! I always
loved to be outside in the garden when I was young, and now I still really enjoy it! I can still remember us all sitting around this lovely wooden table for
our first picnic. I can still taste the food and smell the lovely fresh wood. I can even remember a beautiful butterfly which was basking in the sun on the
picnic bench, I remember staring at it for ages, I was besotted by it! Theres something about nature which will interest any child.

Normally picnics are held in a park miles away from home, so whether a meal on a table in your back yard counts Im not sure. But at any rate it was
an amazing meal. It was pretty simple, cold cut meat, potato salad, and of course some bread. There was also some green stuff which I never liked,
and still dont really! Now the only difference is that I force myself to eat it rather than being forced! As soon as my mum put it down we all tucked in.
After this we spent ages just taking in the sights. Its amazing at how different your backyard can look from a lovely wooden bench. I can remember
spending ages just staring at the clouds wasting hours.

When I moved into my own place I had to consider getting my very own wooden picnic table. It can actually be surprisingly difficult to find a picnic table
and also to buy one. When you dont know much about it then you may assume that all wooden picnic tables are the same, however they are all
slightly different. There are different sizes for a start.

More subtle differences include the materials that the picnic table is made out of. You will be much happier with the picnic table if you choose one
which is made out of a more durable and longer lasting material. You could even include one on a concrete base so that it will last for a very long time.
Its not good enough just to look substantial, it also has to be sturdy and reliable. Remember it will be out in the garden for all weathers so you need to
get a good quality one.

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